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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 249: Star Grade Magical Weapons (3)

Chapter 249: Star Grade Magical Weapons (3)

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Linghe was on the verge of saying something, but Yichen’s presence prevented him from doing so. He could only use his expression to convey the complex emotions he was feeling.

The offer of the Sacred Dragon Shield, combined with Lei Qin’s previous speech, ensured there were no further bids. Lei Qin raised her chin and surveyed her surroundings with elegant indifference. She was just waiting for the auctioneer to bring down the gavel three times.


Ji Fengyan eyed the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed on the auction table that was suffused with a rich spiritual energy. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly stood up. In response to Linghe’s surprised look, she merely said, “I’ll be right back.”

When she finished, she disappeared without waiting for Linghe to respond.

Linghe widened his eyes and his heart pounded. An ominous foreboding rose in his heart.

The auctioneer saw that no one else was bidding and brought the gavel down once.

The sound of the heavy gavel reverberated through the crowd. A satisfied smile surfaced in Lei Qin’s eyes.

When the gavel fell for the second time, everyone was sure that the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed was bound to go to the Lei family.


Just as the auctioneer raised the gavel for the third time and prepared to let it fall…

“Just a moment.” A dry voice suddenly sounded in the auction hall!

Everyone in the auction house was taken aback and looked for the source of the voice.

They saw a refined-looking young girl walking towards the auction table.

When Linghe saw who it was, he almost fell off his chair in shock!

Lei Qin looked in astonishment at the figure who had suddenly appeared and a displeased look immediately surfaced in her eyes.

“Ji Fengyan?” Lei Qin narrowed her eyes and looked at Ji Fengyan who had suddenly appeared in the middle of the auction house.

Ji Fengyan slowly walked to the auction table. Her appearance caused a stir in the auction house. The customers of the Sacred Dragon Auction House were either wealthy or noble, and many of them had attended the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet, so they naturally recognized her.

“Ji Fengyan?” How could it be her?”

“Why has this fellow come?”

An animated discussion immediately began among the crowd. Ji Fengyan was previously unknown among the rich and powerful of the capital. However, the birthday banquet, which resulted in the young man from the Lei family losing his arm, together with the Grand Tutor’s kind treatment, had drawn everyone’s attention.

Furthermore, her appearance at this moment was untimely.

Just as Lei Qin was about to obtain the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed, Ji Fengyan had suddenly appeared. Everyone keenly anticipated… a good show!

Linghe, who was sitting in the eager crowd, was uncontrollably clutching his chest and panting heavily.

Miss was about to make trouble!

She had even used her true appearance and openly opposed Lei Qin… this was simply…

Linghe felt as if he was about to faint.

As the crowd looked on, Ji Fengyan reached the auction table. She looked at the shocked auctioneer and said, “Can I also take part in the auction of the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed?”

The auctioneer was slightly taken aback. He looked at the homely girl in front of her and hesitated for a moment before saying, “You can. As long as you can produce a magical weapon superior to the Sacred Dragon Shield, you can take part in the auction.”

Although these were the auctioneer’s words, his expression was completely insincere. He did not believe that the young girl in front of him could produce any magical weapon superior to the five star Sacred Dragon Shield.


Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “I have heard that the Sacred Dragon Shield can withstand any attack but can only be used three times. Is that true?”

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