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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1039: Extreme Sword Divine King!

Chapter 1039: Extreme Sword Divine King!

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“D-Divine artifact! It’s really a divine artifact! Lord Qingyun Zi actually has a divine artifact in possession!”

No need for Ye Yuan to say, the others also felt the pressure of a divine artifact. Each and every one was incomparably shocked.

A divine artifact coming into being was already not some secret in the Divine Realm long ago.

It was just that they did not expect that Lord Qingyun Zi actually had a divine artifact in possession too!

Regarding the divine artifact, Ye Yuan already could not be bothered to conceal it anymore either. This matter would spread sooner or later and could not be concealed at all.

Jian Wushuang struggled to his feet. Wiping away the fresh blood at the corners of his mouth, he used a dumbstruck gaze to look at Ye Yuan as he said, “You … How can you possibly have a divine artifact?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Why can’t I have a divine artifact? So … you can get lost already, right?”

Currently, Jian Wushuang felt aggrieved to the max!

Ji Qingyun revived and only had First Level Dao Profound strength currently. While he was already standing on the cusp of Void Mystic powerhouses.

Originally thought that he could casually knead Ji Qingyun. Did not think that Ji Qingyun actually brought out a divine artifact, this kind of great killing tool. He was still unable to do anything to Ji Qingyun!

Could it be that in this life, I, Jian Wushuang, would have to be completely trampled underfoot by this fellow?

Jian Wushuang knew that Ye Yuan did not unleash the true power of the divine artifact just now. Otherwise, he would probably not be getting injured that simple.

As long as Ye Yuan had the divine artifact in his hands, he would not be able to gain any advantage.

Jian Wushuang gritted his teeth and said to his subordinates, “Let’s go! Ji Qingyun, our score isn’t over!”

Jian Wushuang’s threat appeared rather feeble.

The might of a divine artifact, everyone knew.

Unless it was a Void Mystic Realm powerhouse, otherwise, no one could gain any advantage under Ye Yuan’s hands at all.

As long as Ye Yuan was willing to pay a sufficient price, he could even exterminate Jian Wushuang just now.

When Ye Yuan was still at Phaseless Realm, he could already rely on the Sacred Dragon Token to dance around with Divine King powerhouses. Now that he advanced to Dao Profound, the Sacred Dragon Token could naturally unleash even great power in his hands.

When those surrounding martial artists saw this scene, they were all incomparably shocked.

They originally thought that Ye Yuan coming back anew, but only had First Level Dao Profound strength, was a little shabby.

But through this battle, Ye Yuan finally revealed his fangs!

He naturally had some reliance to dare openly appear in Cloudmarsh City.

“Since you came, what are you hiding your head but showing your tail for? Come on out?” After Jian Wushuang left, Ye Yuan suddenly said.

Ao Qian and the rest were all startled. They all did not notice that there was actually still an expert spying by the side!

A youth in pale-blue long robes slowly walked out from the void, looked at Ye Yuan, and said with a faint smile, “Huhu, Younger Brother Ji, long time no see! Really didn’t think that there would be a day where we’d meet again still!”

Seeing the arrival, Ye Yuan’s brows finally smoothened out. Clearly, he was very happy.

“Honestly speaking, I myself didn’t expect it either!”

Ye Yuan laughed and had a bear bug with the blue-robed youth. It looked like the two people’s relationship was very close.

“Extreme Sword Divine King! That’s Lord Qingyun Zi’s sworn friend till death! Extreme Sword Divine King!” In the crowd, someone suddenly cried out in shock.

Extreme Sword Divine King, Kuang Tianming, was one of the few Void Mystic powerhouses in the Divine Realm.

Although not in the ranking of the Ten Great Divine Kings, nobody dared to underestimate his strength either.

Furthermore, anyone in the Divine Realm all knew that the Extreme Sword Divine Realm and Qingyun Zi were sworn friends of life and death with an extremely good relationship.

Back then when Ye Yuan created the Falling Flower Floating Zero, it was precisely the Extreme Sword Divine King who was beside him.

After the bear hug, Ye Yuan’s face turned cold, and he said, “Thundercry, aren’t you scramming yet? Do you wish to stay behind to drink a cup of tea?”

