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Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1779 Humiliation

Chapter 1779 Humiliation

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“The guardian sacred beast was actually defeated!”

Blasting away an initial-stage rank five beast soul with one punch, this kind of strength simply made people shocked.

One had to know, this rank five evil spirit was not considered powerful.

Even human first firmament celestial deities could defeat him.

But the guardian sacred beast was actually directly killed in one shot!

“This is your greatest reliance? What laughable pride!”

Ye Yuan’s words were full of contempt.

This beast soul was indeed powerful, but in front of the present Dustless, it was still not enough to look at.

Following Ye Yuan’s strength gradually becoming stronger, the Soul Suppressing Pearl also recovered a lot of power.

Although this rank five evil spirit was powerful, it did not unlock intelligence.

After Dustless appeared, he directly subdued the evil spirit.

Previously, it was all the evil spirit fighting instinctively.

But just now, Dustless controlled the evil spirit’s actions through the Soul Suppressing Pearl.

With his Ghost Dao attainments, the power of this punch, even a Second Firmament Celestial Deity would also find it hard to resist, let alone the beast soul that Sikong Xiu summoned.

The faces of the Spirit Controlling Sect’s people revealed despair. Only at this time did they deeply experience Ye Yuan’s might.

Sikong Xiu’s face was ashen. Right now, they used their final trump card. Not only did they could not kill Ye Yuan, but their cultivation realms were also greatly damaged instead.

The current Sikong Xiu, his realm already fell to Seventh Firmament Divine Lord.

Even without borrowing the evil spirit’s strength, Ye Yuan could easily kill him too.

“White Light, I’ll leave this guy to you. The humiliation that he gave you, get it back a thousand times over!” Ye Yuan turned around and said to White Light with a smile.

The current White Light already recovered to human form. He looked at Sikong Xiu, eyes spewing fire.

Walking out of the Immortal Grove World, he had yet to suffer such unprecedented humiliation before.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, he gritted his teeth and said, “Thanks, Big Brother! This guy’s life, I’m taking it!”

Sikong Xiu was aware that he would not get away. Hearing that, he laughed wildly and said, “Lowly animal! Turning into a human form also can’t change the fact that you’re lowly! Just the likes of you also want to take my life?”

Rage was written all over White Light’s face as he said in a solemn voice, “Big Brother has done it to this extent for me. If I still can’t kill you, I’m also not fit to be his brother anymore! Scoundrel Sikong, prepare to die!”

On White Light’s body, the white tiger pressure virtually turned corporeal. It was only to see him turned into an afterimage, shooting over toward Sikong Xiu.

Sikong Xiu gave a cold laugh and directly brought out the Dark Soul Pearl and said, “Reckless and blind fool, don’t you forget, the Dark Soul Pearl is still in my hands.”


His voice had yet to fade when a beam of sword light passed through the void, slashing directly on the Dark Soul Pearl.


The strength of this sword was tremendous, directly hacking the Dark Soul Pearl flying, breaking free of Sikong Xiu’s grasp.

Right at this moment, White Light’s figure already arrived!


White Light’s punch smashed solidly on the right side of Sikong Xiu’s face, directly knocking him to the ground. Half of his face became distorted.

The current White Light already reached the level of late-stage rank four as well.

This punch was thrown in anger, how great was its power?

Sikong Xiu’s eyes rolled back, clearly being smashed dizzy.

White Light naturally knew that the Dark Soul Pearl was in Sikong Xiu’s hands, but he likewise knew that Ye Yuan would not let Sikong Xiu have an opportunity to attack.

White Light’s trust in Ye Yuan was unconditional.

Leaving his back to Ye Yuan, he was too at ease.

White Light did not stop, following up with his victorious pursuit, pummeling Sikong Xiu.

Taking advantage of the initiative, how could Sikong Xiu who originally had strength matching White Light’s still have any power to resist at this time?

Ye Yuan just wanted to let White Light vent the grievances in his heart, he naturally would not give Sikong Xiu any chance for a fair fight.

Ye Yuan picked up the Dark Soul Pearl and could not resist sizing it up.

“Senior, this thing also seems to be a soul-type divine lord mystic treasure. It’s quite mysterious!” Ye Yuan communicated with Ye Yuan in his consciousness.

Dustless nodded and said, “This object is refined specifically to target beast souls. It possesses extremely strong suppression effects, able to make the demon race’s beast souls produce the thought of submitting uncontrollably.”

Ye Yuan played with it for a while and suddenly said, “Senior, this thing is a soul-type divine lord mystic treasure, then can you … alter it?”

The moment Dustless heard, he immediately understood Ye Yuan’s meaning and smiled as he said with a nod, “Although beast souls and divine souls are two different forms, they are essentially the same. This old man just has to slightly add something extra and it can naturally work.”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, the corners of his mouth revealed a hint of a smile.

“White Light, alright!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s yell, only then did White Light stop and spat fiercely.

“Big Brother!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Vented your anger yet?”

White Light grinned and said, “Feels much better!”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Let you watch a show, it will feel even better.”

White Light’s eyes lit up, faintly revealing a look of anticipation.

Ye Yuan came to the half-dead Sikong Xiu’s side. Lifting his hand, he drove the Dark Soul Pearl into his divine soul.

At the same time, a mysterious power also entered his divine soul along with it.

Immediately, Sikong Xiu’s eyes became hollow.

When his fellow disciples saw this scene, their faces could not help changing drastically.

That red-clothed girl said, “This … How is this possible? The Dark Soul Pearl’s effect on humans is extremely weak. Senior Apprentice Brother Sikong has peak Divine Lord Realm divine soul, so how can the Dark Soul Pearl be effective?”

How could she know that the level of the Soul Suppressing Pearl was much higher than this Dark Soul Pearl?

With Dustless’s means, adding extra stuff was too easy.

Ye Yuan cracked a smile and said, “Lie down!”

Sikong Xiu seemed to have forgotten his pain, immediately laying on the ground like a dog.

“Go, lick White Light’s shoes properly, lick until it’s clean!” Ye Yuan ordered.

The current Sikong Xiu was exactly the same as the White Light before, obeying Ye Yuan’s orders involuntarily.

Furthermore, this Dark Soul Pearl only suppressed the divine soul. Hence, what he was doing, he was perfectly aware.

Otherwise, White Light also would not have such a strong sense of humiliation after recovering his freedom.

Sikong Xiu crawled to White Light’s side like a dog and really started licking White Light’s shoes.

Very soon, White Light’s shoes were licked very clean.

Ye Yuan reached his hand out and beckoned, the Dark Soul Pearl returned to his hand. Sikong Xiu’s eyes also recovered clarity.

He looked at Ye Yuan, eyes bloodshot from anger as he said, “Punk, you dare to humiliate me like this?! I’ll fight it out with you!”

White Light raised his feet and directly kicked him flying.

Ye Yuan looked at him coldly and opened his mouth to say: “Now, feel humiliated? Do you feel what my brother experienced?”

Sikong Xiu clutched his chest and gritted his teeth and said, “Pooh! How can he, a lowly brutish animal, be mentioned in the same breath with me?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, “Is that so? What difference was there between you and an animal just now? As long as I’m willing, I can make you be an animal for life! Do you want to try it?”

Sikong Xiu’s face changed, eyes revealing a look of fear.

This guy in front of him was simply a devil!

Seeing Sikong Xiu keep mum, Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You relax, I feel it utterly beneath my dignity to use an animal like you! Doing these is purely in order to humiliate you! I’ll let you know that the outcome of bullying my brother is very serious! Now, you’re useless. So tell me everything you know about the Bamboo Groove Void Realm’s situation!”

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