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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 242: Turning Stones Into Gold (2)

Chapter 242: Turning Stones Into Gold (2)

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Yichen followed Ji Fengyan’s instructions and carried seven to eight stones onto the horse carriage. The stones were all of different sizes—the smaller ones were only palm-sized big, whereas the bigger ones were as big as a human head.

But after they were placed into Ji Fengyan’s hands, the stones quickly turned into glistening gold bars. Within a short time, the horse carriage was piled with gold bars; just one look at them was enough to make someone dazzled.

Linghe stared at the pile of gold bars and gulped silently.

Now he finally knew where his Miss’s gold had come from.

And he finally understood why Ji Fengyan would spend without blinking an eye!

If anyone could master the stone turning into gold trick, they would most likely not consider money valuable anymore!

After getting the gold bars, Ji Fengyan immediately went to the gold bar exchange store in the capital city and changed them all into gold coins.

The gold quickly filled her empty money pouch up. Saying nothing else, Ji Fengyan immediately brought them to the largest auction house in the capital city—Shenglong Auction House—to start another round of purchase!

Shenglong Auction House was the largest auction house in the capital city and belonged to the royal family. In the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, any large cities would have a branch of the Shenglong Auction House. So long as one had enough money, they could find almost anything there.

They had everything—the bigger items include mounts, whereas the smaller items include valuable treasures and jewellery.

When Ji Fengyan and the others reached Shenglong Auction House, it was already evening, but the auction house was still packed like a market. From a distance, the majestic building looked exceptionally grand and anyone unfamiliar with it would think that it was a palace instead of an auction house.

Ji Fengyan led Yichen, Linghe and Yang Jian into the entrance of Shenglong Auction House. Yichen was fully covered in his cloak and lowered his head as he followed silently.

Shenglong Auction House was very large and had high expectations of its visitors. Anyone who wished to enter the place had to be wealthy enough to pay the 100 gold coins entrance fee.

Ji Fengyan paid for the 400 gold coins entrance fee and led everyone in.

In the large auction house, there were already some rich guests seated. Compared to the plain-looking Dongling Auction House, the people seated were all dressed in luxurious clothing. There were even members of the noble family seated at the special seats on the second level with their guards accompanying them. The servants walking around the auction house were all serving wine with a smile and ensuring that every guest was served comfortably.

The seats at the nearby auction table were already filled up, so Ji Fengyan and the rest could only sit down at one corner.

“Miss, are you still bidding more items?” Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan and asked.

“So what?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. She had used her powers to transform gold so that she could repeatedly use it to exchange for more treasures to recover her inner core.

Linghe gulped. After knowing that his Miss could turn stones into gold, he did not dare to say that she was wasting money again.

Anyway, money was like stones from the roadside to Ji Fengyan…

Thinking back to when they were at the gold exchange store letting the staff examine the gold that Ji Fengyan had transformed, Linghe was so nervous. But when they saw the gold bars being opened up to reveal the highest grade gold, he felt that his knowledge of the world had completely changed because of Ji Fengyan.

Luckily for them…

He shall just let Ji Fengyan do as she wishes.

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