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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 607.2: Yuhao Arrives

Chapter 607.2: Yuhao Arrives

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A few days had passed, but the imperial palace was still heavily guarded. Reconstruction was bound to begin soon. Given the power of the Sun Moon Empire, a new palace would be reconstructed in less than two years. It would even be more majestic than before, while it would most certainly be more defensively sound. This was the strength of technology.

No one could stop the progress of technology. As technology continued to develop, all sorts of problems were developing in society. This also caused changes to the situation in the continent.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but sigh heavily when he looked in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire.

Tang Wutong held his hand. “What’s wrong? We should be able to influence proceedings in the entire continent given our current abilities. As long as you’re vicious enough, we can kill Ju Zi after we kill Xu Tianran. There will certainly be chaos in the Sun Moon Empire. When that happens, they’ll slow down. No matter who ascends the throne, we’ll kill him, and turn the Sun Moon Empire into a complete mess. One day, the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires will catch up. We just need to protect the continent and stop the Sun Moon Empire from ruling the continent.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “If everything is as simple as you think, it’ll be great. It’s a pity that the world isn’t like this. It won’t change according to our imagination. If we kill Xu Tianran, there will be internal chaos in the Sun Moon Empire. However, Ju Zi’s still around. With her power and influence in the military, she’ll be able to control the entire situation. At least, it won’t be too chaotic in the Sun Moon Empire. However, if we kill her, the entire Sun Moon Empire will really descend into chaos. The Sun Moon Empire is too powerful. If you let those soul engineer legions fight the Star Luo or Dou Ling Empires, they’ll be almost invincible. Once they aren’t restrained anymore and run riot, the entire continent will be affected. Countless lives will be lost to those soul engineers.”

“The reason why I’ve been tolerating Ju Zi is because she doesn’t kill for the sake of killing. Unless it’s war, she’s always been able to restrain her subordinates. Every fight is settled while minimizing casualties. If the continent is unified because of soul tool technology, Ju Zi is actually the most suitable person to rule the continent.

“In this world, whatever stays together too long will separate, and whatever’s separated for too long will come together. The Heavenly Dou and Star Luo Empires had ruled the continent for thousands of years, and they’ve been at odds for thousands of years too. When they destroyed the Martial Hall, many people thought that the continent would enter an era of peace. However, how long did it take? How long did it take for the Heavenly Dou Empire to split into the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires? The conflicts never stopped. This is why there are so many empires. Perhaps a unified empire might be a good thing for the future of the Douluo Continent. At least it’s a good thing in the short-term.”

Tang Wutong was astonished as she looked at Huo Yuhao. She asked, “Are you in favor of the Sun Moon Empire ruling the entire continent?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “Of course not. I’m saying all this because I don’t want to see a chaotic continent. We’re already strong enough, but we are unable to influence the entire continent. We can’t turn the entire continent into a battlefield just because of what we want to see. Moreover, you’ve seen what happened to Ye Xishui and Elder Long. Ultimate Douluo are no longer invincible as soul tool technology develops. In the future, the Sun Moon Empire might actually have ways to deal with us!”

“This is why we can rely on our own strength to influence the continent. However, we must know our limits. Comparatively speaking, Ultimate Douluo are usually more significant when it comes to asserting a stance.”

“Yes.” Tang Wutong sighed gently. “In fact, right now, I only hope that we can get as far away as possible from those conflicts. We’ve been through too much over the past few years. I’m tired! After we conclude our ten-year promise with Ju Zi, we’ll proceed with our closed-door cultivation. We’ll not care about anything, and become Ultimate Douluo first. After the ten years are over, we’ll have done our best.”

Huo Yuhao smiled and hugged her thin waist. She came into his embrace. Some things couldn’t be resisted, such as the need to conform with the times. Who could say what the continent would be like in the future? Ten thousand years ago, who would have expected soul masters to be slowly replaced by soul engineers, when the Martial Soul Hall ruled the continent? Did soul tools make soul masters so useless? A soul master legion was actually helpless against a soul engineer legion. This was unbelievable!

