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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 236: Downtrodden Pharmacist (1)

Chapter 236: Downtrodden Pharmacist (1)

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It was difficult to tell the source of those medicinal bottles, but they seemed ancient and broken. They were not as clear as usual medicinal bottles, and even the cover was not the original one. Instead, it was sealed with a random wooden cork.

The manager looked at the medicinal bottles and sighed. “You’re really not considering trying other auction houses? You should also know that your medicine can’t fetch a high price here.”

The man shook his head and still did not speak.

The manager did not know what to do and could only ask his men to store the medicine in the storeroom.

“I have kept your items. When they are sold out, I will get someone to inform you. Here are some gold coins for your deposit. Just take them first,” as the manager said that, he placed a pouch of gold coins into that man’s hands. After hesitating for a while, he then slowly nodded at the manager before turning to leave.

Seeing the man’s back view, the manager then turned back to serve Ji Fengyan.

“You also sell medicine here?” Ji Fengyan asked as she was filled with curiosity.

The manager smiled bitterly as he continued, “Yes, but not in high quantity. Those prominent pharmacists would not sell their medicine here. The man just now is also pitiful and is one of the rare few people who would sell their medicine here. He was originally a disciple of a famous pharmacist; Unfortunately, this child was not talented in concocting medicine and was chased out. Now, he could only make some simple medicine to earn a living, sigh…”

As the manager spoke, there was suddenly a fight starting outside the tentage.

The man clad in a black cloak was already out of Dongling Auction House when he suddenly met with a few young men who were dressed in luxurious clothes. Upon seeing him, those few young men immediately blocked him from leaving.

“Yichen, you’re here to sell your medicine again?” one of the young men blocked the man in a black cloak and said.

“Don’t you have any shame? You still dared to sell those medicines that you have made? Aren’t you afraid that someone will die from it? Even if you are not worried about yourself, shouldn’t you be concerned about your mentor’s reputation? If anyone knew that he had taught such a person like you, wouldn’t his reputation be tarnished?”

“You think that you are fit to make medicine? Stop disgracing the other pharmacists.”

Those few young men surrounded the young man named Yichen and started to be rough with him.

The young man who was clad in a black cloak was completely cornered and unable to fight back at all. Within minutes, he was already pressed to the ground and the bag of gold coins started to spill open. Without caring about how embarrassed he looked, he started to pick them up in a panic.

But the hand that he extended out was instantly trampled on by one of the young men.

Yichen led out a groan.

The young man who was standing around him looked at him sarcastically and scoffed at Yichen, who was kneeling on the ground. “You think you are fit to pick up this money?”

As he spoke, another young man picked up the gold coins and kept them in his own waist pouch.

“You have not paid back for all the medicinal ingredients that you have wasted previously. I shall take this money as a replacement for your mentor.”

Those few young men laughed together and stepped on Yichen’s hand with greater force. A loud and clear bone crack sound echoed. Yichen crawled on the ground in pain, trying to avoid them, but the young man kicked him aside.

As the cloak on Yichen landed on the ground, a disfigured face that was burnt by flames was revealed before everyone’s eyes!

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