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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 241: Turning Stones Into Gold (1)

Chapter 241: Turning Stones Into Gold (1)

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Yichen completely did not know what he was feeling as he got down the horse carriage and picked up two pieces of palm-sized big stones. Then, he returned to the horse carriage nervously. When he handed the two pieces of stone over to Ji Fengyan…

“Not bad, congratulations, you have done exceedingly well for your first task,” Ji Fengyan praised him seriously.


Yichen did not feel an ounce of proudness.

“Miss, why do you need these stones?” Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan with a confused look.

Ji Fengyan smiled slyly and said, while tossing the stones in her hand, “To earn money.”

“…” Linghe’s eyes nearly popped out from staring at her.

Ji Fengyan completely ignored Linghe’s expression and looked at the stone in her hands. Using her inner core in her body, she transferred a warm aura from her fingers to the stone. Instantly, as if the stones were on fire, the two pieces of stone became completely red and a heatwave could be felt emitting from them!

Linghe and Yichen watched in disbelief at this sight.

They watched as the burning red stones emit heat waves from Ji Fengyan’s palm, yet she was not harmed at all!

Suddenly, a huge wave of hot air emitted from the red stone and a white fog filled the entire horse carriage. However, after the fog cleared, Linghe and Yichen were instantly stunned.

The two stones in Ji Fengyan’s hands had already disappeared, replaced by two pieces of palm-sized big gold bar!

Those two gold bars were the same size as the stones that Yichen had picked up, even the edges were exactly the same.

Even an idiot could guess what had happened.

“Turning stones into gold?” Linghe’s eyes widened in disbelief. If it was not witnessing with his own eyes, he would not believe that there was such a thing as turning stones into gold with just a touch.

Yichen was already flabbergasted from what he had seen.

Even though he had heard of some sorcerers trying to figure out stone turning into gold tricks, no one managed to do so successfully. But today he had already witnessed such a bizarre occurrence!

Ji Fengyan looked at the two gold bars in the hand but she was not surprised at all. She only heaved a sigh of relief as she returned her powers back to her inner core.

Turning stones into gold was indeed not a difficult feat for immortal cultivators like her, except that they were mostly not interested in participating in any mortal life, so they usually did not need money and only replenished their wealth when they need to.

Using such a trick was easy, but it required some power. Ji Fengyan only transformed two gold bars, yet she already felt that the powers that she had earned back with difficulty was already depleted a lot.


Her powers could slowly be recovered. Currently, it was more important to make use of handiwork to recover her inner core.

Only when her inner core was complete, will she then be able to refine her powers to a higher level!

“Seems like there is no problem at all,” Ji Fengyan placed the two gold bars at the side as she rubbed her dantian and thought about how many times she could use this trick.


Yichen lifted his head in shock and the gaze he had for Ji Fengyan had already turned from doubt into surprise and respect.

“Now, go pick a few stones back for me. And remember to pick bigger ones!” Ji Fengyan said.

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