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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 608.2: Attack During the Feast

Chapter 608.2: Attack During the Feast

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Huo Yuhao paused for a while before saying, “I hope you will keep your promise.”

Even though Ju Zi could not see Huo Yuhao, she seemed to be gazing into the distance at this moment. She answered, “I will.”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Then we have an agreement.”

Xu Tianran had been very anxious for the past few days. After the plan, which he had believed was perfect, had failed, he had been in a foul mood.

Right now, all of the higher class fighting power had been deployed to defend the temporary palace. As one became more powerful, one usually valued his or her life a lot more. That was the reason why many emperors tend to seek ways to acquire immortality after aging.

Xu Tianran was very afraid of death. He wanted to become the first Emperor to unite the entire continent. This was something he believed he had to do. Hence, he felt that he must not die.

Even though his Class 9 soul engineers, including Elder Kong, had tried to persuade him with their analysis that the two Ultimate Douluo had a near-zero chance of survival, Xu Tianran could not help but worry. He was worried that the two Ultimate Douluo might still have a breath or two in them, and would be able to take him out with their final blow! Hence, he felt that there was a need for him to reinforce his defenses at all costs. He needed to guard against this possibility. It was of the utmost importance for him to survive in order to become the first Emperor in history to conquer the entire Douluo Continent.

It was clear how anxious he was from the fact that he wore his human-shaped soul tool to sleep. On top of that, he made sure that his eleven Class 9 soul tools stayed on his body at all costs.

There would be at least six Class 9 soul engineers guarding him at any time of the day, In addition, he had never left the temporary palace for the past few days. He seemed to have become overly cautious about everything.

He had no idea how long he had to stay in this state. After all, there was no news about the two Ultimate Douluo. The absence of news and information simply made him more worried.

“Your Majesty, your meal is ready. Your guests have also arrived.” A servant politely informed Xu Tianran.

“Okay.” Xu Tianran nodded and lifted the visor covering his face. He walked out of his room and entered the dining hall.

Xu Tianran was so paranoid that he had placed several small protective soul barriers around the dining hall, just in case.

The six Class 9 soul engineers had actually arrived for a while already. Other than dining with Xu Tianran, they were supposed to protect him. Of course, all of them believed that they were actually just there to reassure him that everything would be alright.

After all, they believed that the two Ultimate Douluo could not have survived those explosions! However, no one dared to let Xu Tianran know that he was paranoid. The reason was that Xu Tianran had already killed more than ten servants who had told him that.

“Come on, make yourselves at home. Let’s dig in.” Xu Tianran’s words contrasted against the expression on his face. Even though there was a huge variety of incredible delicacies, he was definitely not in the mood for good food.

Even though the six Class 9 soul engineers kept silent, they helped themselves to the food before them. Eating with a paranoid Emperor was not something which would be enjoyable for anyone. They only wanted to leave as soon as possible once they were done with their meal. After all, a Class 9 soul engineer led a very busy life. They had to make soul tools, test soul tools, design soul tools, and handle all sorts of administrative matters.

After having a few cups of wine, Xu Tianran became a lot less tense. Perhaps it was because of his age and increased political power that he had started to like alcohol. In fact, he had been asking for wine to help him with his sleep.

Once again, the servant stepped forward to refill Xu Tianran’s cup. Xu Tianran raised the cup as he flashed a smile. “Come, let’s drink together, and hope that our army will be able to conquer the last two empires and unite the entire continent.”

“Cheers!” The six Class 9 soul engineers did not dare to disobey the Emperor as they exclaimed in unison.

After seeing how cooperative they were, Xu Tianran naturally became a lot happier. After all, it definitely felt good to see how six powerful Class 9 soul engineers were obedient to one’s orders. This was what was so great about ruling the world!

Following which, all of them downed the cups of wine in their hands. This was something which was extremely common at banquets and dinners. However, no one noticed how an inconspicuous vortex had formed in their cups when they brought them to their lips. That little vortex was dark blue, and was definitely very hard to notice, especially when it was formed within the dark red wine.

Grape wine tended to be a little sour and sweet. However, all of them found the wine a lot more chilled than usual. It was a very different sensation from what they were used to. It was extremely refreshing.

