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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel)


A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor.

Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants.

Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy.

How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!

70 • 2019-04-11 05:27:41


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 735: Fire Tree, Silver Flower2019-06-18
Chapter 734: Disciples Requesting Battle2019-06-18
Chapter 733: Compete with My Disciples2019-06-17
Chapter 732: Gallant Promise2019-06-17
Chapter 731: Challenging the Dojo2019-06-16
Chapter 730: Discount Promotion2019-06-16
Chapter 729: Profits2019-06-15
Chapter 728: Respect2019-06-15
Chapter 727: Testing Pills2019-06-14
Chapter 726: Meteor Trading Company2019-06-14
Chapter 725: Unable to Achieve Anything, But Good at Ruining Things2019-06-14
Chapter 724: Essence Silk Thread Pulse Reading2019-06-14
Chapter 723: What’s Not Proper?2019-06-14
Chapter 722: An Ear2019-06-13
Chapter 721: Winds of Fortune Change2019-06-13
Chapter 720: Regaining Face2019-06-12
Chapter 719: The Overbearing Jun Tianyu2019-06-12
Chapter 718: Hiring Murderer to Kill People2019-06-11
Chapter 717: Favor2019-06-11
Chapter 716: Soul Miring Nightmare Curse2019-06-10
Chapter 715: Jun Tianyu2019-06-10
Chapter 714: Gu Family Mission2019-06-09
Chapter 713: Ye Yuan’s Points Swiping Plan!2019-06-09
Chapter 712: Merit Points2019-06-08
Chapter 711: Counter-suppression2019-06-08
Chapter 710: Merely a First Level Boundless Realm2019-06-07
Chapter 709: Sword Qi Surging to the Clouds!2019-06-07
Chapter 708: Prepare to Transcend Tribulation!2019-06-06
Chapter 707: Unexpected Refusal2019-06-06
Chapter 706: Giving a Plum in Return for a Peach2019-06-05
Chapter 705: A Heart Which Leans Towards the Dao2019-06-05
Chapter 704: Rending the Sky!2019-06-04
Chapter 703: Frontal Clash2019-06-04
Chapter 702: New Wind Emperor2019-06-03
Chapter 701: This Punch!2019-06-03
Chapter 700: The Words ‘Filial Piety’!2019-06-02
Chapter 699: Hatred Billowing to the Sky!2019-06-02
Chapter 698: Zhao Tianyin, You Deserve Death!2019-06-01
Chapter 697: Wait for Me to Come and Chop!2019-06-01
Chapter 696: Divine Soul Condensing2019-05-31
Chapter 695: True Dragon Heavenly Lord!2019-05-31
Chapter 694: Spirit Rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!2019-05-30
Chapter 693: Blood Prison Cage2019-05-30
Chapter 692: Pummeling All the Same2019-05-29
Chapter 691: I’m Coming Right In!2019-05-29
Chapter 690: Wait for Me in the Divine Realm!2019-05-28
Chapter 689: Today’s Humiliation2019-05-28
Chapter 688: Zhou Yan2019-05-27
Chapter 687: Your Turn to Perform2019-05-27
Chapter 686: Absolute Strength2019-05-26
Chapter 685: Large Enemy Force Bearing down upon the Border2019-05-26
Chapter 684: Ye Family Army2019-05-25
Chapter 683: Joining from All Around2019-05-25
Chapter 682: Raise One’s Arm in a Call for Action2019-05-24
Chapter 678: To Guard a Tree Stump and Wait for Rabbits2019-05-22
Chapter 677: Divine Realm’s Anecdote!2019-05-22
Chapter 676: Stealthy Kiss2019-05-21
Chapter 675: Killing Hu Yan!2019-05-21
Chapter 674: Deceiving Everyone2019-05-20
Chapter 673: Entangled in One’s Own Web2019-05-20
Chapter 672: Hypocritical Hu Yan2019-05-19
Chapter 671: The Oriole Behind2019-05-19
Chapter 670: Spirit Sealing Needle2019-05-18
Chapter 669: Battling the Azure Spirit Tree2019-05-18
Chapter 668: Because I’m Handsome2019-05-17
Chapter 667: A List2019-05-17
Chapter 666: Return in Defeat2019-05-16
Chapter 665: The Azure Spirit Tree Belongs to Me!2019-05-16
Chapter 664: Dark Forest2019-05-15
Chapter 663: Looting a Burning House2019-05-15
Chapter 662: Who Dares to Touch My Big Brother!2019-05-14
Chapter 661: Brutally Clobbering the Dragon Lord!2019-05-14
Chapter 660: Long Teng’s Unexpected Invitation2019-05-13
Chapter 659: Tiger Clan’s Call into Question2019-05-13
Chapter 658: Real and Fake Dragon Lord!2019-05-12
Chapter 657: Displaying Meager Skill Before an Expert2019-05-12
Chapter 656: Sole Victor2019-05-11
Chapter 655: Challenging the Other Party’s Forte2019-05-11
Chapter 654: Borrowing Name to Challenge!2019-05-10
Chapter 653: Roc Clan Young Lord2019-05-10
Chapter 652: Two Clan’s Great Battle!2019-05-09
Chapter 651: Removing Poison2019-05-09
Chapter 650: No Other Choice2019-05-08
Chapter 649: Essence Fire Abnormal Change2019-05-08
Chapter 648: Refining Firesource Crystals!2019-05-07
Chapter 647: Easing up the Line to Reel in More Easily2019-05-07
Chapter 646: Misunderstanding2019-05-06
Chapter 645: Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art2019-05-06
Chapter 644: Dragon Lord!2019-05-05
Chapter 643: Divine Beast Oppression!2019-05-05
Chapter 642: Origin Magnetic Field!2019-05-04
Chapter 641: Demonic Transformation2019-05-04
Chapter 640: Wolf Fang!2019-05-03
Chapter 639: Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood!2019-05-03
Chapter 638: Maturing Overnight2019-05-02
Chapter 637: Bloodline Suppression!2019-05-02
Chapter 636: With Just the Likes of Me!2019-05-01
Chapter 635: Head Held High2019-05-01
Chapter 634: Thunder Essence Fruit Grove2019-04-30
Chapter 633: Azure Spirit Tree’s Information2019-04-30