Everyone was alarmed once again and could not help exchanging glances. Could it be that within this void, it actually still hid a powerhouse?

“Thundercry? Could it be the Thundercry Divine King, Wu Yuanqiao? He and the Extreme Sword Divine King are implacable enemies. It was said that he wasn’t on good terms with Lord Qingyun Zi either. Looks like 80% it’s him.”

Just as everyone was guessing it, a cold snort came from the void. “Ji Qingyun, your current bit of strength also dare to barely manage to be presumptuous in front of this seat?! Once the Immemorial Medicine Garden opens, I hope that you can come out from inside alive!”

Done talking, there were no longer undulations in the void. Clearly, he already left here.

Kuang Tianming said with a bitter smile, “Why did you have to provoke him?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “If I don’t provoke him, do you think that he’d let me off?”

Kuang Tianming could not help laughing as he said, “Makes sense! However … you coming back this time gave me a huge shock! After you break through to the Divine King Realm, even I might not be your match anymore as well!”

Ye Yuan said disdainfully, “The Extreme Sword Divine King is matchlessly tyrannical. Since when has he been so modest before?”

The two people exchanged a look but burst into laughter.

Seeing an old friend, Ye Yuan also had a rare occurrence of joy and said with a smile, “Come, today, not going back without getting drunk!”

“Haha! Competing in drinking capacity, you’re not my match!” Kuang Tianming said with a loud laugh.

The two people put their arms around the shoulders and strutted away.

“G-Grand-Master, I … I …” At this time, the Gu Yue who did not dare to make a sound by the side the whole time suddenly spoke up.

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he could not help stopping his footsteps and said with a smile, “Who are you in the Southern Gu Family?”

Gu Yue’s expression involuntarily changed when he heard and said in surprise, “Turns out … turns out that Grand-Master actually already saw through it?”

Kuang Tianming scolded with a laugh, “You foolish boy! What kind of judgment does Qingyun Zi have? Unless you don’t use alchemy skills in front of him, otherwise, how can your little games escape his arcane eyes?”

Gu Yue could not help smiling embarrassedly. His face was smacked by Jian Wushuang until it swelled up. This smile was ugly to the extreme.

Ye Yuan casually took out a medicinal pill and threw it to Gu Yue, saying, “Although you hid it very well, the Southern Gu Family’s Crisscross Flowing Wind pill refining style is imprinted in the bones. People with discerning eyes can tell that it comes from the Southern Gu Family with a glance. Who is Gu Tianhua to you?”

The Southern Gu Family was a mysterious alchemy faction in the Divine Realm. The family clan’s alchemy skills were very formidable. It was just that they rarely moved about in the Divine Realm. Hence, people who knew were not many.

Gu Yue consumed Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill. The swelling on his face faded away very quickly. The internal injuries were also recovering very quickly. His entire person’s essence, energy, and spirit immediately improved substantially.

Hearing Ye Yuan mention Gu Tianhua this name, Gu Yue said difficultly, “Gu Tianhua … is precisely my father!”

Ye Yuan froze and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “Gu Tianhua’s strength is extremely powerful. His understanding of alchemy Dao is also extremely deep. But you came to enter under my tutelage. If he knows, wouldn’t he skin you?”

Ye Yuan also did not think that this Gu Yue was actually the descendant of an acquaintance.

Gu Tianhua was an alchemy path powerhouse who rose up in the same era as Ye Yuan. Calculating according to the time, his present alchemy Dao strength would not be beneath Zuo Qing’s no matter what.

Back then, Ye Yuan rampaged in all directions in Cloudmarsh City, his fame shaking the Divine Realm. It also drew this Gu Tianhua over.

The result was without any suspense at all. Gu Tianhua was crushed by Ye Yuan until no patch of skin was left unscathed.

However, Gu Tianhua’s strength in alchemy Dao, Ye Yuan still quite acknowledged it.

The Southern Gu Family’s alchemy skills formed its own style and had quite a bit of skill. Ye Yuan also learned quite a few things from Gu Tianhua.

He did not expect that after time went by, his own disciples actually competed with Gu Tianhua’s son. Moreover, was crushed once again …

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