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Venerated Venomous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 2414 - All She Had Created Was Someone Else’s Success

Chapter 2414: All She Had Created Was Someone Else’s Success

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yun Qingluo had been planning this plot for years. Yet, it seemed to bridge the gap between Di Fuyi and someone else unexpectedly. All she had created was someone else’s success.

Yun Qingluo was utterly frustrated with the unpleasant surprise of Gu Xijiu’s presence, but there was nothing she could do as she was trapped in the fires of hell. She only hoped that Di Fuyi would not be able to recognize Gu Xijiu and that he would think that the Gu Xijiu that he was seeing was one of her many illusions. She wanted Gu Xijiu to suffer just as much as she did.

Every moment passed was a torment to Yun Qingluo. Her soul was getting burned up in flames. She had suffered a great deal. Evil thoughts surfaced her mind as she kept waiting for Gu Xijiu to be mistakenly sent to join her in agony.

Fours hours had passed, but there was still no sight of Gu Xijiu. Yun Qingluo felt as though she had been waiting for an eternity. Soon, she could tell that the wizardry barrier had started to shake a little and was slowly breaking apart. That signaled that Di Fuyi’s poison was getting cured.

Gu Xijiu must be the one who came to his aid. Yun Qingluo could not hold back her tears anymore. With a cry of anguish, she was on the verge of breaking down. She wanted to end her life but to bring the two of them down as well. However, one of her souls was still trapped in her physical body. She could not perish unless her body was dead.

“Di Fuyi, kill me now! Kill me!” She screamed and shouted with all of her strength. Unfortunately, the confinement that Di Fuyi had created for her was completely restricted. No one could even hear her, no matter how loudly she cried out.

They were happy together. The joy was so surreal to them.

Yun Qingluo thought that she had everything planned out. The love potion that she made for Di Fuyi was meant to be incurable by any medicines. The only way was to perform the Double Physical and Spiritual Cultivation with a woman. She wanted Di Fuyi to have an unforgettable experience, so she made sure that the amount of joy and pleasure that accompanied the cultivation was double the usual. Also, the woman would be able to share an equal amount of pleasure from the man as well. She thought that the woman would be her.

Since it would only be their souls that were entangled spiritually, their physical bodies would not experience any exhaustion at all. Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu were indeed having a great time together. It had been three times already.

During the first round, Gu Xijiu could feel that her legs were a little sore. After the second time, she could already feel that her waist was becoming a little stiff. She thought that two rounds were enough to quench the desire in his body, so she wanted to get up from the bed right after he cleaned her up with the cleaning spell.

However, he would not let her leave. Although it had been a very pleasant experience, Gu Xijiu was still a little worried about him. She pushed his chest away and said, “I think this is enough. You should not be asking for more. Do not stress out your body too much.”

Di Fuyi locked his arms around the top of her head. “Do not worry about me. I know my body well.”

Gu Xijiu did not know what to say.

“Baby, I have been waiting for this for so long. You have to let me enjoy it to the fullest.”

Astonished, Gu Xijiu was surprised by his unfulfilled needs.

“Fuyi, you are still young, so we should be more careful in this matter. You are not even ten years old yet.”

After telling him her concern, she immediately had to pay the ‘price’ for what she said. Di Fuyi looked at her with a crooked smile. “Baby, I did not know that I am still a child to you. Very well then, you should also know that children are quite naughty.”

At first, he was worried that he might hurt her, so he dared not push it to the limits. This time around, he purposely increased the speed of his actions. Every thrust was so intense and satisfying at the same time. Utterly contented, she could no longer talk and only focused on his every moment.

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