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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 259: A Painful Face (1)

Chapter 259: A Painful Face (1)

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Linghe stared dumbfounded at the departing horse carriage.

Grand Tutor… where was he intending to bring Mistress?!!!

Linghe was in total hysterics and wanted to give chase. However, looking at the horse carriage parked to the side, he felt completely torn. He could not leave behind that carriage, which was full of treasures, and that Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed which Ji Fengyan had obtained only after much effort…

After struggling with himself for a few moments, Linghe considered the fact that Xing Lou had treated Ji Fengyan with much care and concern, before finally deciding to board the horse carriage and hurry toward the Ji family residence with Yang Jian.

The Ji family residence.

Looking at the servant before her, a touch of surprise flashed across Ji Qingshang’s lovely eyes.

“Is what you are saying true?”

Ji Qingshang had earlier ordered her servant to retrieve some items from outside the residence—who could have guessed that her servant would return with such astounding news!

“It is all true. I heard everything very clearly. Ji Fengyan was indeed injured. Several people witnessed it. Her clothing was full of bloodstains and someone fetched her away. However, I could not find out what exactly happened.” The servant spoke in all seriousness.

Ji Qingshang’s lips curled up in a smile. She tipped the servant before dismissing him.

“Mistress, Ji Fengyan and her lackeys are so full of themselves. It’s only righteous retribution that they have been punished by whoever they encountered today.”

Ji Qingshang gave a cold chuckle and sat down on a chair. Gazing casually at the arrangement of lilies on the table, she said loftily, “Who else could it be? The Lei family must have taken action. Ji Fengyan really doesn’t realize what’s good for her. It’s time that someone taught her a lesson and have her realize that even with her status as a Terminator, the capital is not somewhere she can do as she pleases.”

Ji Qingshang’s mood had improved considerably. There was nothing else that could bring her as much joy as knowing that Ji Fengyan had been injured.

Since Ji Fengyan had returned to the capital, nothing had gone smoothly for Ji Qingshang. Not only had Ji Fengyan taken hold of her original lodgings, Ji Fengyan had seized even her treasures. Furthermore, Ji Fengyan had actually garnered Xing Lou’s attention during the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet. Just that incident was enough to make Ji Qingshang gnash her teeth in hatred!

“Who the hell does Ji Fengyan think she is! If not for the fact that she is Ji Yun’s daughter… there’s no way she would have any place in the Ji family. Not only did she dare assert her fake authority and snatch away Brother Mubai’s World-Termination-Armour, she actually had the audacity to act promiscuously before the Grand Tutor…” Ji Qingshang narrowed her eyes and snapped off the lilies in two. A malicious glint flashed across her eyes. “She should have a clear look in the mirror – with such a face, how dare she sashay like that in front of the Grand Tutor!”

The maid beside her agreed. “Ji Fengyan’s looks are nothing compared to Mistress. Grand Tutor was only polite to her because of her status as a member of the Ji family and as the Terminator. There’s no way he’s into her. No need to anger yourself over someone like Ji Fengyan. Standing side by side, even a blind person can tell the vast difference between Mistress and Ji Fengyan.”

Ji Qingshang harrumphed in satisfaction. “All right now, go look. Let me know when Ji Fengyan returns. I must see for myself just how badly the Lei family injured her.”

“I will do so.” The maid retreated.

Not long after, Ji Qingshang received news that Ji Fengyan had arrived.

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