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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 257: A Familiar Sight (2)

Chapter 257: A Familiar Sight (2)

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Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan, not knowing what to do and was in a panic.

“Go back first,” Ji Fengyan held in the burning sensation of her inner core and said.

Linghe did not dare to waste any time and immediately asked Yang Jian to rush back to the Ji residence.

Along the way, Ji Fengyan made Linghe send Yichen back to his home first.

Seeing Ji Fengyan spit out blood while telling him that they will look for him another time with a smile, Yichen was horrified.

After Yichen had left, Linghe could not hold it in anymore.

“Miss, what has happened to you?”

Ji Fengyan leaned against the seat in the horse carriage with her pale face. She lifted her head slightly to say to Linghe, “Brother Ling, I am fine. This Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed is very important to me so this injury is nothing compared to it,”

So long as her inner core did not recover, she could not use her powers perfectly. Even though she was injured, after she has absorbed the spiritual energy from the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, she should recover very quickly.

“Let me rest for a while…” Ji Fengyan muttered softly and could not hold back her fatigue any longer as she became unconscious.

After Ji Fengyan became unconscious, the spiritual energy that was sustaining their looks gradually dissipated and they returned to their original looks.

Seeing Ji Fengyan’s sallow face, Linghe felt distasteful. He covered Ji Fengyan with a cloak at the side and could only sigh.

As the horse carriage drifted through the streets, the lights started to light up and were exceptionally bright in the night.

The dark guard sat in a horse carriage and looked at Xing Lou, who was in deep thoughts.

“Grand Tutor, it’s late, shall we head back?” the dark guard said respectfully.

They had just returned from the emperor’s place and were now waiting for Xing Lou’s next instruction.

Xing Lou said nothing. He only lifted his head to look at the lights outside of the window.

A horse carriage passed by their horse carriage, and a faint blood stench wafted into Xing Lou’s nose.

Xing Lou’s eyes widened and followed after the horse carriage that had passed them.

“Stop that horse carriage,” Xing Lou said suddenly.

The dark guard did not question and immediately got off the horse carriage to charge towards the other horse carriage that was still nearby!

Yang Jian, who was driving the carriage, suddenly saw the dark guard blocking in front of them and recalled seeing them in Ji City. He immediately tightened the reins and looked at the dark guard expressionlessly.

The horse carriage halted. Linghe was in a rush to send Ji Fengyan back so he got off the horse carriage to check the situation.


Linghe’s eyes widened as he stared at Xing Lou, who had suddenly appeared before their horse carriage. With a huge shock, he immediately got off the horse carriage to pay respects to him.

“Greetings to Grand Tutor!”

Xing Lou’s appearance had attracted many people’s attention on the streets, and they all consciously moved to the side to give way to the graceful and holy figure.

Xing Lou glanced past Linghe and a familiar blood stench came from Linghe’s body. He frowned and walked past Linghe into the horse carriage using his long legs.

When he entered the horse carriage, what he saw made his expression change slightly.

Ji Fengyan was leaning against the horse carriage and asleep, but her face was pale and had no colour at all. A few blood-stains flowed down her neck and stained her collar, making it seem extremely unsightly.

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