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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 247: Star Grade Magical Weapons (1)

Chapter 247: Star Grade Magical Weapons (1)

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The magical weapons differed vastly from each other.

Based on the quality of the magical weapon, they could be categorized into different star grades.

The lower the star grade, the less effective the magical weapon and vice versa.

However, any weapon that could be termed a “magical weapon” was extraordinary, and any of them would be widely sought after by many. The four-star magical weapon that the auctioneer had referred to was considered a top grade magical weapon and was not owned by just anyone—only one of the most important families would have a magical weapon of four stars grade and above.

Anything better than five stars was a treasure that only the royal family could own.

The opening bid of a four-star magical weapon immediately putting over ninety percent of the bidders out of the running.

Although there were powerful and wealthy people among them, their status was not of the highest. Perhaps some might have a treasured one or two star magical weapon, but four stars… that was unimaginable.

Everyone’s mood changed radically, but in the face of this opening bid, no one dared to protest.

The Tree of Flowing Bloodshed was certainly worth this opening bid.

Many people looked wistful and their original enthusiasm was greatly dissipated. However… not everyone present was unable to produce something better than a four-star magical weapon!

Although magical weapons were powerful, the effect of the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed was even more desirable.

It could resurrect the dead and revive dry bones. It could defy the laws of nature!

Most frighteningly, it could even allow someone to regrow a limb. Just this effect made it superior to any other medicines.

Many had been handicapped in battle and they dreamed of being restored to their former glory. They would not miss out on this opportunity!

Very quickly, the first bidder stood up.

It was a youth with a face like white jade. He dressed luxuriously and had an extraordinary air about him. He elegantly studied his surroundings, then told the auctioneer, “I am willing to offer the four-star Cloud Building Pagoda in exchange.”

The youth’s words caused many to gasp.

The Cloud Building Pagoda was a famous four star magical weapon. Although the Pagoda was not much bigger than a palm and only a foot tall, when mental strength was concentrated on it, it could change shape, transforming from one foot tall to a towering pagoda that reached the clouds. In addition, anything placed in the pagoda could never be damaged. When it returned to its compact form, everything in the Pagoda would vanish.

This was like the Space Bracelet, but had some differences in that it could change its size and could even be used to transport people. It was indeed a rare treasure.

Everyone was stunned that the auction had opened with such an impressive magical weapon.

“Just a moment, I will offer the four-star Heavenly Chain…”

Another person had made his bid. All the bids were four-star magical weapons and in a moment, those who could not contain themselves joined in the fray. In the blink of an eye, seven of eight people had leapt forward, and each magical weapon offered was more tempting than the next.

It satisfied those who could not join in the fray just listening to the objects listed by these people.

As everyone was arguing, a coldly arrogant figure suddenly stood up.

“I am willing to offer the five star Sacred Dragon Shield to bid for the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed.” An icy cold voice reverberated around the large auction house. The sudden bid of a five star magical weapon dumbfounded everyone.

Everyone immediately turned to look for the owner of the voice.

They saw a beautiful girl wearing a long, ice-blue robe. She stood expressionlessly under the gaze of the crowd.

Ji Fengyan’s gaze also fell on her. One look sufficed to make Ji Fengyan’s mouth involuntarily curl into a small smile.

What a… coincidence!

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