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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 256: A Familiar Sight (1)

Chapter 256: A Familiar Sight (1)

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Seeing Lei Qin leave, the auctioneer had an awkward expression. He turned to look at Ji Fengyan and his expression had already changed from being perfunctory to being extremely enthusiastic.

“May I ask what I should call this weapon?” the auctioneer had seen a lot and naturally knew that the talisman that Ji Fengyan had was worth more than the Sacred Dragon Shield.

Ji Fengyan peeled off the talisman on her shoulders and stacked them together with the ones in her hands. She smiled and said, “This? Just call them defensive amulet will do.”

Defensive amulet…

The auctioneer’s lips twitched as he felt that the name of this magical weapon was really thought of so “casually”.

In fact, this talisman did not have a name and was just one type of the talisman that Ji Fengyan had learnt about.

After Ji Fengyan had personally demonstrated the abilities of the defensive amulet, everyone in the auction house was very clear that it was impossible for them to have another weapon with a higher value. After all, be it an aristocrat or a nobleman, they would keep a magical weapon that could subdue any danger for themselves. Even though the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was rare, they did not dare to bet all their assets.

After the three sounds, the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was given to Ji Fengyan.

When the auctioneer received the defensive amulets from Ji Fengyan, he was extremely cautious.


When the auctioneer saw the flimsy talisman, he could smell a faint blood stench and looked at the red symbols on it…

Could this item have been written with blood?


This blood seemed to be quite fresh?

After obtaining the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, Ji Fengyan did not feel like staying in the auction house anymore. She secretly shot Linghe a look and then carried the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed out of the auction house.

Linghe understood her and sat back. He then said to Yichen, who was in doubt, “let’s go.”

“?” Yichen had a blank face, but he still stood up.

Yichen was originally still curious about when his good-looking “owner” had disappeared, but when he left the auction house and returned to the horse carriage, he saw…

His “owner” who had left halfway was actually seated inside, except that her face was slightly pale.

He naturally understood it as the reaction for “failing to bid for the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed”.

Linghe got onto the horse carriage. After seeing Ji Fengyan, his expression was complicated, but he did not say anything.

Yang Jian led the horse carriage forward. The horse carriage, which was originally small, seemed even more cramped after another round of purchase.

Linghe scanned the carriage, but he did not see any trace of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed and was about to ask about it implicitly.

Who knew…

“Pftt!” Ji Fengyan, who was originally still fine, suddenly spat a mouthful of blood.

That bright red blood landed on Yichen’s face directly.

Instantly, Yichen was stunned.

Linghe immediately went to support Ji Fengyan, who was unstable.

“Miss! What’s wrong?”

Ji Fengyan’s face was abnormally pale and the corner of her lips had a trace of blood. She frowned slightly and shook her head at Linghe as she lifted her hand to wipe away the blood stain.

“I have really put in too much effort this time.” Ji Fengyan squinted her eyes and a sweet blood smell emitted from her wrong.

The defense of the defensive amulet was especially strong. After its strong effects, it had a huge impact on one’s spiritual energy. As Ji Fengyan’s inner core had not yet recovered, forcefully creating ten defensive amulets had caused tremendous damage to her body.

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