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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 250: Would You Dare to Compare? (1)

Chapter 250: Would You Dare to Compare? (1)

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Ji Fengyan’s words were directed at Lei Qin.

Lei Qin’s wrinkled her elegant brows. She looked at Ji Fengyan, gathered her breath, raised her chin slightly and said, “The Sacred Dragon Shield was given by the Emperor. Of course it is true.”

Ji Fengyan laughed lightly. “May I be so bold as to ask, is the Sacred Dragon Shield’s ability to counteract damage based on frequency or the intensity of the damage?”

Ji Fengyan’s question took everyone by surprise.

Lei Qin’s reaction was also rather delayed. However, she quickly regained her composure and proudly replied, “Based on frequency. No matter how powerful the attack, the shield can counteract it.”

“Oh?” Ji Fengyan’s eyebrows raised slightly. But her next words further shocked everyone.

“In that case, the Sacred Dragon Shield can be used once more to counteract damage, regardless of whether the damaging force is strong or weak. After one more use, will the Sacred Dragon Shield become useless?”

Lei Qin frowned slightly. She was extremely displeased with Ji Fengyan’s line of questioning.

“One must naturally be in a desperate situation to use the Sacred Dragon Shield!”

“Very well.” Ji Fengyan nodded her head in satisfaction and withdrew a palm-sized piece of yellow paper from her sleeve. The paper was covered with red writing. The characters danced across the paper and were impossible to read.

“I wish to participate in the bidding for the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed. Just like Miss Lei, my item can counteract damage.”

The entire auction house was thrown into an uproar by Ji Fengyan’s words. A trace of disdain surfaced on Lei Qin’s unhappy face.

The strongest defensive magical weapon in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was the Sacred Dragon Shield. In daring to offer a magical weapon with similar defensive capabilities, wasn’t Ji Fengyan bringing disgrace on herself?

In that moment, many people in the auction house laughed out loud and looked at Ji Fengyan derisively.

The trouble between Ji Fengyan and the Lei family was apparent from the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet. However, Ji Fengyan’s actions today seemed to be a deliberate attempt to cause trouble for the Lei family. However everyone’s opinion was that Ji Fengyan had overestimated herself and was going to disgrace herself.

The auctioneer on the platform had a rather contorted expression. He looked at the ordinary piece of yellow paper in Ji Fengyan’s hand and felt that the Ninth Mistress of the Ji family was just looking for trouble.

“May I ask the customer… how many stars is this magical weapon?” The auctioneer asked as he pretended to be calm.

Ji Fengyan shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”

Everyone in the auction hall immediately roared with laughter and Lei Qin’s expression grew even more dismissive.

She didn’t know its star level and yet she dared to consider it on par with the five star Sacred Dragon Shield?

Was this girl crazy?

Ji Fengyan was unmoved by the uproarious laughter. She maintained her faint smile and calmly met the malicious looks.

The auctioneer cleared his throat. If it were not for Ji Fengyan’s status as a terminator, he would have asked someone to drive this troublemaker away.

“Customer, your joke… is really not funny at all. You should know the rules of our auction houses. If the item is not of higher value, you cannot participate.”

“A joke?” Ji Fengyan gently shook her head. Her direct and self-confident gaze swept the room. “I am not joking. I can guarantee that this paper in my hand is far more valuable than the Sacred Dragon Shield.”

At her firm words, everyone laughed even harder. In everyone’s eyes, Ji Fengyan was like a crazy person who had no regard for danger.

She dared to compare a piece of paper with the five star Sacred Dragon Shield?

Clearly these were the ravings of a lunatic.

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