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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1040: Brother’s Injury

Chapter 1040: Brother’s Injury

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Gu Yue shook his head and said, “No way! The person Father admires the most is Grand-Master! If he knew that I entered Grand-Master’s tutelage, he’d be very relieved instead.”

Ye Yuan pondered for a moment and said coolly, “Since that’s the case, you follow Ruyan first and be an in-name disciple then.”

The moment Gu Yue heard, he could not help becoming overjoyed. He did a kowtow towards Xiao Ruyan and repeatedly called out ‘master.’

Xiao Ruyan repeatedly shook her head and said, “My strength isn’t much stronger compared to him either. How can I be his master?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “As the saying goes, those who reached first can teach. Your foundation is much more solid than his. You can naturally be the teacher.”

Xiao Ruyan pouted and said somewhat unwillingly, “Fine then …”

After three rounds of drinks, Kuang Tianming sighed slightly and said, “Younger Brother Ji, this foolish brother has done you wrong!”

Ye Yuan glanced at Kuang Tianming and said with a sigh, “Oh Old Kuang, having a brother like you is my fortune. The hidden injuries on your body should be left behind by Ji Canglan, right?”

Actually, the moment he laid eyes on Kuang Tianming, Ye Yuan knew that his condition was not right.

Carefully studying in detail this time, he saw through the injuries on Kuang Tianming. It was caused by the Eight Extreme Sword Art.

Kuang Tianming was stupefied and said with a bitter smile, “Nothing can be hidden from you, this punk!”

“In this world, how many people are more familiar with the Eight Extreme Sword Art than me? Your breathing is disorderly, and there are several streaks of sword qi faintly exuding from your body. You probably already almost can’t suppress it anymore, right? If not for this case, with your personality, how could you get involved with the Immemorial Medicine Garden, this messy situation?” Ye Yuan’s gaze looked at Kuang Tianming heatedly as he said.

Kuang Tianming’s disposition was carefree and uninhibited. He pursued the limits of sword Dao whole-heartedly and never took foreign objects to heart. Although the Immemorial Medicine Garden had many natural treasures, Kuang Tianming did not take fancy on them.

If not for sustaining severe injuries, it was also impossible for him to come to this Immemorial Medicine Garden, wanting to find spirit medicines to treat his injuries.

“Yeah! The Immemorial Medicine Garden’s undulations this time is uncommon. Large quantities of seldom-seen spirit medicines already appeared at the peripherals. Most likely, the Immemorial Medicine Garden opening this time, there will be precious treasures coming into being. Quite a number of Void Mystic experts probably wouldn’t be able to endure the loneliness,” Kuang Tianming said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “I’ve also discovered that the entire Cloudmarsh City’s essence energy seems to be considerably more plentiful compared to in the past. Looks like the Immemorial Medicine Garden opening this time is rather extraordinary.”

“A great era is coming. This Immemorial Medicine Garden also can’t endure the loneliness anymore! Undercurrents are surging in the Divine Realm. Divine artifacts coming into being one after another, perhaps … this is our lucky chance! It’s just that I never thought that younger brother, you, actually obtained a divine artifact too!” Kuang Tianming said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise. Had another lucky encounter in this life, that’s how I acquire the dragon race’s supreme treasure.”

Ye Yuan thought to himself, what I acquired is not just a simple divine artifact! Between the Vast Heaven Stele and the Sacred Dragon Token, the degree of terror of the former is still far above the Sacred Dragon Token.

It was just that these two items’ implications were too serious. Ye Yuan would not easily spread the news out.

“Alright, enough nonsense. I’ll suppress the sword qi in your body for you first. Or else, at this rate, before the Immemorial Medicine Garden opens, you’re probably going to become a cripple already,” Ye Yuan said.

Kuang Tianming nodded his head. He also knew that his own body could not delay anymore.

Fortunately, he ran into Ye Yuan. Otherwise, the consequences would really be too ghastly to imagine.

After several hours, Ye Yuan’s fingers suddenly tapped onto Kuang Tianming’s back, leaving illusionary images.

