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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 255: It’s Barely Acceptable (3)

Chapter 255: It’s Barely Acceptable (3)

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Within an instant, everyone could not help but focus their eyes on the talisman on Ji Fengyan’s shoulders.

The piece of talisman that everyone mocked seemed extremely outstanding now.

Everyone knew fully the damaging effects of a huge attack and with the enhancement by the Eye of the Blood…

There were really no one present who was confident that they could be completely unharmed.

Just by the deep enmity between the Lei family and Ji Fengyan, everyone knew that it was impossible for Lei Qin to make things easy for her.

Or could it be that…

Everyone’s expression turned abnormal.

“Lei Qin, you’re only at this level of standard.” Ji Fengyan laughed slightly as she looked at Lei Qin, who had looked ghastly.

Lei Qin gritted her teeth, but her troubled breathing made it difficult for her to attack another time.

Ji Fengyan said, “Forget it, if you can’t do it, you can ask someone else to help you. If anyone present can break through my defense, I will concede defeat, how about that?”

Ji Fengyans bold statement that was mocking Lei Qin caused her face to grow even more pale!

Lei Qin took a deep breath and suppressed the anger burning within her. She looked at Ji Fengyan and said, “So what if you could block my attack? There are so many defensive magical equipment that could defend against my powers. It proves nothing.”

Ji Fengyan raised her brows as she said to Lei Qin, who was obviously trying to put on a strong front, “My defense is unlimited but can your Sacred Dragon Shield do the same?”

Lei Qin was slightly stunned!

Ji Fengyan continued, “The Sacred Dragon Shield can block all attacks but isn’t it true that such a weapon can only be used in a dire situation? When a kingdom is being threatened and fighting against its enemies, the Sacred Dragon Shield may save you for one time, but my item can be reused many times. So long as its defence is not broken, it can be continuously used.”

The Sacred Dragon Shield could defend against the falling sky and shattering ground but with one punch, it would no longer be usable.

It was its strength and also its dying weakness!

Anyone who knew the characteristics of the Sacred Dragon Shield would not forget this.

Ji Fengyan’s words made Lei Qin lose all hope.

The last usage of the Sacred Dragon Shield would also be its most deadly one. So long it was released, one would become a good-for-nothing and the enemy would definitely not miss out this chance.

If not so, how would Your Majesty gift such a precious Sacred Dragon Shield to the Lei family?

It was only because this item had already become a partially useless magical weapon.

By exposing this in front of everyone, it was as if Ji Fengyan had tarnished the dignity that the Lei family had pride in. This made the Lei family utterly infuriated, but she could not rebut.

“Oh, also, I have forgotten to tell you that there is not only just this piece of talisman,” Ji Fengyan smiled as she suddenly took out ten other similar talismans and waved them in front of Lei Qin’s pale face.

“I can use these ten pieces of talisman to participate in the auction. And every of them has the same effect as the one I have on me.”

Ji Fengyan’s words crushed all the hope that Lei Qin had and her face immediately lost all colour!

Everyone could tell that compared to the Sacred Dragon Shield that only had a onetime use, Ji Fengyan’s talisman that could be repeatedly used was obviously stronger.

Moreover, its quantity was ten times that of the Sacred Dragon Shield!

During the times that Ji Fengyan had received the two attacks from Lei Qin, victory was already determined for her.

Lei Qin took a deep breath and stared fiercely at Ji Fengyan. Suddenly, she turned her head and walked out of Sacred Dragon Auction House saying nothing!

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