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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 607.3: Yuhao Arrives

Chapter 607.3: Yuhao Arrives

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Xu Yunhan was no longer the little fellow that needed to be carried all the time. He had grown quite significantly, and was running around. He was very cute, and was doted on by everyone.

Ju Zi was sitting on a luxurious, high seat. When she looked at her son running around the room, there was a benevolent look on her face.

How could anyone imagine the invincible War God Empress in this state?

“Yunhan, run slower. You’re already sweating. Get some water.” Ju Zi waved to her son.

Little Yunhan ran to her side and opened his eyes wide as he looked at his mother. There was a grin on his face. “Mom, mom, I want milk.”

Ju Zi twisted her lips. “Rascal, you’re already so old. I’m long out of milk.”

Little Yunhan was just like other little kids. He was very close to his mother, who had breastfed him since he was young. He climbed onto Ju Zi and was smiling as he rubbed his mother’s chest.

Ju Zi hugged Little Yunhan tightly. At this moment, he was everything in her heart. She only felt fulfilled when she hugged him. She didn’t think of anything else right now. She was completely immersed in the joy she shared with her son.

“Ju Zi.” A soft voice sounded in her ears.

Ju Zi shuddered. Little Yunhan immediately sensed the changes to his mother. He lifted his head and looked at her. “What’s wrong, mom?”

Ju Zi was stunned for a moment. Her eyes turned red. At the same time, the two most important men in her life appeared. It was an indescribable feeling.

She wanted to tell the little fellow in her arms that the person he had once called his father was here. She even wanted to jump into that person’s embrace with him!

When she thought until here, she felt as if her heart was being scalded by hot water. She couldn’t tell whether it was painful or relieving.

Precisely because that day never seemed to come, she desired it so much when both of them were in front of her right now.

After pausing for a few seconds, Ju Zi kissed her son when that voice didn’t appear again. She said, “Yunhan, I have something I need to deal with. Leave with aunty first.” As she spoke, she waved her hand. Naturally, a servant came over and took Little Yunhan away. Ju Zi waved her hand, and all her servants retreated.

She walked to her work desk before sitting down. She forcibly tried to calm herself down before muttering, “Don’t reveal yourself. Once you reveal yourself, you will be discovered.”

She really wanted to see him! However, that was obviously not a good choice. As she slowly calmed down, she couldn’t help but feel astonished.

Given the current defenses around here, she had originally thought that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong wouldn’t be able to find her. This was because all the surveillance soul tools in this building were targeted at Ultimate Douluo! Ju Zi couldn’t even sleep every night, and could only meditate to restore her energy.

She didn’t even know how long this would last. Anyway, Xu Tianran had already given the order to await the revenge that could come at any time. At the same time, the search for the two Ultimate Douluo had intensified. Before they were found, Xu Tianran was not going to relax.

He still wanted to rule the entire continent. No one else was more afraid of death right now.

Huo Yuhao’s voice sounded once again. “We won’t appear. I’ve also scanned this place thoroughly. Have you thought of what plan you have? How are we going to deal with Xu Tianran?”

Ju Zi revealed a bitter smile on her face and said, “I had originally thought that you couldn’t sneak in, and we’d have to make another plan. The defenses here are too strict. There aren’t any loopholes. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion is with him. There are also many strong individuals protecting him. Unless we assault him, there’s no way of killing him. However, an assault is impossible too! This is why we can only wait now. We’ll wait for him to make a mistake. How long can the two of you wait?”

“We can’t wait any longer.” Huo Yuhao answered without any hesitation. It wasn’t that he was impatient. It was that the energy in his body had no patience!

Right now, he was under huge pressure from the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power and Long Xiaoyao’s soul power. Given the strength of his twin soul cores, he was even a little overwhelmed. Right now, what he needed was time to cultivate so that he could fuse the spiritual and soul power into his body. This was why he had to quickly settle things here.

However, he couldn’t wait until he finished cultivating before he returned. He had a feeling that this closed-door cultivation would be his longest one ever. It might take several years, or even a decade. No one knew. Things would change greatly within that span of time. This was why he had to settle things over here before he went to cultivate.