“Puhwark …”

Kuang Tianming immediately vomited a mouthful of blood. But the complexion on his face became much better.

“I’ve troubled you, Younger Brother …” Kuang Tianming said.

But Ye Yuan frowned and said, “I didn’t think that Ji Canglan’s strength is actually powerful to such a degree already! Looks like being able to escape from his hands the last time was really a fluke!”

Kuang Tianming nodded and said, “Back then, I heard of the Medicine King Hall’s accident and the news of you, Younger Brother’s demise. I was immediately filled with righteous indignation and immediately charged up to the Medicine King Hall. I didn’t expect that at that time, Ji Canglan already cultivated to the eighth extreme! I didn’t last more than a few moves under his hands before being defeated, nearly losing my life at his hands. Even so, his sword intent was still akin to bone-festering maggots, wreaking havoc inside my body.”

Extreme Sword Divine King, Kuang Tianming, had long already stepped into the realm of Void Mystic 80 years ago.

Compared to Ji Canglan, he should be a veteran Void Mystic expert.

But that time they exchanged blows 20 years ago, Kuang Tianming was actually not his match already.

Now that 20 years had passed, Ji Canglan’s strength would only be even more terrifying.

For Ye Yuan to be able to succeed the last time, on the one hand was Ji Canglan underestimating the enemy. On the other hand, it was Ye Yuan who caught him overly unawares.

Ji Canglan also did not expect that Ye Yuan actually used a self-harming method and breached his Divine King domain.

And also did not think that Ye Yuan actually still had such a terrifying divine artifact in possession.

If he was long prepared, it would be impossible for Ye Yuan to succeed.

Ye Yuan’s expression became rather ugly but forced the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood out of his body.

“Take it. Nourish it for a while inside your body. It should be able to eradicate the powers of lightning within your body. Looks like you had enough to choke on being hunted down by Wu Yuanqiao these few days. The injuries within your body are so severe. It’s probably also thanks to him, right?” Ye Yuan seethed with killing intent as he said.

He helped Kuang Tianming to treat his injuries just now and discovered that within his body not only had the eight extreme sword qi, but there was also still a lightning power with very strong destructive force.

Originally, these powers of lightning was not a big deal. But Kuang Tianming was unable to purge the eight extreme sword qi in the first place. These powers of lightning undoubtedly piled on a disaster on top of someone who was already unfortunate.

Currently, the aura in Kuang Tianming’s body was incomparably chaotic and already almost could not be suppressed.

Ye Yuan expended a Herculean effort before barely managing to seal the eight extreme sword qi with an extremely brilliant method. But this could only alleviate the symptoms and not treat the root.

Before long, the eight extreme sword qi would still break through the seal. At that time, Kuang Tianming’s condition would be even more severe.

Kuang Tianming knew that he could not hide it and could only nod his head and say, “Ever since that guy knew that I suffered injuries, he kept on chasing me down. Today, if not for being apprehensive of your divine artifact, he probably wouldn’t leave so easily either. However … you actually even have a rare object like the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood. Furthermore, it’s even Tier 9. Truly makes me incredibly shocked! If Thundercry that fellow knows that you have this object, he’ll probably want to obtain it at all costs.”

Ye Yuan said viciously, “I’m still afraid that he wouldn’t come! Alright, this period of time, you recuperate well. As for the matter of medicinal pills, don’t need you to worry. Leave it all to me!”

Kuang Tianming did not know the inside story and said in surprise, “Younger Brother, I’m not doubting your strength. It’s just that … in your present state, you probably can’t refine the medicinal pills I need, right?”

Ye Yuan was merely First Level Dao Profound strength currently. Even counting in that his previous life’s alchemy skills and experiences were all there, it was also not possible to refine medicinal pills that a Void Mystic expert needed.

He naturally did not know that Ye Yuan’s soul force was long not constrained by cultivation realm already. Furthermore, he even comprehended Divine Dao laws.

His alchemy skills were already no longer what it was!

“Huhu, when have your younger brother, I, done unreliable things? You just have to recuperate at ease will do,” Ye Yuan said with a chuckle.

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