Huo Yuhao was still very focused on finding Ju Zi as they spoke. The Sun Moon Imperial Palace had already been destroyed. However, the Sun Moon Empire’s imperial family was still in Radiant City. The few buildings near the palace were snapped up and heavily guarded by soldiers. Huo Yuhao discovered a few soul engineer legions using his Spiritual Detection. There was even a complete soul formation. Surveillance soul tools were even more prevalent than before. Even if Xu Tianran wanted to visit the washroom, he would probably still be under the surveillance of these soul tools. No one could escape them, no matter which building they were in.

These buildings weren’t very tall or big. The buildings around the palace weren’t allowed to be too high. This was a requirement. The palace wasn’t built very tall either. This was because tall buildings were easily attacked by soul tools. Of course, given the defenses around Radiant City, the new imperial palace would probably be much higher if Huo Yuhao hadn’t managed to successfully lead three soul engineer legions in a successful attack.

Ju Zi was in one of the rooms on the third storey of a building. Xu Tianran wasn’t with her. He was in another building. The defense there was even stricter.

Just by scanning slightly, Huo Yuhao understood why the defense was so strict there. Xu Tianran was evidently not confident that the two Ultimate Douluo were dead. This was why a situation like this appeared.

It was no wonder he was so paranoid. Ultimate Douluo were too scary. Without being in the same tier, it was impossible for one to gauge how strong they were.

If an Ultimate Douluo wanted to exact revenge, it was not something anyone could deal with. Xu Tianran must have had been living in fear over the past few days.

“Ju Zi is still the smartest!” Huo Yuhao sighed. When he sensed the changes in front of him, he even managed to roughly guess what she was thinking.

After hearing his words, Tang Wutong was also slightly moved. She asked, “Are you saying that the strict defense around here is also Ju Zi’s ploy? What’s the benefit of doing this? If their defense is too strict, it’s not going to be beneficial for us!”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “If I’m not wrong, Ju Zi must have a backup plan. This shouldn’t be her only plan. Think about it. After all, we and the Sun Moon Empire are in conflict. We can’t be controlled by Ju Zi either. What would you do if you were her? If it were me, I wouldn’t fulfill our promise. However, she has a deep hatred for Xu Tianran. It’s not possible for her to not make a move. This is why she must have another plan. This plan should be hatched inside the Sun Moon Empire. I’m afraid she’s already bribed some people.”

“She’s creating this atmosphere to cover things up. Once Xu Tianran dies, she can plant his death on the two Ultimate Douluo. It’s impossible to verify that theory. What that happens, the empire will mourn together. Along with her influence in the army, it’ll be much easier for her to control the entire empire. Those imperial family members can’t fight her at all.”

After listening to Huo Yuhao’s analysis, Tang Wutong was shocked. However, she soon laughing. She was even laughing very sweetly.

“Why are you laughing?” Huo Yuhao was stunned.

Tang Wutong laughed, “I’m laughing because didn’t she lose to me even though she’s so intelligent. This only proves I’m smarter. What’s so good about ruling the continent? How is she as free as us? Most importantly, you belong to me! You completely belong to me. I won’t even give her a bit of you.”

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but laugh when he felt Tang Wutong’s feelings. Although he was a little uncomfortable with Ju Zi’s ambitions and cunning, it was still acceptable to him. After all, she would become a sacrifice in the environment that she was in.

“Let’s go. Let’s go and give her some help.” Huo Yuhao led Tang Wutong as they fused into the void. This time, they were borrowing the power of space.

When they appeared again, they were already inside Radiant City, in a dark corner.

They didn’t reveal themselves. The perfect combination of Imitation and spatial control generated such an effect. Along with the adjustment of temperature and control of their spiritual undulations, Huo Yuhao managed to fuse with the air. At least, the current soul technology meant that it was almost impossible to expose them.

Space broke open once again. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong entered the building Ju Zi was in.

It was a luxurious and expansive hotel. Undoubtedly, it was the estate of the Sun Moon Empire’s imperial family.

Ju Zi was in the biggest room on the third storey. There were more than ten maids in the room. Right now, she was with her son.

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