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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel)


A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor.

Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants.

Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy.

How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!

265 • 2019-04-11 05:27:41


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1054: Seven Star Miluo2019-11-17
Chapter 1053: Golden-Colored Divine Soul!2019-11-17
Chapter 1052: Working in Cahoots2019-11-16
Chapter 1051: Bringing Disaster to the Fishes in the Moat2019-11-16
Chapter 1050: No Discussion About Scamming You2019-11-15
Chapter 1049: Purple Evil Skygloom2019-11-15
Chapter 1048: The Immemorial Medicine Garden Opening2019-11-14
Chapter 1047: Not Far from Hour of Doom2019-11-14
Chapter 1046: Powerhouses Gather!2019-11-13
Chapter 1045: Do Come Again2019-11-13
Chapter 1044: Rampaging Ao Qian!2019-11-12
Chapter 1043: Growing Dizzy with Success2019-11-12
Chapter 1042: Old Man Han2019-11-11
Chapter 1041: Someone Cutting In2019-11-11
Chapter 1040: Brother’s Injury2019-11-10
Chapter 1039: Extreme Sword Divine King!2019-11-10
Chapter 1038: Alright, Kneel Down Then2019-11-09
Chapter 1037: The Dog at Grand Master’s Feet2019-11-09
Chapter 1036: Already Gone2019-11-08
Chapter 1035: Let Him Run First2019-11-08
Chapter 1034: Han Qing Zi2019-11-07
Chapter 1033: Play Another Round2019-11-07
Chapter 1032: Sticking On?2019-11-06
Chapter 1031: Kowtow and Acknowledge as Master Then2019-11-06
Chapter 1030: Silent Offering2019-11-05
Chapter 1029: Beginning2019-11-05
Chapter 1028: Cloudmarsh City2019-11-05
Chapter 1027: Arcane Insight Rank!2019-11-04
Chapter 1026: What Grade?2019-11-03
Chapter 1025: Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art2019-11-03
Chapter 1024: Eternal Medicine Garden2019-11-02
Chapter 1023: Essence, Energy, Spirit2019-11-02
Chapter 1022: The History 50 Thousand Years Ago2019-11-01
Chapter 1021: Ao Yong2019-11-01
Chapter 1020: Using Seniority to Crush You to Death2019-10-31
Chapter 1019: Dragon Clan’s Two Great Flourishing Ages!2019-10-31
Chapter 1018: Vast Heaven Stele, Open!2019-10-30
Chapter 1017: Five Elements Gathered!2019-10-30
Chapter 1016: Lightning, Fire, Ice2019-10-29
Chapter 1015: Variant Major 9-by-9 Heavenly Tribulation!2019-10-29
Chapter 1014: Emperor Qi2019-10-28
Chapter 1013: Accepting Servants2019-10-28
Chapter 1012: Not happy, Suck It Up2019-10-27
Chapter 1011: Sacred Dragon Token’s Master2019-10-27
Chapter 1010: Number One Beauty in the Divine Realm!2019-10-26
Chapter 1009: Deceiving Everyone!2019-10-26
Chapter 1008: Eight Extremes Sword Domain!2019-10-25
Chapter 1007: Finally Entering Alchemy Emperor!2019-10-25
Chapter 1006: Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask!2019-10-24
Chapter 1005: Void Mystic Realm!2019-10-24
Chapter 1004: Ji Canglan!2019-10-23
Chapter 1003: Universal Void Slaughter God Slaying Formation!2019-10-23
Chapter 1002: Long Teng’s True Strength!2019-10-22
Chapter 1001: Exploded2019-10-22
Chapter 1000: Presumptuous Request2019-10-21
Chapter 999: Heart of a Pure Child2019-10-21
Chapter 998: Came out Just like That?2019-10-20
Chapter 997: Heaven Rank Dragon Wave, Is Too Weak!2019-10-20
Chapter 996: Courting Death Irrespective of the Occasion2019-10-19
Chapter 995: White Light’s Counterattack2019-10-19
Chapter 994: Racking up the Past2019-10-18
Chapter 993: Exiting Mausoleum2019-10-18
Chapter 992: Sacred Rank Bloodline!2019-10-17
Chapter 991: Atavism Dragon Soul!2019-10-17
Chapter 990: Tomb Guardian Lineage2019-10-16
Chapter 989: Divine King Domain2019-10-16
Chapter 988: Perfect White Tiger Physique2019-10-15
Chapter 987: The Mystery of White Light’s Ancestry2019-10-15
Chapter 986: Land of Ancestral Spirits!2019-10-14
Chapter 985: No Way Out!2019-10-14
Chapter 984: Dancing on the Edge of a Blade2019-10-13
Chapter 983: Infiltrating2019-10-13
Chapter 982: Displaying Strength2019-10-12
Chapter 981: Communications Array Formation2019-10-12
Chapter 980: Reversing Verdict2019-10-11
Chapter 979: Bring You All Out2019-10-11
Chapter 978: White Tiger Dungeon2019-10-10
Chapter 977: Get Lost2019-10-10
Chapter 976: Slapping2019-10-09
Chapter 975: White Light’s Predicament2019-10-09
Chapter 974: Demon Race Messenger2019-10-08
Chapter 973: Divine Kings’ Astonishment2019-10-08
Chapter 972: Swords Drawn and Bows Stretched2019-10-07
Chapter 971: Discussing Countermeasures2019-10-07
Chapter 970: Escaping Through the Void2019-10-06
Chapter 969: Merging with Heaven and Earth!2019-10-06
Chapter 968: Divine Artifact Great Battle!2019-10-05
Chapter 967: Initiative Changing Hands!2019-10-05
Chapter 966: Heaven Man Unity!2019-10-04
Chapter 965: Samsara of a Hundred Lifetimes!2019-10-04
Chapter 964: Matching Magic Powers!2019-10-03
Chapter 963: Ye Yuan Fell Victim!2019-10-03
Chapter 962: Who Fell into an Illusion??2019-10-02
Chapter 961: Entering Formation2019-10-02
Chapter 960: Might of a Divine Artifact!2019-10-01
Chapter 959: Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill2019-10-01
Chapter 958: Yue Lingyu2019-10-01
Chapter 957: Battle Soul Awaken!2019-10-01
Chapter 956: Struggle for Spirit Springs2019-10-01
Chapter 955: Reverse-Life Spirit Spring2019-10-01