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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 251: Would You Dare to Compare? (2)

Chapter 251: Would You Dare to Compare? (2)

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Lei Qin looked at Ji Fengyan’s devil-may-care expression and grew every more dismissive. She arrogantly said, “Ji Fengyan, are you saying that the paper in your hand is more powerful than the Sacred Dragon Shield?”

Ji Fengyan nodded. “That’s right.”

Lei Qin laughed coldly. “Ji Fengyan, some things should not be said lightly. The Sacred Dragon Shield was a personal gift from the Emperor. Where did you get that paper in your hand?”

Ji Fengyan said, “You need not be concerned about its origins. If you don’t believe me, we can compare them. How about that?”

A cold look passed over Lei Qin’s face. Ji Fengyan’s previous actions in Ji City had already touched the Lei family’s interests. On the day of the birthday banquet, Xing Lou had punished Lei Yuanxu because of Ji Fengyan, further deepening the enmity between the Lei family and Ji Fengyan.

Since Ji Fengyan was offering herself up, she would certainly not stand on ceremony!

Lei Qin said, “Since you want to compare them, we can do so. However, the Sacred Dragon Shield is a magical weapon from the royal family, thus it cannot be wantonly compared. If you truly want to compare them, you must demonstrate your sincerity.”

“What proof of sincerity do you need?” said Ji Fengyan.

Lei Qin laughed coldly and a vicious look passed over her beautiful eyes. Her gaze swept over Ji Fengyan’s arm.

“Blood for blood, a tooth for a tooth. Ji Fengyan, your wager shall be whatever Lei Yuanxu has lost. However, you can make your own decision. I will not force you.” Lei Qin’s plot was flawless. No matter how much importance Xing Lou attached to the terminators, it was impossible to change the wager.

Because Ji Fengyan was a “willing party” to everything.

Even if everyone knew that Lei Qin was using the incident as an excuse to avenge Lei Yuanxu, they could not find fault with her.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Ji Fengyan. They all wished to see if Ji Fengyan, who did not seem to appreciate the seriousness of the matter, would dare to accept Lei Qin’s wager.

Linghe was the only person present on tenterhooks. He wished he could dash to the auction table and drag his mistress back.

The Sacred Dragon Shield’s power was universally acknowledged within the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. No matter what strange or exotic item Ji Fengyan had with her, it had no basis of comparison with a five star magical weapon.

Linghe was afraid that his mistress would accept the wager in a moment of madness and fall into Lei Qin’s trap.

However, Ji Fengyan did not hear the roaring in Linghe’s heart. She met Lei Qin’s fully confident eyes and smilingly said, “No problem.”

Ji Fengyan’s brisk reply created another uproar in the auction house. No one believed that the yellow paper in Ji Fengyan’s hand could compare with the Sacred Dragon Shield. In their hearts, they were sure that Ji Fengyan was crazy.

Lei Qin was satisfied when she saw that Ji Fengyan had trapped herself. “In that case, please show how the piece of paper you are holding is superior to the Sacred Dragon Shield.”

Ji Fengyan nonchalantly looked at Lei Qin. Under the mocking gaze of the crowd, she stuck the yellow paper to her shoulder, then faced the crowd and said with a swagger, “Any demonstration is inferior to witnessing the effects yourself. So… I will put this item on and anyone present can attack me. I guarantee I will not retaliate or move an inch. If I am so unfortunate as to die a tragic death, you are blameless. If anyone can breach my defenses, I will admit to being unable to compare with the Sacred Dragon Shield. I will admit defeat!”

Everyone present gasped at Ji Fengyan’s words.

No one imagined that Ji Fengyan would make such an insane move!

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