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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1037: The Dog at Grand Master’s Feet

Chapter 1037: The Dog at Grand Master’s Feet

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“Master, that punk is still kneeling outside, insisting on acknowledging me as his master. I already taught him a vicious lesson just now, but he refused to leave!”

Xiao Ruyan was already messed by Gu Yue this sticky candy until she had no temper.

No matter how she hit, how she scolded, Gu Yue was completely indifferent.

In short, it was not retaliating when hit, not retorting when scolded, insisting on acknowledging Xiao Ruyan as his master.

“Milord, how about I go out and cripple that boy, and directly throw outside the city?” Jiang Taicang said ferociously.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “No need to care about him. Grind down his disposition first before talking. Shuangzhou, I let you all send news out, saying that I want to collect Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamen. Is it already done?”

Ruan Shuangzhou bowed and said, “Milord, the news was already let out. Your Excellency really has an immense reputation! Hearing that it was milord who wanted to look for these two kinds of spirit medicines, each and every one of them all said that they wanted to gift to milord for free. Now, pretty much the entire Cloudmarsh City is already stirred up, helping milord to find these two types of spirit medicines. But these two kinds of spirit medicines are too rare. Even if it’s the Cloudmarsh City, there might not have either.”

Ao Qian scoffed in contempt and said, “How are they looking on account of milord’s face? They are gifting milord a favor. Although the Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamen are seldom-seen, milord’s favor is clearly more valuable compared to these two things!”

The matter of Ye Yuan utterly trashing Zuo Qing already spread crazily in Cloudmarsh City these two days.

For some time, the news of Qingyun Zi returning caused a huge commotion, and already became the entire Cloudmarsh City’s greatest topic of conversation.

Qingyun Zi returned domineeringly. Not only did his alchemy Dao strength not decline, but it also became even more astonishing instead! With initial-rank Alchemy Emperor strength, utterly trouncing the high-rank Alchemy Emperor, Deputy City Lord Zuo Qing.

This sort of thing was simply inconceivable!

However, Lord Qingyun Zi was a life-form that accompanied miracles in the first place. It seemed like accomplishing to this extent was not something hard to imagine.

Him being able to escape death in a great calamity and returning to Cloudmarsh City, wasn’t it a miracle in itself?”

One had to know that Lord Qingyun Zi was the alchemist known as closest to Alchemy God. Making him owe a favor was too worth it.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “If can really find it, what’s the harm in owing a favor?”

One sentence, it made Jiang Taicang and Wu Lu both incredibly touched.

These two kinds of spirit medicines were precisely the high-grade Tier 9 spirit medicines necessary for refining the Pure Source Infusion Divine Pill.

These few days, they had already deeply experienced how heaven-defying His Excellency was.

Such a heaven-defying existence was actually willing to owe others a favor for them. How could this not move them?

The few people were just talking when a noisy din suddenly sounded out outside the inn.

Ruan Shuangzhou’s expression changed, and he said, “I’ll go and take a look at what’s the situation!”

But Ye Yuan waved his hands to stop it and said, “No rush, take a look first.”

Outside the inn, a young man led a group of people, while opposite them, was just Gu Yue alone.

“Jian Wushuang, I know that you bear a grudge with my grand-master! Want to find trouble with him, go through me first!” Gu Yue had a grim look and said without weakening his imposing manner.

That young man called Jian Wushuang chortled with laughter and said, “Yo! Never heard before of Ji Qingyun accepting disciples in the past. It’s just been 20 years, and he even has a grand-pupil already? However … who the hell are you? To also dare stop this seat?”

Gu Yue said with a cold smile, “Jian Wushuang, you pursued Spirit Snow Divine King back then but failed to win her heart and was even trampled by grand-master like a dog. You actually still dare to come in front of him to be insolent!”

The moment these words came out, everyone was marveling at Gu Yue’s boldness.

This Jian Wushuang was the young sect master of one of the Eight Great Super Holy Lands, the Heavenly Sword Sect. His Sword Dao cultivation pierced the heavens and penetrated the earth. It was said that he already had one foot stepped into the ranks of Void Mystic experts.

