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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 261: Black Feather (1)

Chapter 261: Black Feather (1)

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Xing Lou carried Ji Fengyan across the Ji residence, causing all the servants to be instantly stunned. All of them stared with widened eyes as they could not believe that the noble Grand Tutor would appear before them.

What’s even more difficult to accept for them was that Xing Lou was actually carrying Ji Fengyan?

Had this world become just an illusion?!

The dazed servants could only feel their legs weakening when they were asked by Xing Lou about the whereabouts of Ji Fengyan’s room, and they had even almost went down on their knees to pay respect to Xing Lou. They were even more willing to respond to Xing Lou’s question as they immediately pointed to Ji Fengyan’s room. Just the sight of Xing Lou’s poised figure had already made them dizzy.

The dark guard followed Xing Lou and was already very accustomed to everyone’s reaction.

Xing Lou carried Ji Fengyan and reached her room. The dark guard pushed open the door and Xing Lou carried her in.

“Guard the door.” Xing Lou left this sentence coldly and closed the door. The dark guard immediately stood outside to guard the door, causing a few servants who had secretly followed them to take a peek to retreat instinctively.

In the room, little Bai Ze who was sleeping soundly on the bed heard the commotion and instinctively looked up. After seeing Xing Lou, it closed its eyes and continued to sleep.

Instead, its movement woke up the little bat lying on its head.

The little bat rubbed his eyes using his little claws and saw a blur figure moving closer to him. An unfamiliar scent filled his nose and made his drowsiness disappear. With a loud flap, he opened up his wings and flew into the sky.

That pair of red eyes instantly met with Xing Lou’s cold eyes that were as chilly as the spring water.

Almost in an instant, the little bat started to tremble vigorously and its wings could not support it in the air any longer.

Instead, it was as if Xing Lou had not seen the little bat as he carried Ji Fengyan to her bed and gently put her down.

The little bat continued to tremble as he looked at the figure that was as frightening as a nightmare to him. As though he had realised that the other party had not noticed him, he quickly hid under Bai Ze’s neck and only revealed his furry head as he watched Xing Lou.

Xing Lou had already directed all his attention on Ji Fengyan. He used one hand to cover Ji Fengyan’s forehead and he could only feel a burning sensation where he had contact with.

Ji Fengyan’s forehead was burning so frighteningly. Her body had changed from the previous extreme low temperature to a high temperature and her originally pale face had become red from the heat.

Xing Lou had an unpleasant expression on his face as he watched Ji Fengyan frown in her sleep. His eyes were cold yet anxious.

A faint purple fog emitted from his palm into Ji Fengyan’s forehead, but it did not affect Ji Fengyan’s high body temperature.

Xing Lou looked straight at Ji Fengyan and seeing that familiar little face being troubled by pain, his eyebrows frowned uncontrollably. He took a deep breath and slowly took a few steps back…

The little bat hiding at the side continued to watch secretly.

Instantly, a large shadow covered the little bat’s eyes and his line of sight was obscured by a pair of pure black wings. That was a pair of beautiful yet domineering black wings. Because of the opening of the wings, there was a strong gust of wind blowing in the room. The little bat could only shiver as he shrank into a ball and his red eyes were filled with fear.

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