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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 266: Shameless (3)

Chapter 266: Shameless (3)

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Was Ji He showing concern for her? Ji Fengyan really felt like laughing. She looked calmly at Ji He’s “concerned” face.

“Fengyan, you are really too much. Why didn’t you let us know that you had been injured? If a servant hadn’t reported it, I wouldn’t have known about your situation. When your Oldest Uncle found out about your situation yesterday, he immediately sent me to look.” Ji He seemed completely oblivious to the strangeness of his behavior. He acted like an uncle doting on a younger family member and studied Ji Fengyan’s appearance before continuing.

“But you look much better, so I can stop worrying. If you feel unwell in the future, you must certainly let us know early…”

Ji Fengyan suddenly opened her mouth, “Where is my Tree of Flowing Bloodshed?”

Ji He’s unfinished words of “concern” stuck in his throat. He looked at Ji Fengyan’s unmoved expression and laughed lightly before replying, “The Tree of Flowing Bloodshed?”

Ji Fengyan insolently sat on a chair by the side and rested her chin on her hand to look at Ji He, who was feigning good intentions.

“Yesterday, Brother Ling and I bought many things together at the auction. He has certainly already sent them over, but where are these items?” Ji Fengyan was not taken in by Ji He at all.

She had been puzzling over the whereabouts of the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed and the other items she had bought yesterday.

Now that she saw Ji He’s expression, she had an inkling.

Ji Fengyan’s blunt words silenced the careful (but insincere) speech Ji He had planned to give. Ji Fengyan did not soften in the least.

“Those items? I was busy finding people to care for you yesterday, so we temporarily placed the items in the storeroom. You know that you bought many items yesterday, but with your injuries, we were afraid to disturb your rest by peremptorily moving everything into your room.” Ji He replied unblushingly, as if his only thought had been for Ji Fengyan.

But that was not all…

“There is no need to trouble you any further. Please bring the items over as soon as possible. Thank you.” Ji Fengyan spoke evenly. She had no interest in bandying words with Ji He. She was fully aware of the Ji family’s depravity.

Ji He looked at Ji Fengyan, who was completely unmoved, and his lips twitched a little. However, he quickly pasted on an amiable smile.

“Fengyan, no matter where the items were placed, they will not disappear. Why bother about these things when you have only just recovered. You should first tend to your injuries…”

“Ji He.” Ji Fengyan suddenly interrupted Ji He.

Ji He widened his eyes slightly when Ji Fengyan addressed him by name.

Ji Fengyan looked smoothly at Ji He and said, “Stop dwelling on the trivial. I want to see every one of my items placed in my room today. May I remind you that we have not yet resolved the debt owed by the Ji family? Or are you saying that you intend to return everything you owe me together?”

At that moment, Ji He’s expression became extremely ugly. He had wanted to use Ji Fengyan’s moment of weakness as an opportunity to show affection, but had not expected that his carefully prepared speech would be viewed as a joke by Ji Fengyan.

As Ji He looked at Ji Fengyan’s even expression, he knew that this girl would not fall for this.

However, Ji He was even more surprised by Ji Fengyan bringing up old scores now!

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