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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 526.3: Du Busi’s Death

Chapter 526.3: Du Busi’s Death

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Even though Xu Tianran was still affected by Du Busi’s soul core, he was still able to move around under the protection from the golden shield above the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar. As he reascended to the seventh floor of the Sacrificial Altar, he pointed at the sky with his right hand as a long golden sword appeared in his hand. Following which, his bright voice echoed into the distance within the Sun Moon Empire.

“I have been doted upon by the heavens, and have since inherited this throne. May the heavens above us protect the citizens of the Sun Moon Empire against whoever might dare to challenge their fury. Today, I shall borrow the power of the heavens and suppress whoever threatens our way of living. He or she shall perish, never to be reborn. May the light of our Sun Moon Empire shine upon our land forever and always.”

At the very next instant, Xu Tianran’s body started to radiate a golden glow. A cold and solemn look formed on his face as a bolt of purple lightning emerged from his body. Suddenly, his body started to emit a purple-gold flash, which contrasted against the dark skies as he became the center of attention.

With his sword pointed towards the sky, he made a waving motion as though he were commanding something. Following which, the four humongous beams of light in the distance suddenly left their original path as they started to bend and shoot across the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar.

Even though Du Busi’s soul core had locked up the surrounding space, it was useless against the four gigantic beams of light, which spread out and became a gigantic horizontal barrier.

At this very instant, the charging of the soul core seemed to have ended, and it started to plunge toward the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar.

A piercing white light flashed as the barrier formed just in time to envelope the millions of lives below it, including half of the Radiant City, which was not too far away.


This bright ringing sound would be a sound which the millions of lives would never forget.

At this very instant, the world’s time and space came to a standstill. This time round, even Xu Tianran, who was standing within the barrier, stopped moving.


A jade-green glow started to expand as huge patches of darkness bloomed behind it. This time around, they did not come in the form of dark clouds. It was almost as if night had descended upon the world. There seemed to be countless stars and constellations in this “sky”. But there was definitely more darkness in this “sky”, which appeared to be consuming everything in its way.

The huge white barrier started to tremble as its powerful glow started to quiver under the pressure from the jade-green glow.

The overwhelming pressure from the jade-green glow, which seemed like the Heavenly Might, started to increase to its maximum.

Xu Tianran started to show signs of unease and disbelief. As he stood firm to withstand the immense pressure coming from above him, he started to find it difficult to breathe.

Xu Tianran’s nine soul rings started to rise as a giant purple dragon—his martial soul—took form behind his back. That was his true strength—nine rings! The Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire might be around thirty years old, but he was already a Titled Douluo. Furthermore, he owned a powerful martial soul—a Purplebrilliant Heaven Destroying Dragon.

As he focused and directed his energies into the sky, his powerful abilities were now fully revealed. However, he faced Heavenly Might. Heavenly Might summoned by Du Busi.

Nevertheless, the jade-green glow was still kept outside by the enhanced white barrier.

However, Xu Tianran, who had been proudly standing above the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar, started to vomit blood as he collapsed onto the ground.


The deafening sound echoed for several moments before it stopped.

Beneath the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar, the civilians who were suspended in mid-air fell down as chaos broke out within the city. The scary explosion left behind a sky filled with blazing white light. Huge waves of soul power rippled across the sky, travelling more than a hundred miles away and shaving the peaks off the mountains nearest to the city.

“Your Majesty!” Ju Zi was the first to get to the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar. Just now, at the moment right before the huge explosion hit the barrier, she felt as if her throat had been ensnared in someone’s grip. Because she was the nearest to the seventh floor, she could feel the direct impact. Xu Tianran’s heavy injury was not a result of Du Busi’s mad soul core explosion, but the effects of his thoughts, which had manifested in the form of Heavenly Might.

Yes, the soul core explosion was indiscriminate, but its attack on everything around it was blocked by the mystical power originating from Radiant City. However, after the explosion had begun, Du Busi’s purest desire to murder Xu Tianran penetrated through the two defence lines and landed on Xu Tianran.

The self-destruction of an Ultimate Douluo was simply this frightening. If Xu Tianran had not achieved the rank of a Titled Douluo, his soul would have been shattered into a million pieces.

Du Busi had achieved all four of his objectives—just as he had promised before his death. Even though he had pretended to be the bait here, the real target had always been to destroy Xu Tianran.

Ju Zi hugged Xu Tianran as she frantically attempted to inject her soul power into his body. However, she found much to her surprise that she was unable to do so. There was a serious conflict between Du Busi’s mad spiritual power and Xu Tianran’s own spiritual power within his body. They were like fire and water—unaccommodating towards one another. Because of this battle which was raging within Xu Tianran’s body, his mouth and nose started to bleed as his face became increasingly pale.

