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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 258: A Familiar Sight (3)

Chapter 258: A Familiar Sight (3)

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Almost instantly, Xing Lou held his breath and continued to be stunned. Only by hearing Ji Fengyan’s own breath did he snap out of his daze.

Linghe, who was standing outside the horse carriage was looking anxiously at Xing Lou’s back view.

The door of the horse carriage shut slowly and blocked Linghe’s line of sight.

Xing Lou bent down as he walked into the horse carriage with light and slow steps. He looked at Ji Fengyan, who was in deep sleep. The sight of the bloodstains on her made him feel as if he was walking on sharp daggers with each step.

“Urgh…” Ji Fengyan was experiencing discomfort in her sleep, as if she had detected someone closing up on her. She opened her eyes in a stupor. The blood loss and damage to her inner core had caused her vision to be blurry and her mind to be slower than usual…

Through her blurred vision, she saw a figure.

That figure was unknowingly familiar to her.

“Little Liu Huo?” Ji Fengyan muttered instinctively.

Xing Lou froze.

But after Ji Fengyan said that, she closed her eyes weakly and became unconscious again, but her mouth continued to mutter, “You’re such a foul brat who has no conscience at all…”

After that, she no longer spoke.

Seeing Ji Fengyan become unconscious again, a look of restraint and suppression could be seen on Xing Lou’s handsome face. His eyes seemed misted by fog and it was difficult to tell his expression.

Xing Lou moved closer to Ji Fengyan and used his long arms to hold Ji Fengyan in his arms. There was a unique smell from Ji Fengyan and it was mixed with the faint blood stench as the mixture of scent filled Xing Lou’s nose. His eyelids were drooping as he lifted one hand and reached towards Ji Fengyan’s lower abdomen. It was just that as the distance between became smaller, he slowly reddened.

When his warm and huge palm was in contact with Ji Fengyan’s lower abdomen, it was as if Xing Lou could feel the warmth from her skin through the thin layer of her clothes.

It was as if the warmth had passed through the cloth material and burnt his palms.

Xing Lou’s breathing became disordered as he moved his eyes away from Ji Fengyan’s face. His long eyelashes concealed the unusual expression on his face.

Outside the horse carriage, Linghe was very worried. If the other party was not the Nation’s Grand Tutor Xing Lou, he would have already charged into the horse carriage.

But now…

Linghe glanced at the dark guard standing at the side. Seeing the cold and expressionless face on the dark guard, he could only continue to wait silently and anxiously.

He would not doubt the possibility of the dark guard pinning him down the minute he tried to move a step closer.

As time continued to pass, the door to the horse carriage finally opened with Linghe’s anxious anticipation.

Linghe immediately looked up and the sight made him stunned…

Xing Lou was carrying Ji Fengyan in his arms and walked down the horse carriage with no expression. The blood on Ji Fengyan’s clothes that were still wet had already stained Xing Lou’s pure white clothes, but it was as if he had not noticed as he naturally carried Ji Fengyan down.

Under the bright lights, everyone who was standing at the side of the road witnessed this shocking sight. All of them stared in disbelief as their highly noble grand tutor was carrying a woman stained with blood!

“Grand… Grand Tutor?” Linghe only found his voice back after some time. He really could not tell what Xing Lou was intending to do.

Xing Lou’s eyes glanced across Linghe as he said simply, “I’ll bring her back.”

After he said that, Xing Lou did not give Linghe any time to react as he immediately carried Ji Fengyan into his own horse carriage. After the dark guard cracked a whip, the horse carriage slowly disappeared out of everyone’s sight.

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