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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 263: Black feather (3)

Chapter 263: Black feather (3)

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“Grand Tutor! I wasn’t aware of your arrival. Please forgive me for welcoming you this late!” Ji He stood in front of Xing Lou in trepidation and had almost knelt down to kowtow to him.

Ji Qingshang also followed him and stood from a distance. With eyes that were full of tender feelings, she looked at Xing Lou with shyness on her face.

“Master Grand Tutor,” Ji Qingshang gracefully bowed and spoke with her sweet voice.

Xing Lou’s cold gaze scanned them and asked, “What are you guys doing here?”

Xing Lou’s words made Ji He and Ji Qingshang stunned.

Ji He immediately responded, “I’ve heard that Master Grand Tutor had arrived, so I came to…”

“You’re too long winded,” Xing Lou replied coldly.

Ji He’s shoulders shook and he contracted his neck.

Unfortunately, Ji Qiu and Ji Mubai were both not in, otherwise he would not have to be the one to be making the greetings.

Xing Lou said coldly, “Ji Fengyan is Ji family’s terminator. She had become injured for no reason, as her family, you’re not taking care of her and are instead wasting time here?” as he said, Xing Lou looked at Ji He with a sharp gaze.

Ji He was sweating profusely from his gaze and immediately collapsed to his knees with a loud thud.

“Ji… Fengyan… Fengyan is injured? We were not aware of this.”

“Then are you aware of it now?” Xing Lou’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“I know it now! I know it! I’ll get someone to take care of Fengyan immediately!” Ji He kept his head lowered and did not dare to look up. He was already spitting blood internally from anger.

The Grand Tutor always thought highly of the terminator. Now that he had seen Ji Fengyan injured, and Ji family did not show any concern… it really spelt trouble for them.

Xing Lou’s expression did not change for the better as he glanced at everyone coldly and said, “You should be very clear about how Ji family had reached its current status. Ji Fengyan is Ji family’s terminator, even though she was from Ji family, but she is now an irreplaceable source of power for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. You should now be very clear about what you should be doing.”

“Yes… yes…” Ji He nodded continuously and did not dare to rebut.

Ji Qingshang’s smile had already faded from her face. Every word that Xing Lou said to protect Ji Fengyan was like a dagger piercing her heart. She was dying to charge into the room and rip Ji Fengyan into pieces!

After getting Ji He’s promise, Xing Lou nodded in satisfaction. Then—saying nothing else—he left Ji residence with his dark guard.

Since the beginning, Ji He was like lapdog trying to please Xing Lou as he cautiously sent him to the exit.

After Xing Lou’s horse carriage disappeared from Ji family’s door, Ji He then heaved a sigh of relief.

“What’s so good about Ji Fengyan?! Why was she worth the Grand Tutor protecting her?” Ji Qingshang, who was already overwhelmed by jealousy, asked through her clenched teeth.

Ji He took a look at Ji Qingshang to hint at her to tone down as she said softly, “Qingshang, can’t you tell?”

“Tell what?” Ji Qingshang said in a bad temper.

“Why was Lei family punished previously; And why was the Grand Tutor so stern today?” Ji He continued.

Ji Qingshang pursed her lips and said nonchalantly, “Who knows? Don’t you know about Ji Fengyan’s looks? Who knows what seductive tricks she had used to actually make the Grand Tutor…”

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Ji Qingshang had put in so much effort and was even prettier than Ji Fengyan, yet she did not receive a look from Xing Lou. Instead, Ji Fengyan was defended by Xing Lou two times.

Such a difference in treatment made Ji Qingshang really unable to accept it!

Ji He shook his head and said, “Qingshang, you have become muddle-headed.”

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