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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 252: Would You Dare to Compare? (3)

Chapter 252: Would You Dare to Compare? (3)

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Using one’s own life to prove the effect of a defense weapon?

Who in the right mind would do such an extreme thing?

In an instant, the people who laughed at Ji Fengyan were all stunned. The way that they looked at Ji Fengyan was no longer filled with contempt, instead it was more like they were looking at a madwoman who was seeking her own death!

Lei Qin also did not expect that Ji Fengyan would actually place such a huge bet and was stunned. But very soon, she realised something very wrong.

“Ji Fengyan, you are a terminator, so who would dare to fight you? Are you intending to cause everyone to be punished?” Lei Qin frowned slightly as she said coldly.

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Qin with her eyebrows and continued, “I have already said that this is a request according to my own will and everyone present bears witness to this. If I cannot stand against this attack, then I am less formidable. I won’t blame anyone for my death. I shall swear upon my title as the terminator that everything that I have said is true.”

Swearing upon the title of a terminator… Such an oath was very resolute, especially to a terminator.

Everyone buzzed among themselves, but no one dared to act against Ji Fengyan.

Lei Qin’s brows were tightly furrowed as she tried hard to think about what Ji Fengyan had up her sleeves. She quickly realised that Ji Fengyan had really intended on participating in the bet.

“Ji Fengyan, do you dare to receive my attack?” Lei Qin suddenly asked.

Everyone was stunned.

Lei Qin was extremely talented in her magical powers. Even though she was still young, she was already as capable as a mature sorcerer. Among all her peers, it was difficult to find anyone who could beat her.

A mature sorcerer’s attack was highly damaging. In a battle against the Demon Clan, a mature sorcerer’s attack could instantly thrash them.

“Why don’t I dare to? Just do as you please,” Ji Fengyan said decisively.

And at the minute that Ji Fengyan had agreed, Lei Qin’s eyes flashed with a sinister look.

Linghe could no longer hold it in the auction house. Knowing the prowess of a mature sorcerer, he could not continue watching as he immediately stood up and rushed towards the direction of Ji Fengyan.

However, he was still too slow.

Just after Ji Fengyan had accepted it, Lei Qin had already held her magic staff in her hand within the blink of an eye!

That was a magic staff half as tall as a person. The top of the magic staff mounted a huge magical sphere and there was a blood-red thing surrounding the sphere!

Anyone with eyes could easily discern the identity of the ruby red ball.

“Eye of the Blood Clan!” a voice sounded in surprise.

Lei Qin’s magic staff had actually mounted 15 Eyes of the Blood Clan!

The Eye of the Blood clan had an extremely powerful current and it was the best medium for a sorcerer. Since the quantity of the blood clan was very few, it was extremely difficult to capture any of them. In fact, since a blood clan person can only provide two eyes, the price of the Eye of the Blood clan was increasing in value, and was almost non-existent in the market!

However, the magic staff in Lei Qin’s hands actually had so many Eyes of the Blood. It became very clear how many times stronger the damage from her attack would be after her powers have been strengthened by the Eye of the Blood.

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