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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1042: Old Man Han

Chapter 1042: Old Man Han

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When Ao Qian and the others all saw ‘City Lord Manor,’ these three big words, all of them could not help exchanging glances.

Cloudmarsh City’s city lord was a very mysterious existence. The ones managing normally were all several deputy city lords acting on behalf. But barely anyone had seen before the city lord’s real appearance.

Even an old monster like Ao Qian also knew very well that Cloudmarsh City’s city lord was not to be provoked.

A land where wind and clouds met like Cloudmarsh City, even if it wasn’t the Immemorial Medicine Garden opening, it was still a place that was extremely hard to manage.

Without some skills, how could one be able to hold down such a large city?

“Your Excellency, you wouldn’t be …”

Jiang Taicang’s words had yet to finish speaking when Ye Yuan already mustered up essence energy and projected his voice out.

“Old Man Han, an old friend came to visit. Why haven’t you come out to welcome me?”

The moment these words were uttered, several terrifying killing intents instantly locked onto the few people.

Even an existence like Ao Qian had cold sweat pouring profusely at this time too.

Among these killing intents, there were definitely Void Mystic powerhouses. Once they had any unusual movements, the other party would give them a deadly blow without the slightest hesitation.

If in his top condition, Ao Qian naturally did not fear. But at the moment, his strength was too weak. If they were to really do battle, there was only a road that led to death.

“Your Excellency, w-we’d better leave!” Jiang Taicang was rather scared already and could not resist going forward to urge.

But Ye Yuan was calm and collected. It was as if he did not sense any killing intent at all.

After several breaths, a faint voice transmitted out.

“Come on in.”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and passed right through the city lord manor’s array formation, and entered the city lord manor’s rear-hall.


Jiang Taicang and the rest were about to catch up when that killing intent suddenly became much more piercingly cold.

“You all wait outside!” a voice transmitted out faintly, revealing killing intent.

Ao Qian was rather indignant as he said, “Wait until this father of yours recovers his strength. See if you dregs still dare to be cocky in front of me!”

Talking was talking, Ao Qian also knew that he did not have the capital to be arrogant at present. His only hope lay on Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan followed the aura of that voice and arrived at a very covert courtyard in the rear-hall.

He did not stop and directly walked towards a corner of the courtyard.

The space around had an undulation. A massive transformation actually occurred to the scenery before Ye Yuan’s eyes.

A thatched house, smoke curling up from the chimney.

Around the cottage was filled with some spirit medicines overflowing with fragrance. Looking at the grade, the lowest was also not beneath Tier 9!

If someone else came in, they would even think that they entered a treasure vault!

An old man wearing a straw hat on his head sat by the river and was actually fishing.

“There’s tea in the pavilion, take it yourself. Don’t startle my fish,” the old man said without even turning around.

Ye Yuan smiled and was not in a rush either. He slowly came to a wooden pavilion and poured himself a cup to drink on his own.

“Not only did you not die, your formations ability actually even improved a step further, truly a freak!” the old man said calmly.

Ye Yuan sipped tea as he smiled and said, “Old Man Han, you’ve been fishing by the river here for 50 thousand years, have you really caught anything?”

The old man used a hoarse voice to say, “What do you think?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Those who are willing, takes the bait! It’s just that this bait is yourself, right?”

When the old man heard these words, he finally put down the fishing rod and slowly walked into the pavilion. He then sat down opposite Ye Yuan.

“I didn’t expect that you reincarnated, and even your heart realm became much keener! Recalling when you asked me the same question back then, at that time, you couldn’t figure it out,” the old man said.

Ye Yuan said, “Old Man Han, pretending you don’t know anything in front o me? How can the matters that happen in this Cloudmarsh City escape your eyes and ears?”

Ye Yuan used merging into heaven and earth in the city before. This Old Man Han definitely already knew that he comprehended Heaven Man Unity long ago.

Old Man Han said smilingly, “Knowing is one thing, surprise … is another thing. Your soul force already broke through the shackles of cultivation realm. Looks like the rumors of your father obtaining a Divine Dao medicinal canon should be true.”

The Medicine God’s Soul Canon was an extremely hidden matter in the Medicine King Hall. Even Ye Yuan himself only knew after reincarnating too.

Ye Yuan did not think that these old geezers had long heard of it.

These old geezers were all very cunning. Every one of them was a real piece of work.

Only after reincarnating once did Ye Yuan discover that compared to this old man in front of him, there was likely still some gap!

Of course, this was just what he thought in his heart. On the surface, he was like an old well without ripples. He said coolly, “You don’t need to broach the subject in a roundabout manner anymore as well. Otherwise, why do you think us Ji father and son ended up in such a plight?”

Ye Yuan’s words were equivalent to covertly admitting the existence of the Medicine God’s Soul Canon.

It was just that Ye Yuan being so scoundrelly made Old Man Han somewhat stunned in his heart. Did this boy really had something to rely on, or was his thinking too shallow?

Old Man Han could not help sizing up this rather unfamiliar face in front of him anew and suddenly discovered that he actually could not quite see through.

Although Ye Yuan’s seniority was shallow back then, his alchemy Dao strength made the world submit. He naturally had the qualifications to be on equal footing with them, these old fellows.

But they all, these old guys, which one would appear as simple as on the surface?

Just take Ji Zhengyang as an example; he secretly cultivated the Medicine God’s Soul Canon and refined a half-step divine pill. At that time, it astounded everybody.

While this Old Man Han was practically a peer of the same generation with Ji Zhengyang. His strength was unfathomable.

Ji Qingyun was actually just a piece of blank paper in front of him.

But when he looked at Ye Yuan again in this life, he actually felt as if a layer of veil was covering Ye Yuan, making him have a feeling of being amidst cloud and mist!

Finally, Old Man Han heaved a long sigh and said, “Looks like these short 20 years, many things happened!”

If say in his previous life, they all, these geezers, only brought Ye Yuan along for fun, now, it was different. Now, Ye Yuan truly had the qualifications to sit opposite of them!

Hearing Old Man Han’s emotional sigh, Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You aren’t moved?”

Old Man Han said, “Naturally moved!”

“Why not try to take it?”

“I have no confidence!”

Ye Yuan shrugged and said, “Fine then. Truly, the older the person, the smaller the guts. I already delivered to your mouth, didn’t think that you’re actually not eating! I even thought that I’d have to expend some effort today before I can make you open your mouth!”

Old Man Han could not help choking up when he heard that and huffed as he said, “You brat, still like this! You’re at any rate a junior too, don’t you know how to respect the elderly a little?”

Ye Yuan said, “I only respect lovable geezers. You, this geezer, are not lovable, so not respecting! However, you’re a little more likable than Old Man Jing. Hence, that’s why I’d sit here and talk with you.”

Old Man Han said, “Speaking of Old Man Jing, you got to be a little careful. That geezer is indeed full of wickedness. He might be waiting for you somewhere!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Since I have a second chance in life, this score naturally has to be settled one by one. Old Man Jing not coming to find me, I’ll go and look for him anyway. Alright, meeting an old acquaintance today, emotions are rather agitated, speak less crap. You should know my intentions for coming, say it out straight.”

Old Man Han nodded his head and said, “Speaking of which, it’s your old friend too, Fiendblade Mountain, Yue Xinping! Remember to be more light-handed, don’t stir up too big of a commotion.”

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