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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 253: It’s Barely Acceptable (1)

Chapter 253: It’s Barely Acceptable (1)

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As Lei Qin moved her magic staff, there was an undulation created. That undulation gradually spread and the space around seemed to warp.

The strong current felt from the magical powers stunned everyone present!

There were many sorcerers around and they could all tell that Lei Qin was about to use her ultimate powers!

Almost in an instant, everyone was feeling pity for Ji Fengyan. This young girl really did not know better than to challenge Lei Qin. Wasn’t she just seeking her own death?

Linghe watched as the powers that Lei Qin accumulated became even stronger and he was dying to charge in front of Ji Fengyan.


It was over.

The magic staff that Lei Qin raised up started to glow brightly. The red light the staff emitted was like a blood red light ray continuing to extend further and landed on the magical sphere in a weird manner!

Lei Qin looked at Ji Fengyan, who was standing a few steps away, and her thin lips curled into a cold grin. Her hands that were holding onto the magic staff shook violently!

Suddenly, a huge magical sphere flew out from above the magic staff with a red light interspersed with it and directly went towards Ji Fengyan!

There was a huge current produced from the movement of the magical sphere. It caused the air around to gather and a strong gust of wind started to blow in the auction house!

In this instant, everyone stood with bated breaths as they watched the deadly magical sphere fly towards Ji Fengyan!

Then, only a loud boom rang through the auction hall!

The magical sphere hit against Ji Fengyan’s body with a huge impact, and Ji Fengyan’s body instantly absorbed the strong glow.

Linghe, who had just rushed over, was dumbfounded as he watched this. The loud boom continued to sound in his head. It was as if all the blood in his body had rushed to his brain because he could feel his body turning cold instantly, as if he had dropped into an icy cave. His bloodshot eyes continued to stare at that dazzling glow!

“Mi… Miss…” Linghe’s teeth chattered and his voice stuttered as he spoke.

A sudden wave of hopelessness overwhelmed Linghe.

Lei Qin’s talent in magic was extremely powerful. Additionally, with the help of the Eye of the Blood, the damage of her magic attacks was even more formidable. Even with Linghe stopping it using all his might, he was also not confident that he could block against it completely.

As for Ji Fengyan…

She did not do anything…

As the dazzling glow filled every corner in the auction room, everyone was certain that Lei Qin had the intention to kill Ji Fengyan, so she was bound to be dead from this hit.

Lei Qin watched in satisfaction at everything and a cold smile flashed across her eyes.


When the light subsided, there was a slim figure appearing on the shattered ground.

Ji Fengyan casually lifted her hand to clear the fog surrounding her. That delicate and small face of hers had an intriguing smile. She lifted her head slightly and looked at Lei Qin as everyone else watched in shock.

“Is this all you’ve got? Your powers seem to be ineffective against me.” Ji Fengyan’s lips curled into a smile. She slowly used her fingers to dust away the dust on her shoulders. Her clear eyes looked at Lei Qin, who stood close to her with disapproval.

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