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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1041: Someone Cutting In

Chapter 1041: Someone Cutting In

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“Master, you … you’re certain that you want me to start training from Tier 1 alchemy techniques?” Gu Yue looked at Xiao Ruyan wide-eyed as he asked with a bitter look.

Xiao Ruyan had a look of disdain as she looked at Gu Yue and said, “Me and Junior Apprentice Brother both trained like this. If you aren’t willing, you don’t have to train!”

Gu Yue was stunned. He even thought that Xiao Ruyan was deliberately taking revenge on his behavior back then, and designed this threshold to come and make things difficult for him.

What was there to train for Tier 1 alchemy techniques?

Who was he, Gu Yue?

He was an exalted Alchemy Venerable expert, a big shot who won 3420 matches consecutively in Cloudmarsh City. His foundation was incomparably solid. Was there still a need to practice this sort of child’s plaything?

But he never expected that Xiao Ruyan they all actually trained like this!

Gu Yue could not help turning his eyes towards Martial Uncle Ren Dong. Ren Dong nodded and said, “Senior Sister didn’t lie to you. Back then, our expressions were the exact same as yours right now.”

Gu Yue was speechless and could not help asking, “Then … this needs to be trained to what level?”

Xiao Ruyan said, “Train all of the Tier 1 alchemy techniques to the Legendary Realm, and you can cultivate Tier 2 alchemy techniques, so on and so forth. But before you cultivate Tier 2 alchemy techniques, I will explain the medicinal theory of Tier 1 medicinal pills for you to hear afresh.”

Gu Yue blinked twice, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“Tier 1 medicinal pills and medicinal theory? This … What’s there to learn?” Gu Yue was really speechless.

What he pursued was the limits of the alchemy path, just like Lord Qingyun Zi! But the master that he currently acknowledged actually made him start learning from scratch!

This … Was this drilling him like a newbie?

Xiao Ruyan snorted coldly and said, “Why? Looking down on Tier 1 alchemy techniques and Tier 1 medicinal pills, is it? Doesn’t matter either way; you’re just an in-name disciple right now. I still have many things I need to practice myself. If you’re not willing to train, get lost as soon as possible!”

Done talking, Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong turned around and left, and started cultivating the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art not far away.

But seeing this scene, Gu Yue was endlessly surprised in his heart.

He did not cultivate the Tier 1 alchemy techniques straight away but observed Master and Martial Uncle by the side.

Gu Yue was very perplexed. Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong already cultivated the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art to the Legendary Realm. Why did they still want to carry on cultivating?

He just watched them like that. Then discovered that the two people cultivated the Five Elements Heavenly Word Art again and again just like that.

Such dreary and dull cultivation, it was still his first time seeing.

10 times, 50 times, 100 times … 500 times!

The more Gu Yue watched, the more shocked he got. The two people did not have the intention of stopping at all. They just trained like this over and over again.

Exhausted and became tired-out, they would casually consume medicinal pills and meditate on the spot to recover. After recovering, they would continue cultivating again.

As for Gu Yue, they completely treated him like he did not exist.

Gu Yue finally knew the reason why Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong were both younger than him, but their strength already surpassed him!


What they competed in was not talent, but diligence!

He also finally knew that Xiao Ruyan was not joking with him!

Master and Martial Uncle definitely both started cultivating from Tier 1 alchemy techniques.

This was also to say that the two of them already cultivated the alchemy arts before Tier 5 all to the Legendary Realm!

This … How much time and energy did this have to expend?

Gu Yue did not dare to go and think at all!

Comparing talent, he, Gu Yue, was confident that he was not inferior to anyone! He even felt that his talent was higher than both Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong.

But him getting defeated at their hands was an indisputable fact!

What he thought was correct. Carrying on training like this, soon enough, his disparity with Master and Martial Uncle would only become greater and greater.

Up till now, he finally knew why Ji Qingyun was able to become an existence that alchemists looked up to.

Without a doubt, Lord Qingyun Zi’s alchemy Dao talent was very terrifying. However, the effort behind him was what everybody could not see!

Without repetitive tempering, even if his talent was any higher, it was also not possible to win five thousand eight hundred over matches in a row!

People more impressive than you, but was a hundred times, a thousand times more hardworking compared to you. How could you have a reason to not lose?

Gu Yue sucked in a deep breath and purged all of the distracting thoughts out of his mind. The movements of his hands slowly begun. It was precisely the starting stance of the Lesser Phaseless Art.

When Xiao Ruyan trio were all immersed in the middle of frenzied cultivation, Jiang Taicang was currently stomping his feet in rage.

“Milord, that bunch of fellows are seriously bullying people too far! They know that you’re collecting the Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamen. No idea which bastard was it, they actually cleared these two kinds of spirit medicines all away within the city!”

These two kinds of spirit medicines concerned whether or not Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo, the two people, could recover their strength. He was naturally very nervous.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised as he said, “Why? Are there a lot of Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamen?”

Jiang Taicang said, “To talk about prior to this, there really weren’t these two kinds of spirit medicines. But this period of time, don’t know why either, many precious spirit medicines appeared at the peripherals of the Immemorial Medicine Garden. Among them had these two kinds of spirit medicines. I’ve already inquired before, two stalks of Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and a strain of Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamen appeared in the city for a recent period of time. But not long after milord sent the word out, they were cut off by people. This is clearly somebody wanting to oppose milord!”

Ao Qian frowned and said, “It would be best if there is, don’t insist on it if there isn’t either! Since milord promised you guys, he naturally won’t go back on his word! Presently, the forces in Cloudmarsh City are gathering their people. Milord’s identity is already exposed too. It’s hard to guarantee that an enemy like Jian Wushuang wouldn’t appear. Making too many enemies has no benefits for us!”

When Jiang Taicang heard that, he also knew that he was overly anxious, and said in embarrassment, “This … It was Taicang who didn’t consider thoroughly. Hope that Your Excellency doesn’t blame.”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said smilingly, “Just some clowns jumping around! Since they dare to bully until on top of my head, they will have to be prepared to receive my wrath! Since my identity is already exposed, even if I avoid them, they will also think of ways to drop in. Since these two types of spirit medicines appeared, we naturally have to get it back. The Immemorial Medicine Garden is rather unusual this time. If your strength is a little stronger, we will also have some assurance in safety.”

Ye Yuan’s words made Jiang Taicang very agitated.

“But … just who on earth did this? I’ve inquired for many days and didn’t find out either,” Jiang Taicang said gloomily.

These few days, Cloudmarsh City was a meeting of wind and clouds, various factions mixing together like dragons and fishes jumbling up together. Experts in the city were as many as clouds. In comparison, their party was still a little weak.

Ye Yuan said, “Calculating based on the time, it shouldn’t be Jian Wushuang. Looks like there’s someone stirring things up in the dark. Forget it, can’t guess then can’t guess. Let’s go and ask, and we’ll know.”

As he said, Ye Yuan got up and walked out.

Jiang Taicang was stunned and chased after to ask, “Milord, Taicang has already inquired for quite a few days but didn’t find any clues either! Those few sellers also seemed to be unaware of the other party’s background. Who do we go look for to ask?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “This Cloudmarsh City, who understands the situation in the city the best?”

Jiang Taicang shook his head stiffly.

Ye Yuan chuckled and headed straight out of the door.

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