“Huh? I don’t know if it’s because I am drinking with His Majesty, but this wine is really good!” An old Class 9 soul engineer remarked.

Xu Tianran was startled by his comments. Immediately, he turned his head to look at the servant.

How can the flavor of the wine change when they all came from the same bottle? He was very certain that the servant had not changed the bottle. After all, he was so paranoid that he would have paid attention to all of these details.

He was comforted by the fact that the servant did not seem to panic after he had turned around. In fact, he seemed a little clueless. He simply lowered his head and asked, “Your Majesty, do you want another cup of wine?”

Just when Xu Tianran was starting to doubt himself, he, along with the other six Class 9 soul engineers, felt something at the very next instant.

The refreshing wine suddenly became ice-cold. Usually, the wine should become warmer after entering their bodies. However, it suddenly became frozen as it released a chilling aura from within all of their bodies.

“Shit!” A Class 9 soul engineer exclaimed as an icy mist started to form around his body. However, he was able to react very quickly. He immediately tried to use his soul power to force the wine out of his body.

However, just when he was about to circulate his soul power, he realized that his blood and soul power that came into contact with the wine had already frozen. In fact, any soul power that came into contact with the wine would immediately freeze. It was clear from the fact that it was able to freeze even forms of energy that the wine contained an incredible amount of power!

Xu Tianran was naturally trying to force the wine out of his body. However, he was also startled to find his soul power freezing upon contact with the freezing aura from his body. This was unprecedented. Is it a kind of poison? This was his first guess. After all, there was nothing else within his knowledge that could have achieved the same effect. However, he was certain that his wine had been tested by his own people. How could the wine still be poisoned? This is impossible!

Four black figures immediately appeared behind Xu Tianran. One of them placed his hand on the neck of the servant who had poured wine for Xu Tianran as he lifted the servant up with his bare hand. Another soul engineer was surveilling his surroundings as his human-shaped soul tools radiated a brilliant glow. The other two placed their palms behind Xu Tianran as they inserted their powerful soul power into his body.

“Quick! Spread my orders! Seal the…” Xu Tianran exclaimed. However, he soon realized that it was getting harder for him to even speak. The reason was that his throat was starting to become frozen. In fact, icy mist was starting to come out of his mouth.

What kind of poison is this?! It’s so strong! Have Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui finally started to exact their revenge on me?

Even though Xu Tianran was very frightened, he was fairly composed. After all, there were a total of eleven Titled Douluo including him within this room. There was still the mighty Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion outside of the temporary palace. Even if the two Ultimate Douluo were to join hands, they would not be able to kill him so easily. No matter how powerful the poison was, it would not be able to kill him with his current cultivation. He would simply have to figure out how to get rid of the poison after the problem before him was settled.

“It’s useless. Your orders would never be disseminated to the rest. Everything that is about to happen here will stay in this room”

The black figure who was surveilling his surroundings launched himself in the direction of the voice, but was repelled by an invincible force. His entire human-shaped soul tool was immediately coated with a layer of ice and frost.

The entire dining hall was now enshrouded by a faint, wavering light. Following which, the Titled Douluo in this room realized that they were no longer able to sense the world beyond the dining hall.

W-What kind of power is this?

Even though the six Class 9 soul engineers found the blood in their bodies growing increasingly cold, they were never going to give up just like this. They immediately activated their protective soul barriers to protect themselves before they moved over to surround Xu Tianran. Their eyes darted around vigilantly as they tried to find out where the voice was coming from.

Two figures started to appear before their eyes of Xu Tianran and the other powerful soul engineers of the Sun Moon Empire.

When Xu Tianran was finally able to get a good look at them, he was shocked. Even though he did not know who exactly they were, he was certain that he had seen them before.

“Y-You’re from Shrek Academy…” Xu Tianran’s eyes widened as he stared at the person before him.

“Yes, I am Huo Yuhao from Shrek Academy. She’s my girlfriend, Tang Wutong. You must have been surprised by our visit, Your Majesty.” Huo Yuhao smiled.

Xu Tianran spoke coldly, “Huo Yuhao, you’re the one who challenged ten of the most powerful soul masters from my empire and defeated them, right?”

Huo Yuhao nodded his head and said, “That’s right.”

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