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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 243: Turning Stones Into Gold (3)

Chapter 243: Turning Stones Into Gold (3)

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It was already late when Ji Fengyan reached the place and the auction had already taken place for some time. The set of medicine being auctioned was rumored to be produced by a famous pharmacist and had gathered many people. The bidding price of the bottles of medicine continued to rise quickly and were already at a sky high price, yet there were still a group of rich people who were still fighting over it.

Ji Fengyan watched at those people frantically fighting over those medicines and was bored to death as she supported her chin with one hand.

In any case, she could not tell what was so desirable about this medicine. There was a good deal of medicine that she had seen and had even scrutinised those that Gong Zhiyu had given her. However, those medicines were not comparable to her elixirs at all, and were only bottles of herbal dregs that were mixed with water.

Seeing the groups of people spending an entire fortune for those herbal dregs, Ji Fengyan really felt that their ignorance was really terrifying.

Linghe was already used to how his Miss had despised those medicines. Moreover, he had already experienced how effective the medicine that Ji Fengyan had produced was, so he naturally had the same thoughts as Ji Fengyan.

Instead, Yichen, who was born as a pharmacist, was full of respect when he saw those medicines and his eyes glowed brightly.

“Do you think that these medicines are really that formidable?” seeing Yichen’s reaction, Ji Fengyan asked nonchalantly.

Yichen was stunned and immediately nodded.

He had heard of the pharmacist and even his master Liu Shangfeng was not even half as good as him.


“Child, you have to broaden your horizon. I shall show you what’s really formidable after we return.” Ji Fengyan smiled faintly as she spoke.

Yichen had a puzzling look, but considering that Ji Fengyan was his “owner”, he could not express it.

And the young man who was sitting behind Ji Fengyan frowned slightly after hearing what she had said, but he did not say anything up to the end.

As they were speaking, the few bottles of medicine were bought by someone with the sky high price of 100,000 gold coins.

The person with the highest bid was happy from winning whereas the others were upset.

They quickly brought the next auctioned item up and it was a beautifully carved figurine of the emperor using white jade. The white jade was flawless and the carving was very realistic. There were also small beads of yellow jewels decorating the jade, making the figurine seem even more delicate and gorgeous.

Compared to the auction for the medicine, the figurine was much less popular.

The visitors at the Sacred Dragon Auction House were mostly rich and highly ranked officials so it was unlikely that they would not have such a delicate figurine in their home.

Only a few people offered a bid and the price only fluctuated slightly over 10,000 gold. Ji Fengyan waited for the right timing and increased the bid by 10,000 and eventually won her bid.

The other decorative items that were auctioned soon after were mostly the same, as few people offered a bid, so the price did not rise too much. Ji Fengyan bid for one after another with no hesitation.

It was rare to meet someone who had won the bids for many consecutive items, so many people turned around to see who was the nouveau riche who had purchased all the items. When they saw the graceful and gorgeous looking young girl, they were all stunned.

If not for her simple and crude method of bidding for the items, they would not associate her with the words “nouveau riche” at all.

It was obvious that the looks and grace of a person were completely unrelated to one’s inner qualities!

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