Ju Zi furrowed her brow. “You can’t wait? I can’t think of a better way now. Xu Tianran is very cautious right now. He only trusts the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion now, as well as those who are secretly in hiding around him. He’s protected by them. There are also many powerful soul formations installed around this makeshift palace. Once there’s any movement, they will immediately be activated. Although they’re still weaker than high-energy compression array soul tools, they are still effective against the attacks of Ultimate Douluo. Tell me, how are we supposed to touch him then?”

When she saw the helplessness on Ju Zi’s face, Huo Yuhao said, “Ju Zi, let’s be honest. If I’m not wrong, you should have been involved in creating such a situation. The reason why you are doing this is because you want to frame those two Ultimate Douluo. Am I right? Since this is the case, you must have a backup plan. You should have someone close to Xu Tianran. I won’t play around with you either. I’ll make an opportunity for you. I’ll create a miracle for you. I don’t care how you want to control the Sun Moon Empire in the future. As long as you fulfil your promise not to start a war in the next ten years, I’m fine with anything else.”

Ju Zi didn’t appeared astonished. She sighed and said, “Why do you understand me so well? Do you know that this isn’t good? I’ll continue to have ideas of you.”

“They can only remain as ideas then.” Tang Wutong said coldly.

Ju Zi’s expression changed, and she replied, “It’s not a good time now. I can create an opportunity for you, but your safety is not guaranteed. I don’t want you to die here either. That’s why I hope that both of you can wait for a more opportune time.”

Huo Yuhao was persistent. “No, we can’t wait any longer. We must act now. As for our safety, you don’t have to care. We have our own ways of escaping. You just need to make an opportunity for us.”

Ju Zi was astonished as she asked, “You’re so confident?”

“I can tell you a few things,” Huo Yuhao said calmly, “first, Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui are both dead. We helped them escape, but they died in front of us. As for the Holy Ghost Church, you don’t have to worry about them. We’ve killed almost all their senior officials. They won’t be a threat anymore. Their headquarters is in the Evildemon Forest. We also destroyed their resources with a Class 9 shell. We even alarmed the Evileye Tyrant King.”

“What?” Ju Zi was astonished as she stood up. She was really shocked now. Her eyes were wide open. What kind of existence was the Evileye Tyrant King?

She didn’t really have much of an understanding of things in the Douluo Continent. However, she had heard many legends about the Evileye Tyrant King as someone from the Sun Moon Empire. The Sun Moon Empire even had a soul engineer legion named after him. To some extent, the Evileye Tyrant King was like a symbol in the Sun Moon Empire.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong managed to escape unscathed after meeting the Evileye Tyrant King. This shows how strong they are.

“Are you okay? Is anyone hurt?” Ju Zi asked anxiously. While she was asking both of them, it was obvious who she was concerned about.

Huo Yuhao replied, “He’s dead. We killed him. Now, you should know why I’m confident. Zhong Liwu and Feng Ling are both dead too. Take it as a gift from us. You shouldn’t have any misgivings now. The priority now is to kill Xu Tianran. As for what will happen next, I don’t care. I just hope you can fulfil your promise. After that, Wutong and I will proceed somewhere else to cultivate for some time.”

Ju Zi was silent. She slightly lowered her head. She didn’t let Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong look into her eyes. Huo Yuhao could sense that she was quickly thinking of something.

He didn’t rush her either. He only waited silently. Now, it was important to give her some time to think.

A brief moment passed.

When Ju Zi lifted her head again, the look in her eyes was already very determined. She wasn’t as gentle as before. The War God Empress was back.

“Wait here. I’ll go out for a while. We’ll attack tonight.” After she finished speaking, she quickly walked out.

Huo Yuhao was in fact very curious. Under such strict monitoring, how was she going to expedite the matter? It wasn’t going to be easy for her to deploy her people! This was because all movements in the makeshift palace were monitored by surveillance soul tools. She was also the War God Empress. There were bound to be many eyes on her now.

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