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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1043: Growing Dizzy with Success

Chapter 1043: Growing Dizzy with Success

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Only when they saw Ye Yuan walk out of the City Lord Manor without a scratch did Ao Qian and the rest let out a sigh in relief.

“Milord, are you alright?” Jiang Taicang asked worriedly.

“What can there be? Aren’t I perfectly well? Come, let’s go and settle scores!” Ye Yuan said.

Jiang Taicang was stunned and said, “Milord, you know who’s playing tricks?”

“Of course, otherwise, what did I come here for?” Ye Yuan said.

Jiang Taicang had a look of worship as he said, “Milord, this Cloudmarsh City’s city lord is incredibly mysterious! This old man is also considered a veteran already, but I really don’t know what kind of person this Cloudmarsh City’s City Lord is!”

Wu Luo who was by the side nodded and said, “There are actually Void Mystic powerhouses guarding his gate for him; this city lord is definitely not an ordinary existence!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Old Man Han just likes to pretend to be mysterious. Actually, it’s no big deal either. Have you guys heard the title of Alchemy Fanatic before?”

The moment these words were uttered, Ao Qian was still alright, but Wu Luo, Jiang Taicang, and Ruan Shuangzhou all turned pale with fright.

“Cloudmarsh City’s City Lord is the Alchemy Fanatic, Han Jing, whose name shook the Divine Realm 50 thousand years ago?” Jiang Taicang yelled out at the top of his voice.

“Rumor has it that 50 thousand years ago, after him and the present Void Divine King had a great battle, he vanished. I didn’t think that he actually became Cloudmarsh City’s city lord. Furthermore, it’s 50 thousand years in one go!” Ruan Shuangzhou exclaimed.

“Yeah! Senior Han Jing only used a thousand years to reach peak Alchemy Emperor. At that time, the Divine Realm was incomparably stirred …”

Jiang Taicang said halfway and stopped.

He suddenly recalled that his own lord seemed to be even more freakish and only used 300 years of time to break through to peak Alchemy Emperor.

After another 200 years of accumulation, he could already debate on Dao shoulder to shoulder with Han Jing, this kind of peerless powerhouse.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Old Man Han is indeed an unparalleled genius. His strength is not beneath my father’s and mine! But these old fellows, when you have more contact with him, you’ll discover that they are all just a bunch of guys deliberately mystifying things. This way, it would make people feel that they are very mysterious, with a feeling of inscrutability and enigma. Actually, it’s also just that.”

Hearing these words, everyone could not help being speechless.

Wanting to uncover their mysterious veil, one at least also had to have strength on equal footing with them.

Otherwise, who would care about you!

The rankings in the martial arts words were incomparably strict. Strength falling short, one would forever not be able to integrate into that circle.

Just take the previous life’s Ji Qingyun, his friends and enemies were basically all the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most existences.

Even ordinary divine king powerhouses did not have the right to speak with him either.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and looked at everyone as he said with a smile, “Come on, if that bunch of fellows is sensible, this matter is also considered over. If not sensible, then I’ll have to trouble you all a bit.”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s eyes that harbored ill-intent, a blast of cold wind hit Jiang Taicang and the rest from behind.

These eyes felt like a wolf eyeing a sheep.

“M-Milord, w-what do you want to do?” Jiang Taicang said weakly.

“You guys will know at that time.”

Fiendblade Mountain was not a super holy land. But in terms of strength, it was not much weaker compared to super holy lands either.

Originally, Fiendblade Mountain was just a Rank One Holy Land whose strength was quite strong. But a thousand years ago, their holy land produced a peerless genius who actually broke through to the realm of Void Mystic!

Ever since then, Fiendblade Mountain’s status skyrocketed, even approaching super holy lands.

Yue Xinping’s life-long wish was to let Fiendblade Mountain become a super holy land.

However, the Eight Great Super Holy Lands, each one of them was a force with extremely profound foundations and was not that easy to be replaced.

In these 100 thousand years, there were quite a few Rank One Holy Land that produced Void Mystic Realm powerhouses before. But those truly able to reach super holy land were extremely, extremely few.

