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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1044: Rampaging Ao Qian!

Chapter 1044: Rampaging Ao Qian!

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Ye Yuan beckoned lightly. The Vast Heaven Pagoda turned into a small pagoda and returned to his hand.

Seeing this scene, Yue Xinping’s eyes revealed a look of greed.

Rumors had it that apart from a dragon clan divine artifact, Ye Yuan still had a quasi-divine artifact in his hands, likewise unbelievably powerful. It should be this small pagoda.

“Ji Qingyun, are you tired of living? To actually dare provoke your Grandpa Yue?” Yue Xinping said with a black face.

He never would have thought that Ye Yuan actually dared to drop in and taunt so blusteringly, directly wrecking his lair.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “It’s you who provoked me first! Hand over the Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass and Jadegreen Sacred Flower Stamen, and be spared a bout of fleshy agony.”

Yue Xinping was alarmed in his heart, but he refused to admit it verbally and snorted coldly as he said, “Ji Qingyun, don’t make trouble willfully! What Ancient Spirit Center Fragrant Grass, I’ve never seen it before at all! If you want to find trouble, Grandpa Yue will take you on! Don’t think that you’re impressive with a divine artifact! Just those few small fries behind you, this seat doesn’t think anything of them yet!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed as he said, “In that case, you want to talk again after fighting?”

Yue Xinping said with a cold smile, “Stop putting up an act there! The White Tiger battle, you were beaten by Ji Canglan like a homeless cur! Still dare to feign ignorance in front of your Grandpa Yue! Since you delivered yourself to the doorstep, let’s settle the old and new grudges together!”

Done talking, a terrifying aura spread out. Yue Xinping actually directly opened up his divine king domain!

The terror of a Void Mystic powerhouse was displayed in its entirety at this moment.

“Lord Qingyun Zi was too reckless! Yue Xinping is a Void Mystic expert, with his present strength, how can he possibly be Yue Xinping’s match?”

“Although Yue Xinping’s strength didn’t increase much for so many years, he’s a Void Mystic expert in the end. Even if Lord Qingyun Zi is wielding a divine artifact in his hand, the disparity with him is also a little too big.”

“Looks like Yue Xinping has the intention of opposing Lord Qingyun Zi and took away these two kinds of spirit medicines in the dark. No wonder we couldn’t find all along. It’s just that the strengths of these subordinates brought by Lord Qingyun Zi are really lacking!”

Ao Qian, Jiang Taicang, and Wu Luo, only had the strength of ordinary divine kings at the moment. While Ruan Shuangzhou was just slightly better than them, with a first-rate divine king strength.

But the four of them simply could not withstand a single blow in front of Fiendblade Mountain’s experts!

Disregarding the rest, one Yue Xinping was sufficient to crush all of them.

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, “Since you’re asking for trouble yourself, don’t blame me.”

Done talking, Ye Yuan came before Ao Qian trio with a flash and fired out some things with extremely swift skill. As for what they were, everyone did not see clearly.

Ao Qian trio’s bodies trembled all over, their auras suddenly soaring!

“Hahaha … Milord, what did you do just now? Why do I feel like I’ve recovered to my peak state?” Jiang Taicang was beside himself with joy as he said with a laugh.

Just earlier, he suddenly felt a wave of stinging pain at his back and head. Then, boundless strength returned to his body.

Within virtually a blink of an eye, his strength recovered to his peak state.

Wu Luo’s sensation was the same as him. Currently, his aura also rose to the boundary of peak Divine King.

As for Ao Qian … he suddenly opened his two eyes. Rays of brilliance emitted from his eyes. A terrifying dragon pressure instantly enveloped the entire city!

“Although I didn’t recover to my prime, pummeling this brat … is enough! Milord, how to beat up his brat?” Ao Qian looked at Yue Xinping with ill-intent as he said.

Ye Yuan shot the three of them a glance rather sympathetically and said coolly, “Only two hours, pummel at will! Pummel until they cry for their mummies!”

Ye Yuan used the Golden Needle Acupoint Piercing method just now to stimulate the trio’s potential, making them recover to their peak state temporarily.

It was just that this state could only last for two hours.

After two hours, they would be utterly drained, unable to use even a trace of essence energy. Even a normal person without any strength to tie a chicken up could easily kill them.

Although they did not know how severe the aftermath was, Ao Qian trio were also people with vast experiences and knew that it would definitely have aftereffects.

But … this feeling of returning to the peak was truly very wonderful!

One had to know that the least among them was already suppressed for more than 3000 thousand years too.

Even if it was just a momentary recovery, it also made them have a feeling of heroism.

Seeing the Ao Qian trio whose auras suddenly became flourishing, Yue Xinping’s expression could not help changing drastically.

The other two people were still alright, but that dragon race powerhouse was simply daunting to the max!

Instinctively, Yue Xinping wanted to turn tail and run.

But Ao Qian did not give him any chance at all. In a blink of an eye, he barged into his divine king domain carrying a violent impact force.


Ao Qian’s bloodline power was fearsome to the extreme. Even Yue Xinping’s divine king domain could not block it, directly being smashed underground.

“Hahaha! Little bastard, this seat will let you take a look at who’s the small fry! When this seat roamed the Divine Realm, your grandfather’s grandfather wasn’t even born yet!”

Ao Qian laughed wildly and directly charged under the ground.

This period of time, he was really oppressed to the extreme. Any random tom, dick, and harry would dare to posture in front of him.

Who was he, Ao Qian?

In these 50 thousand years, apart from Long Teng, he was practically the dragon clan’s strongest!

His strength, even Void Mystic powerhouses had to prostrate for him too! But the wheels of time turned, these junior brats were all absurdly arrogant in front of him. How could he not be furious?

Today, he finally vented the grievances in this period of time all on Yue Xinping!


Right when everyone was in a daze, a series of horrifying undulations came from underneath the earth. Enormous debris tossed upwards from time to time, making everyone’s hearts spasm when they heard.

“Haha, Old Wu, Old Man Ao is having a great time fighting! We should make a move too!” Jiang Taicang said with a big laugh.

Wu Luo nodded his head. The two people brought along a powerful momentum and charged towards the Fiendblade Mountain’s divine kings.

Yu Rongwei’s expression changed, and he cried out, “Don’t be afraid, our numbers are many! The two of them are merely peak divine kings! Want to gain any advantages from us, dream on!”

Jiang Taicang chortled with laughter and said, “Haha, Old Wu, looks like we’re being looked down upon! What to do?”

Wu Luo said expressionlessly, “Then let’s help them to loosen up their bones and ligaments well! Let them know what’s called respecting one’s elders!”

“Haha, I have this very intention!”

Wu Luo’s bloodline released fully and directly smashed a fist at Yu Rongwei!


Without any surprise, Yu Rongwei was smashed flying with one punch, while Wu Luo chased after like he was completely fine.

Jiang Taicang also displayed his invincible might, facing off with four first-rate divine kings alone, but fought until they did not have the slightest strength to retaliate.

Originally, everybody thought that Ye Yuan was sending himself to the tiger’s mouth.

No one expected that in a blink of an eye, it was Ye Yuan’s side that was akin to tigers entering a flock of sheep.

The three mighty divine king experts under Ye Yuan bashed the Fiendblade Mountain’s experts up with an absolute overwhelming stance.

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