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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 262: Black feather (2)

Chapter 262: Black feather (2)

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The black feathers were glistening and formed a pair of huge wings that could cover the sunlight completely. Such a gorgeous and marvellous pair of wings was actually protruding from Xing Lou’s back and had pierced through the cloth on his back. It caused his original holy and graceful self to become surrounded by a pure darkness and added a mysterious yet strange feeling to him.

Xing Lou’s eyes had already transformed into that pair of red and demonic eyes. He looked extremely stern as his eyes reflected the face of Ji Fengyan. After moments of silence, he opened up his right pair of wings.

Inside that black wing, there was a hidden glow under his feathers. Xing Lou used his long fingers to search through his black feathers and revealed a golden feather…

It was as dazzling as the sun and was especially outstanding among the black feathers.

Almost without any hesitation, Xing Lou plucked out that golden feather!

When he had removed the second the golden feather from his wing, fresh red blood flowed out from his wing.

The faint smell of blood stench filled the air and the dark guard standing outside was rooted to the ground. He pursed lips suddenly clenched tight and slowly revealed sharp teeth!

Whereas in the room…

Xing Lou held onto the blood-stained feather. His breathing became heavy as the fresh blood continued to flow onto the ground. He silently kept his wings and took a deep breath. He walked to the side of the bed and used one hand to hold Ji Fengyan in his arms. Then, he placed that blood stained golden feather in the middle of her chest!

“Spirits of evil, feather of magic, I swear upon this…” Xing Lou slowly said as his eyes stared straight at Ji Fengyan. His lips slowly opened and closed as he spoke and mumbled the last few words.

After Xing Lou muttered the chant softly, that golden feather that was on Ji Fengyan’s chest suddenly gave out a dazzling bright golden glow. Along with the glow, the feather slowly entered Ji Fengyan’s flesh and disappeared from sight.

After the feather had completely disappeared, Ji Fengyan’s high temperature dissipated instantly. Her frowning brows started to smooth out and she seemed more comfortable in her sleep.

Xing Lou panted softly as he looked at Ji Fengyan recover. His lips gave a faint smile unknowingly, and he hesitantly placed Ji Fengyan back on the bed. After staring at her for some time, he finally stood up.

His step was a little unstable and he had to support himself with the table at the side. The little bat that was trembling at the side attracted his gaze.

Noticing the stare from Xing Lou, the little bat was scared out of his wits and was dying to to hide into Bai Ze’s fur.

“Don’t harm her,” Xing Lou said coldly.

The little bat froze and immediately nodded while trembling.

Xing Lou took a deep breath and steadied himself. As if nothing had happened, he pushed open the door and walked out.

The dark guard who was standing guard outside immediately looked at Xing Lou nervously.

Xing Lou secretly shook his head.

The dark guard looked down and did not dare ask further.

Just at this moment, Ji He, who had heard about everything, had already rushed over. After hearing that Xing Lou had personally brought Ji Fengyan back, he was so shocked that he almost lost his soul!

Seeing Xing Lou walk out of the room, Ji He had almost jumped at him instantly.

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