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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel)


A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor.

Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants.

Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy.

How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!

183 • 2019-04-11 05:27:41


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 923: Exterminating Fiend Emperors!2019-09-20
Chapter 922: 30 Thousand-Year Hoax2019-09-20
Chapter 921: Continuous Unexpected Events!2019-09-19
Chapter 920: Gotten into a Big Trouble!2019-09-19
Chapter 919: Uprooting Dark Profound Gold!2019-09-18
Chapter 918: So Many Treasures2019-09-18
Chapter 917: Don’t Even Know How to Put on an Act2019-09-17
Chapter 916: Divine Essence2019-09-17
Chapter 915: Sacred Dragon Token!2019-09-16
Chapter 914: Need to Get It off His Chest!2019-09-16
Chapter 913: Might of the Voice of the Dragon God!2019-09-15
Chapter 912: Son of Heaven’s Mandate2019-09-15
Chapter 911: Final Inheritance2019-09-14
Chapter 910: Successor2019-09-14
Chapter 909: He Cannot, Doesn’t Meant That I Can’t!2019-09-13
Chapter 908: Eating Dust2019-09-13
Chapter 907: Redirecting the Troubled Waters2019-09-12
Chapter 906: Blindly Copying Others and Making Oneself Looks Foolish2019-09-12
Chapter 905: Battered to Death in One Palm2019-09-11
Chapter 904: Incense Burner2019-09-11
Chapter 903: Not Keeping You Company2019-09-10
Chapter 902: Just This Price!2019-09-10
Chapter 901: Air Bubble2019-09-09
Chapter 900: Si Yin Enraged2019-09-09
Chapter 899: Ethereal Blood Ginseng2019-09-08
Chapter 898: Weak2019-09-08
Chapter 897: Coercing an Exalt2019-09-07
Chapter 896: Conditions2019-09-07
Chapter 895: Crucial Role2019-09-06
Chapter 894: Proclamation Coming Out2019-09-06
Chapter 893: Snatching People2019-09-05
Chapter 892: Ye Yuan’s Trump Card!2019-09-05
Chapter 891: Formidable Bai Meng2019-09-04
Chapter 890: True King Bloodline2019-09-04
Chapter 889: Kill Until Blood Runs Cold2019-09-03
Chapter 888: Asura Mode, Activate!2019-09-03
Chapter 887: Name List2019-09-02
Chapter 886: 12 Exalts2019-09-02
Chapter 885: True Strength2019-09-01
Chapter 884: Invitation Coming from the Third Level2019-09-01
Chapter 883: Earning Points2019-08-31
Chapter 882: Pummeling All the Same2019-08-31
Chapter 881: Slaughter Sword Art2019-08-30
Chapter 880: Ignoring2019-08-30
Chapter 879: Timely Rain2019-08-29
Chapter 878: Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill2019-08-29
Chapter 877: Addressing Each Other as Brothers2019-08-28
Chapter 876: Exalt2019-08-28
Chapter 875: Loophole2019-08-27
Chapter 874: Sweeping Away2019-08-27
Chapter 873: Overpowering with Strength2019-08-27
Chapter 872: Asura Arena2019-08-26
Chapter 871: Coercion2019-08-25
Chapter 870: Is It Her?2019-08-25
Chapter 869: Fusion2019-08-24
Chapter 868: Absolute Kill Token!2019-08-24
Chapter 867: Challenge2019-08-23
Chapter 866: Missing Ling-er2019-08-23
Chapter 865: Second Supreme True Intent!2019-08-22
Chapter 864: Suddenly Turning Back2019-08-22
Chapter 863: In High Spirits2019-08-21
Chapter 862: Earth Carnage Proclamation Expert2019-08-21
Chapter 861: Burning of the Linked Camps2019-08-20
Chapter 860: Crow’s Mouth2019-08-20
Chapter 859: Yan Ling2019-08-19
Chapter 858: Green Sea Mercenary Group2019-08-19
Chapter 857: Observation2019-08-18
Chapter 856: Secretly Making a Move2019-08-18
Chapter 855: Experts Walk Among the Masses2019-08-17
Chapter 854: Super Transmission Array2019-08-17
Chapter 853: Send-Off2019-08-17
Chapter 852: Double Happiness2019-08-17
Chapter 851: Young Lord Returning2019-08-15
Chapter 850: Chaotic Devil Sea2019-08-15
Chapter 849: Transformation2019-08-14
Chapter 848: One Year2019-08-14
Chapter 847: Disaster Is Brought About by Careless Talk2019-08-13
Chapter 846: Overbearing Attitude2019-08-13
Chapter 845: Life and Death Uncertain2019-08-12
Chapter 844: Fleeing in Defeat2019-08-12
Chapter 843: Seizing Possession Again?2019-08-11
Chapter 842: Unexpected Turn of Events Again!2019-08-11
Chapter 841: Blinding Saber Light2019-08-10
Chapter 840: Battling the Fiendgod!2019-08-10
Chapter 839: Asura Confounding Formation’s True Power!2019-08-10
Chapter 838: Setting up Formation2019-08-10
Chapter 837: All Facets of Life2019-08-08
Chapter 836: Terrifying Existence2019-08-08
Chapter 835: Furious Scolding2019-08-07
Chapter 834: Pig-like Teammates2019-08-07
Chapter 833: Corpse Venerable2019-08-06
Chapter 832: Yin Wind Lair2019-08-06
Chapter 831: Fiendish Shadow’s First Appearance2019-08-05
Chapter 830: Have Some Brain!2019-08-05
Chapter 829: Boneyard2019-08-04
Chapter 828: Mowing down All Resistance2019-08-04
Chapter 827: Killing People2019-08-03
Chapter 826: Cooperation2019-08-03
Chapter 825: Corpse Tide2019-08-02
Chapter 824: You Came Back!2019-08-02