“Didn’t think that the Immemorial Medicine Garden opening this time, the Heavenly Sword Sect came over too. Jian Wushuang heard that Lord Qingyun Zi came back, he’ll naturally come to find trouble with him at the first moment.”

“Yeah. Back then, Jian Wushuang pursued Spirit Snow Divine King bitterly but failed to win her heart. Spirit Snow Divine King only had eyes for Lord Qingyun Zi. The two people are sworn enemies.”

“Especially when Spirit Snow Divine King suffered serious injuries and stayed for a month’s time at the Medicine King Hall with Lord Qingyun Zi in close proximity. After this matter spread out, Jian Wushuang hated even more to the bones!”

“Back then, Jian Wushuang went up to the Medicine King Hall to challenge Lord Qingyun Zi by himself. The result was that he was crushed by his divine soul attacks until heaven and earth turned dim, and he suffered heavy injuries. If not for that battle, perhaps Jian Wushuang would have long broken through to the realm of Void Mystic already!”

“Looks like Gu Yue is determined to acknowledge Miss Xiao as master, to actually rebuke Jian Wushuang to his face! But with Lord Qingyun Zi’s present strength, he’s probably not Jian Wushuang’s match!”

These two days, the inn where Ye Yuan was at was followed with great interest. Therefore, the moment a conflict occurred on that side, it immediately aroused a large group of martial artists’ attention.

Regarding Jian Wushuang and Ji Qingyun’s various things back then, it was circulated widely in the Divine Realm. They were perfectly aware.

It was just that regarding Ye Yuan’s predicament, they became somewhat worried.

They knew that Ye Yuan brought along several divine kings. But those few were likely still not a match compared to Jian Wushuang.

While Ye Yuan himself was merely First Level Dao Profound strength. It was even more impossible to be Jian Wushuang’s match.

Gu Yue was domineering too, to actually dare directly tear open Jian Wushuang’s scar in front of so many people.

With him saying that, Jian Wushuang’s aura turned cold. The hairs all over Gu Yue’s body was almost standing on its ends.

Gu Yue knew that Ye Yuan was definitely watching him. Whether or not he could acknowledge him as his master would depend on this one chance. He absolutely could not weaken his momentum!

He might as well resolve his heart and risk it all.

Gu Yue raised his head high and stuck his chest out, and met Jian Wushuang’s eyes proudly, not the slightest bit afraid.

When Jian Wushuang saw Gu Yue’s attitude, he suddenly laughed and said, “Not bad! Pretty good! Ji Qingyun’s grand-pupil indeed have balls! It’s already been many years since anyone dared to speak this way to this seat!”

Gu Yue gave a cold laugh and said, “That is my Lord Grand-Master meeting with a misfortune. Otherwise, how can you be qualified to be arrogant in this Divine Realm?”


The moment Gu Yue’s voice faded, Jian Wushuang’s slap arrived, directly smacking Gu Yue out far away.

This slap, Jian Wushuang hit it perfectly and did not claim Gu Yue’s life. But struck until half of his face swelled up.

Jian Wushuang slowly walked forward and said with a faint smile, “Talk, carry on talking!”


Gu Yue directly spewed out a mouthful of frothy blood, wanting to spray onto Jian Wushuang’s face.

But what kind of skill did Jian Wushuang had? How could he be dirtied by a nobody like him?

Gu Yue said with a cold smile, “If not for Grand-Master showing mercy back then, you, this trash, would have long become a moron already! Would there still be a chance to flaunt your might in front of this young master?”

Jian Wushuang laughed again and said, “Brat, I know you. These few years in this Cloudmarsh City, you still have some fame, claiming to want to catch up to Ji Qingyun that fellow. However, you look, you’re already almost dying, and that grand-master of yours is still like a cowardly turtle. He doesn’t dare to come out!”

Done talking, Jian Wushuang pointed his fingers like a sword and lightly pointed forward.

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