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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 271: Asking For a Beating (1)

Chapter 271: Asking For a Beating (1)

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“Is it?” Ji Fengyan smiled. Faced with the calm Ji Qiu, Ji Qiu grinned even more widely.

Her fingers that were clasping onto the defensive amulet turned slightly and one piece of defensive amulet immediately opened up in front of everyone with a loud swoosh!

As if it was a bright yellow paper fan, there were ten other defensive amulets in Ji Fengyan’s hands!

This quantity was much more than what she had used in the Sacred Dragon Auction House and had already exceeded the quantity of “around ten pieces” as mentioned by Ji Qiu.

Instantly, everyone’s faces changed.

It also stunned the auctioneer from the Sacred Dragon Auction House. He had originally thought that what Ji Qiu had said was true, but never did he know… After seeing the additional ten more defensive amulets in Ji Fengyan’s hands, what Ji Qiu had said previously had become a complete joke.

“Eldest Uncle… the quantity of these defensive amulets is indeed really different from what you have said,” Ji Fengyan said with a smile and casually waved the stack of amulets in her hands.

That day at the Sacred Dragon Auction House, Ji Fengyan had already decided that she had wanted to use the defensive amulets to bid for the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, except that before the auction, Ji Fengyan did not know the value of the amulets, so she used her inner core’s power to produce 20 pieces. However, during bidding, she realised the value of the defensive amulet and only used ten of them.

She had intended on giving Linghe and his men one of each of the remaining amulets, never did she expect that she would actually use it in this situation.

Ji Qiu narrowed his eyes and scanned at the defensive amulets in Ji Fengyan’s hands. The auctioneer standing at the side was also tactful as he said nothing, as if nothing had happened at all.

“You should be very clear about who these defensive amulets belong to now, right?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows and said to Ji Qiu, who remained quiet.

Ji Qiu’s face darkened.

Ji Qingshang, who had wanted to see Ji Fengyan in a difficult spot, watched as she turned the tables. She could not hold it in any longer and said, “Ji Fengyan, how do we know if these defensive amulets are fake?”

“Fake?” Ji Qingshang narrowed both eyes and glanced at Ji Qingshang.

Unknowingly, Ji Qingshang felt that the gaze from Ji Fengyan sent chills down her spine.

Before Ji Qingshang could react, Ji Fengyan had suddenly disappeared before everyone’s eyes. The next second, Ji Qingshang could only feel a light shine past her own eyes.

It was not known when Ji Fengyan had suddenly appeared beside Ji Mubai and before he could react, she took out the sword that he was carrying on his waist.

The sharp blade of the sword was dazzling and swung in the direction of Ji Qingshang’s head without any notice!

“Ahhh!” seeing the knife about to land on her, Ji Qingshang was instantly frightened to her knees and fell to the ground in a loud thud as she gave out a miserable shriek!

“Ji Fengyan! What are you doing?!” Ji Qiu, who was standing at the side, wanted to stop her but he was too late!

In front of everyone’s eyes, Ji Fengyan ruthlessly swung the sword at Ji Qingshang’s head!



A loud clunk resounded from the study room and the sword that had landed on Ji Qingshang’s head had instantly broken into two pieces!

Ji Qingshang, who was already scared out of her wits, was completely unharmed!

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