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Venerated Venomous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 2993 - Who Are You?

Chapter 2993: Who Are You?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Her snowy white dress looked even clearer and brighter than the fluffy white clouds in the sky. However, some parts of her dress were, unfortunately, stained with blood.

They were unsure if those stains were actually blood or just some splashes that were added as decorations.

Her pitch-black hair and supple red lips created a strong contrast to her ghostly pallor. Like hollows of darkness, there was almost no white in her eyes. In fact, a quick look into her eyes was enough to capture one’s soul.

Gu Xijiu was trying to release her acupuncture points that were disabled by Fan Qianshi when the lady suddenly made her appearance.

Surprisingly, the lady looked exactly the same as her.

The only difference was that the lady seemed to have immense dark power. The look in her eyes seemed to contain an abyss of great sorrows.

What a shame.

As soon as the lady appeared, feelings of great distress began to develop in Gu Xijiu’s heart.

Also, the weather began to change dramatically, as usual, while thick layers of grey clouds obscured the sun.

Gusts of wind swept through the desert, creating howls from the gale.

Gu Xijiu’s mind went blank at once. She did not know how the others felt but did not feel quite right.

Feelings of sorrow and grief suddenly overwhelmed her, as if she had just been abandoned by the whole world, trapped in a place with no way out. The depression signaled a prelude to a complete breakdown for Gu Xijiu. She felt the need to destroy the world. She wanted the world to end by her hand.

She knew that it was all because of the lady’s presence, which was powerful enough to affect her in such a detrimental way.

She had been through many things and fought many creatures before, so the manipulation of emotions was not something she had not come across before. The tactic was targeted at the opponents’ mood, thus driving them nuts with a disturbed state of mind.

In the past, she was always resilient enough to resist any emotional manipulation. But this time was completely different. She knew that something was wrong, but she could not get rid of the great sorrows that were building in her heart.

Was it because she was injured?

Fan Qianshi did not let her die of suffocation earlier, so her body was critically injured. Also, most of her acupuncture points were sealed, thus disabling her ability to set her mind straight in this time of great distress.

She knew that she should stay focused on her recovery. However, the sadness in her heart was too much for her to manage. She could not keep calm at all with a multitude of things going on, and it would probably only make things worse.

Determined, Gu Xijiu gave her tongue a hard bite to try to wake herself up.

“You can start to think about the happy times when you experience a disturbed state of mind, like those times that we spent lovingly one another or the joy that our children have brought to our lives.” She was reminded of Di Fuyi’s advice.

Fan Qianshi had the ability to control one’s state of mind. He even had a bad history of abusing dark magic to control one’s emotions. In order to prevent Gu Xijiu from falling into his trap, Di Fuyi once taught her a way to filter her thoughts to stay composed. Additionally, with the aid of a spell, she could always regain control very quickly.

Di Fuyi’s images started to linger in her head. She started reminiscing his every smile, kiss and shared affection.

He was her strongest support, so as long as he was around, there was nothing she was afraid of.

With a smile, her heart was instantly filled with joy and happiness. The feelings of depression had slowly faded.

“What are you smiling at?” A clear voice echoed in her ears.

Gu Xijiu looked up and was shocked.

The lady was standing right in front of her and looking down at her in a condescending manner. Flashes of red light glimpsed in her black eyes at the time.

Looking at someone who had the same appearance made Gu Xijiu feel rather uncomfortable. It was as if she was looking into a horror mirror!

“Who are you?” Gu Xijiu asked abruptly.

The lady looked a little lost as well. “Who are you?” She echoed her words.

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