Right now, Ju Zi demonstrated her ability as the War God Empress to stay calm in tense situations. She immediately scooped Xu Tianran from the ground and retrieved his sound amplifying soul tool. She announced, “My dear people, our Emperor had used himself as the conduit to draw upon the power of the heavens to destroy our enemy. While the enemy has died, our Emperor has also sustained some injuries. I, as the War God Empress appointed by the Emperor himself, promise that as long as the Emperor and I are around, we can definitely safeguard the prosperity of our Sun Moon Empire. Our Emperor has only sustained some minor injuries. All of you can rest assured that he will be fine. Now, please follow the army’s orders and return to Radiant City. Anyone who dares to make trouble shall face the death penalty!”

The chaos outside subsided after the people heard Ju Zi’s words.

“God of War! God of War! God of War!” The army suddenly started to cheer in unison. Their united cheering covered the chaotic noise in the city.

As the Empress and Goddess of War of the Sun Moon Empire, Ju Zi’s position in the army had long been elevated to that of a military idol. Under Xu Tianran’s designs, her reputation had long surpassed that of its most important generals.

After hearing her words, the soldiers in the army released a celebratory cheer that came from the bottom of their hearts. After all, an impending disaster had just been stopped by their Emperor. At this moment, the civilians started to calm down as they started to join in the cheers.

No matter what, even though the Grand Sacrificial Ceremony had been disrupted, millions of civilians had witnessed something awe-inspiring. At least in their eyes, justice had triumphed over evil, and evil had been vanquished.

As the dark clouds in the sky slowly scattered, the land was once again irradiated with warm sunlight. Everything—including Long Xiaoyao—which was previously in the sky had disappeared.

Huo Yuhao had observed the progression of events from afar. He was overwhelmed with sadness after witnessing the death of Du Busi. Even though he did not understand his objectives, and had only interacted with him a few times, Huo Yuhao had seen how he had detonated his own soul core for his country. How could he not feel sad for him? Furthermore, the Secrets of the Body was still with him.

Huo Yuhao lowered his body and bowed solemnly at the sky, which was beginning to clear up.

“Du Busi, regardless of what has happened, you are undeniably a hero for your country and its people. I will definitely bring your heroic stories back to the Heavenly Soul Empire. I will also pass on your Secrets of the Body. You can rest assured that I will do my best to bring the rest away.”

Without the catastrophe and countless deaths that Huo Yuhao had expected, he naturally had no need to purify any souls.

He did not know when Tang Wutong appeared by his side.

As he looked at her, Huo Yuhao felt guilty about what he had done earlier. “Wutong, I am sorry. I was rash again.”

Tang Wutong stepped forward and held his hand. “I understand. There’s nothing inherently wrong with what you did. But next time, do not leave me behind. I want to be with you regardless of whether we live or die. As long as we are together, we will have better odds of surviving anything.”

Huo Yuhao held her hands tightly and replied, “Let’s head to the meeting point. If I did not guess wrongly, Du Busi’s sacrifice was meant to pin down the enemies near the Sacrificial Altar. This would probably mean that the Heavenly Sun Douluo’s side should almost be done. Let’s meet up with them and return to the Heavenly Soul Empire.”

Both of them leapt up into the air and disappeared into the sky as they flew towards the pre-planned meeting point.

It was undeniable that Du Busi’s death was a brilliant move. The leaders of Radiant City were all busy trying to maintain order after the explosion, and did not have the time to bother with anything else.

Because the Emperor was heavily injured, the Sun Moon Empire lacked a leader who could organize the country. It was the best time to leave the scene under such chaotic conditions.

Just now, he had managed to catch a glimpse of the Sun Moon Empire’s War God Empress—Ju Zi. She had become a lot more elegant and beautiful. Ju Zi, you will probably be heading back onto the battlefield in the near future. Do you know how much I wish we won’t meet on the battlefield?

The meeting point was at the suburban area of the eastern district. This place was nearest to the Star Luo Empire. Huo Yuhao had originally thought that the plan to misdirect them was a little too simple. But after he saw how Du Busi detonated his soul core, he realized how carefully crafted the plan was.

By the time Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong reached the meeting point, there were already four Titled Douluo waiting there.

All of them were Transcendent Douluo, and did not seem particularly pleased with what had just happened. Two of them happened to hail from the Body Sect, and they had obviously witnessed Du Busi’s self-destruction.

“My condolences.” There was nothing else Huo Yuhao could say as he dragged Tang Wutong to retreat to a corner.

The atmosphere was simply too suffocating. After witnessing one of the most powerful and revered cultivators in the world of soul masters fall, they were all still trying to grapple with what had just happened. It was a huge blow for everyone.

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