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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 260: A Painful Face (2)

Chapter 260: A Painful Face (2)

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In a hurry to witness Ji Fengyan’s downtrodden state, Ji Qingshang rushed out without delay.


Ji Qingshang didn’t see Ji Fengyan’s horse carriage when she reached the front gates of the Ji family residence. There was only a carriage bearing a white lion emblem—the Grand Tutor’s unique symbol—parked outside.

In an instant, Ji Qingshang’s expression shifted from smugness to joy.

“Grand Tutor’s carriage? The Grand Tutor is here?” All thoughts on Ji Fengyan flew out the window the moment Ji Qingshang saw Xing Lou’s horse carriage. She hastily checked to see if she looked presentable, all the while eyeing the dark guard as he disembarked and went to open the carriage door. Ji Qingshang’s heart had nearly risen to her throat, she couldn’t wait to put her best face forward for Xing Lou.

“Do I look fine like that?” Ji Qingshang hurriedly questioned a nearby maid.

The maid answered quickly, “Mistress looks absolutely gorgeous. Natural beauty is the most perfect type of beauty. Grand Tutor must have seen Mistress at the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet. His coming here today, it must be because…”

The maid didn’t finish her words, but her meaning was clear.

An involuntary blush crept across Ji Qingshang’s face. She had always been confident of her good looks and she looked in eager anticipation toward the carriage.

Just as the object of Ji Qingshang’s fervent desire alighted from the horse carriage, the smile that was forming on her face froze before it reached her eyes.

Xing Lou had stepped out with an unconscious Ji Fengyan in his arms. Landing on the ground, Xing Lou continued to hold the sleeping little figure carefully in his embrace. His eyes were lowered and bore a never-before-seen tenderness.

“Grand Tutor.” The dark guard called out.

Xing Lou raised his eyes. As his gaze moved from Ji Fengyan’s body, the expression in his eyes switched to his usual cold and imperious countenance.

With immediate understanding, the dark guard walked toward the front gates of the Ji family. He addressed the Ji family’s general guards, who had been watching his approach slack-jawed. “Open the gates.”

The Ji family’s guards were already dumbstruck—they would never dare contradict Grand Tutor Xing Lou’s orders, and they promptly opened the gates.

Still carrying Ji Fengyan, Xing Lou marched past everyone’s eyes.

Throughout this entire time, Xing Lou didn’t even bestow half a glance at Ji Qingshang. Xing Lou strode into the Ji family residence, his profile gradually disappearing into the darkness.

Even as Xing Lou vanished from sight, Ji Qingshang had yet to recover her from shock. Her whole body stood paralyzed outside the door as if struck by lightning. The blush on her cheeks had long faded, leaving only a distressed and traumatized expression.

An inquiring Ji He rushed up: news of Xing Lou’s arrival had left him in a frenzy. Seeing Ji Qingshang outside the door, he instinctively asked, “Qingshang, where is the Grand Tutor? Why did he come here?”

Ji Qingshang suddenly regained her senses. She faced Ji He’s probing eyes and only felt a prickly tightness in her chest. The image of Xing Lou with Ji Fengyan in his embrace surfaced in her mind.

Seeing that Ji Qingshang was in a daze, a maid standing by the side whispered, “Grand Tutor has already entered the residence.”

“He has already gone in? Then what are you all still doing here?!” Ji He frowned.

Even the noble Ji family was insignificant when compared to the status held by Grand Tutor Xing Lou.

The maid stole a peek at Ji Qingshang, before carefully saying, “Grand Tutor… he has fetched Ji… uh… Ninth Mistress back.”

“What!” Ji He widened his eyes in disbelief!

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