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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 237: Downtrodden Pharmacist (2)

Chapter 237: Downtrodden Pharmacist (2)

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That was a frightening face. With hideous scars interspersed on his face, it was so jarring that it made people feel like puking.

Yichen hurriedly held onto his cloak as he wrapped himself up in fear. However, that face was already seen by everyone who had passed by. As the passers-by shot him disgusted and horrified looks, he tried hard to shrink into the cloak as he trembled uncontrollably.

All he could hear were the scornful laughter from the group of young men.

“It’s so disgusting. If I were to become like you, I would not even leave my house even if they beat me to death. Don’t you know how revolting your face looks? Just one glance at it and I don’t even feel like eating anymore.”

“How do you still have the shame to come out? Aren’t you worried about scaring others?”

“Really, so disgusting.”

As the words of ridicule continued to hit him like sharp daggers, Yichen fell to the ground like a helpless and trapped creature. It filled his eyes with terror as he faced the evil intents of those young men.

He was so helpless that he felt as though he was drowning.

“The disgusting people would be you guys.”

Suddenly, a clear voice sounded among the whispers.

The group of young men turned to look for the source of the voice. Ji Fengyan suddenly appeared before them.

Ji Fengyan walked out from the Dongling Auction House and smiled coldly as she looked at those bunch of brats. Linghe followed behind her and upon Ji Fengyan’s instructions, he helped Yichen, who had fallen to the ground, up.

“He is able-bodied and uses his own capability to earn a living. I don’t see how this is any disgrace. Some people have good looks yet their personalities are so unpleasant that it disgusts people. Especially since they are here pretending to be almighty that it makes people sick.” Ji Fengyan raised her brows at the group of young men and scoffed.

The voice stunned the group of young men. They did not think that someone would stand up for Yichen, and it was also such a beautiful looking young girl.

“Do you know who he is? And you’re just speaking up for him? You know nothing about what he has done,” one of the young men rebuked.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly. She did not know the young man who was being bullied, but she could tell people apart. Even though his face was disfigured, his surrounding aura was still gentle and resilient and was not at all foul. Such a person was definitely not evil.

Instead, these young men who looked handsome and well-dressed were all surrounded by a foul aura, so it was obvious that they have committed many evil deeds.

“I advise you against poking your nose into this matter,” a young man said.

The manager of Dongling Auction House also did not expect Ji Fengyan to suddenly stand up for him and immediately walked over to whisper into her ears, “This customer, this young man was a student of Liu Shangfeng so it’s best for you to not interfere with this.”

“Liu Shangfeng?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows.

Upon seeing Ji Fengyan’s reaction, the manager knew that she did not know Liu Shangfeng and immediately told her softly, “Liu Shangfeng is a famous pharmacist in the capital city. He is also one of the pharmacists serving the royal family.”

Even though the manager’s voice was soft, the young men overheard him. One of them even stood forward to say complacently to Ji Fengyan, “Let me tell you. This ugly-looking freak called Yichen was previously also a student of our mentor, but he did not want to learn properly. Instead, he was so full of himself that he gave his own medicine to someone to use, causing that person to almost die. Why are you still speaking up for such a piece of trash like him?”

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