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Venerated Venomous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 2983 - Another One Bites The Dust (2)

Chapter 2983: Another One Bites The Dust (2)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If Gu Xijiu had not arrived in time, Little Pink would have been long dead.

It seemed the fortune was on its side as the black candle dragon was now also irritated by his master’s betrayal as he attacked the pink candle dragon despite promising not to hurt it.

Additionally, its master had disregarded the trust that they had both built over the years by controlling the candle dragon against its will.

The man was ruthless to it, so it wanted to return the favor to him.

He insisted on finding Gu Xijiu, so it decided to guide him farther away instead.

Besides trying to get back at its master, Little Black also felt the need to protect the one it loved. The further away it brought its master, the safer she would be!

The thought of Little Pink being killed definitely worried it.

Meanwhile, the pool of magma in front of it now was vast. Fan Qianshi had spent a significant amount of time searching through the boiling hot magma. Little Black began to worry as there were no signs of movements on the surface of the magma.

Had the magma melted the man? Why hadn’t he emerged?

Logically speaking, Fan Qianshi would remain unharmed even if the magma suddenly became crazily hot. His Kung Fu was far too good to allow him to succumb to the heat, but the oddity of the desert shook its faith about his abilities. Many things could still go wrong.

Little Black only intended to mislead him and had no intention to take its master’s life. Therefore, the longer it waited, the more impatient it became.

Candle dragons were born with tough scales that were impenetrable by water or fire.

Little Black, however, was quite afraid of the heat. Hence, it refused to get too close.

But after waiting for some time, it wondered if it should go in and check on Fan Qianshi.

While it was still trapped in its anxiety, a man could be seen rising from the magma. Fan Qianshi was back, and definitely alive!

Little Black quickly hid its face behind its claws for a moment for it to regain its composure. It had to keep calm as if nothing had happened.

“They are not in there,” Fan Qianshi announced, while gracefully making his landing. “Little Black, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Maybe you have not searched the place thoroughly enough,” Little Black calmly replied.

“I have searched everywhere; it was more than thorough. I have been to every corner and every stream. Honestly, did you lie to me?”

“I dare not, master. I would not do that,” Little Black answered in a flat tone that made it sound like it was still under the control of its master.

Triggered, Fan Qianshi gave its head a hard slap. “Stop acting; I saw how uneasy you were earlier. Lying to your master is a terrible act of disgrace!”

Little Black had nothing more to say, for its intention had been revealed.

At this point, it was letting go of all of its frustration. “So what if I lied to you? Haven’t you been lying to me as well? I will not show you the way to Little Pink. I cannot let you do any harm to her. I dare you to control me again!”

Fan Qianshi was speechless.

The creature had shown dogged determination not to change its attitude.

With that, Fan Qianshi turned around and left. “I can still locate them, even without your help.”

Soon, he returned to the surface and did not turn back. He created a Blood Butterfly on the spot. The butterfly fluttered gracefully and stopped by his fingertip. A scale was presented to the butterfly to take a sniff of the creature’s scent.

Just when the Blood Butterfly was about to take flight, Little Black reached out to it hastily and shattered it into pieces.

“How dare you rebel against me?” Fan Qianshi cursed.

“I will not let you get Little Pink into trouble!” Little Black exclaimed in a fury.

Fan Qianshi calmly replied, “I can create as many of these butterflies as I want. Destroying one will not stop anything.”

With a flip on his wrist, another Blood Butterfly was created on his fingertip.

“When will you ever let it go?” Little Black clenched its claws in frustration.

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