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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 240: Compensation in Flesh (2)

Chapter 240: Compensation in Flesh (2)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Ji Fengyan said that, everyone present was stunned.

And the smile on Linghe’s face froze.


What did he just say about her being kind?!

The manager was even more confused.

Yichen’s face was filled with surprise, but he quickly looked down and flung his hands helplessly at the side of his body. He continuously made sounds, as if he wanted to say something.

“I can tell that you also don’t have money, right?” Ji Fengyan squinted her eyes. Her tone sounded like a tyrant.

Yichen’s body stiffened as he silently nodded.

“You also know how much these bottles of medicine cost, right?” Ji Fengyan continued.

Yichen continued to nod.

Ji Fengyan smiled in satisfaction. “So you also don’t have the ability to compensate me right?”

“Ah…” this time, Yichen’s nod was obviously even more stiff.

Seeing Yichen meekly submitting to oppression by Ji Fengyan, even Linghe could not bear it and wanted to say something, but he was quickly stopped by Ji Fengyan’s glance.

“Since you don’t have any money, use yourself to pay,” the words that Ji Fengyan said was shocking to the ears.

Yichen instinctively looked up and stared blankly at Ji Fengyan.

Use himself to pay?

She meant that…

The manager was stunned as he switched his horrified gaze between Ji Fengyan and Yichen’s disfigured face.

This young girl’s taste… was indeed really different!

Who would expect that Ji Fengyan would suggest such a method of compensation?

Yichen’s face became very weird. He was very clear about how ugly he had looked so why was it that Ji Fengyan would want someone so useless and hideous like him?

“Why? You want to repudiate your debt?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly and looked very much like a robber.

Linghe, who was at the side, was already hiding his face in embarrassment. He could already sense someone’s ill intentions.

Yichen snapped out of his daze and immediately shook his head. He waved his hand in the air and started to gesture wildly, but it was difficult to tell what he had meant.

Ji Fengyan waved her hands and said, “Stop digressing, if you nod, it means that you agree and if you shake your head, it means that you reject. Be quick.”

Yichen stoned for a while. Looking at the graceful woman who spoke as rough as a robber, he was really lost.

But after hesitating for a while, Yichen eventually nodded with much difficulty.

He had nothing left, and he had already given up on his life.

“Brother Ling, bring him away,” seeing Yichen agree to it, Ji Fengyan immediately signalled to Linghe.

Linghe could only laugh dryly as he walked forward and patted Yichen’s shoulders. “Young lad, it’s been hard on you.”

He had met with the time that his Miss had gone crazy again.

Yichen did not know what Linghe meant and thought that he was just pitying him so he smiled bitterly. Then, Yichen turned to bow towards the manager who had helped him many times, then walked with his head high alongside Ji Fengyan and Linghe.

Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at Yichen and walked out with them. She did not intend to auction any other items and immediately led her people onto the horse carriage.

After getting on the horse carriage, Yichen shrank into a corner nervously.

Instead, Ji Fengyan sat unrestrainedly beside. She looked at the box that Yang Jian had carried back and complained, “Why is it so difficult to earn some money?”

Linghe silently looked at Ji Fengyan who was complaining as he felt the pain in his heart.

If she knew that money was hard to earn, why was she still spending it so graciously?

“Forget it,” Ji Fengyan sighed and said to Yichen, who was in a daze, “now you’re my person. I have a difficult task for you to complete immediately.”

Yichen was stunned instantly.

Ji Fengyan continued, “Get down the horse carriage and bring me two pieces of stone.”

Yichen, “…”

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