Ever since Fiendblade Mountain produced a Yue Xinping, they had always been rampant and domineering when doing things. In these 1000 years, they had done quite a number of wicked deeds.

Over a hundred years ago, Yue Xinping had once requested a pill from Ji Qingyun, but he was rejected by Ji Qingyun with stern words. This matter made him brood over it.

Ever since then, their enmity towards the Medicine King Hall was very strong.

At this moment, Yue Xinping was currently being pleased with himself at Fiendblade Mountain’s stronghold.

“Hahaha! Doesn’t Ji Qingyun that punk wants Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamens? I’ll collect it all for him, see how he still refine pills! You all watch closely for me, although these two kinds of spirit medicines are scarce, with the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s abnormal happenings, it might still appear again. As long as it shows up on the market, immediately bring it in for me!” Yue Xinping said with a loud laugh.

“Yes, Mountain Lord! We’ve already sent out the manpower. As long as we receive news of these two kinds of spirit medicines, we’ll purchase them right away!”

The one talking was Yue Xinping’s right-hand man, peak Divine King, Yu Rongwei.

These few years, Yue Xinping groomed a large batch of experts for Fiendblade Mountain. The inflation in strength was very impressive.

In comparison, the temperament of an upstart also became increasingly distinct. Things like exterminating entire clans would happen at the slightest provocation.

“Heh heh, at the thought of Ji Qingyun, that punk’s hopeless look, this seat is incomparably satisfied in my heart! Jian Wushuang that punk is really dumb, to provoke Ji Qingyun without even understanding the situation. He deserved to be pummeled!” Yue Xinping said with a laugh.

Not that he was afraid of Ye Yuan. Even if Ye Yuan had a divine artifact in possession, with his Void Mystic Realm strength, he was fearless too.

Furthermore, the intel that he obtained was more comprehensive than Jian Wushuang.

Ye Yuan expended too much divine essence in the great battle the last time. Most likely, the divine artifact could not be used more than a few times already.

But he more or less still had some dread towards divine artifacts. It was just perfect; after Ye Yuan suppressed Zuo Qing and released news about wanting these two kinds of spirit medicines, Yue Xinping had a flash of inspiration and secretly purchased these two kinds of spirit medicines, not giving Ye Yuan the slightest chance.

“Haha, Mountain Lord is brilliant! That punk probably never would have dreamed that it’s us buying the spirit medicines in secret! It’s simply nothing more than wishful thinking for him to want to obtain these two kinds of spirit medicines before the Immemorial Medicine Garden opens!” Yu Rongwei said with a laugh.

Yue Xinping nodded and said, “Although that brat has a divine artifact, his strength is still too weak. If my conjectures are right, he’s definitely finding these two kinds of spirit medicines to help those two subordinates of his to refine medicinal pills. This way, his assurance of entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden will also be several points greater. But now … hahaha!”

The more Yue Xinping talked, the more delighted he got. He could not refrain from letting out laughter.

Back then, he was given a good scolding by enumerating his wrong-doings, saying that he committed all sorts of wicked deeds, and was unworthy to receive medicinal pills, such and such.

And even destroyed all of the spirit medicines that Yue Xinping found painstakingly to his face!

Yue Xinping immediately blew up back then and wanted to make a move against Yue Xinping, but was severely injured by the Medicine King Hall’s experts and fled.

This matter was unprecedented humiliation in Yue Xinping’s lifetime. Moreover, he was constantly mocked by people later on.

With his character, how could he endure it?

Just as Yue Xinping’s was being pleased with himself, his expression suddenly changed.

A horrifying aura descended from the sky and directly crushed down.

“Not good, quickly dodge!”

Yue Xinping’s figure instantly vanished from where he stood.

Only to hear a boom. The place Yue Xinping was at was directly crushed into a wasteland.

Ye Yuan stood in the air and looked at Yue Xinping with a smile that was not a smile and said, “Yue Xinping, after so many years of not meeting, I didn’t think that you’re still this filthy!”

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