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Venerated Venomous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 3001 - A Demonic Transformation (4)

Chapter 3001: A Demonic Transformation (4)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Once it takes this continent, it will continue to swallow the surrounding continents at a faster rate. Eventually, it will probably swallow the entire universe. Therefore, everyone has to cooperate in dealing with this catastrophe.”

The Flying Serpent remained silent.

It could not help but look up at the desert one more time. The color of the desert was quite weird at the moment. It was black but also revealed some auspicious golden lights around it.

What demon was it that was sealed in this desert? Did it actually have so much power?

Di Fuyi rushed into the desert!

The situation inside was obviously going to be very frantic as it was no longer only restricted to couples. The desert was expanding crazily and simply absorbed anyone into it. However, the temperature inside was too hot! Hence, all those with low spiritual power would immediately burst into flames and became part of the sand.

Di Fuyi had a protective barrier around his body, so he was not afraid of the heat and fire. Swiftly, he landed on the ground and analyzed his surroundings.

He was expecting something horrible given the information he had about the place; however, after he entered, it was actually a magnificent scenery.

There were mountains, flowing water, flowers, and even trees! Furthermore, the air was fresh.

Di Fuyi, who was always calm, was now stunned as he did not expect anything like this on the inside.

He had landed on a large hill with peach trees planted on the hillside. It was the season for peach blossoms. So, pink peaches could be seen everywhere. From afar, they looked like large pink clouds.

There was a stream of flowing water under the slope. Fallen flower petals danced upon the surface of the water as it floated down the river. Some were scattered around, and some were gathered in clusters.

There was a hidden green canopy inside the peach grove. A silver bell was hanging on the roof and ringing in the wind.

Di Fuyi paused for a moment when he saw the green canopy. Everything here felt familiar to him as if he had heard someone mentioned about this place before.

Of course, he could not remember who mentioned it to him. But the feeling was surreal.

He thought about it for a while and then headed to the peach grove.

Suddenly, he stopped.

On a peach tree not far ahead of him, a woman dressed in green was lying on a branch and drinking liquor. She looked a bit casual. Some of her hair seemed to be tangled on the branch while the rest fell on her shoulder.

Her eyes were bright, and her lips were red. She definitely looked stunning.

It was Gu Xijiu!

Apparently, she was laying leisurely in the tree.

She seemed to have sensed something and turned her eyes to look at Di Fuyi. When she saw his face clearly, she immediately smiled at him like a blossoming flower and jumped down from the tree. “Fuyi, you are finally here!” “She opened her arms and rushed over to him.

Di Fuyi sighed with relief and raised his hand to hold her. “Are you okay? Come, let me check if you are injured.”

He quickly sized her up as they drew closer to one another.

Gu Xijiu’s pretty face blushed as she watched him gaze at her. However, her eyes seemed to shine even brighter.

On the surface, she seemed very healthy. It was unlikely that she had suffered from any injury.

Di Fuyi held her hand and sat side by side with her under the peach tree. “What is the situation here? How is Hao Er? Did you find him? ”

Gu Xijiu shook her head slightly. “Hao Er is not here. I am stuck in here. After I came in, I couldn’t seem to find a way out. Fortunately, things here aren’t too bad. I built a temporary house here for shelter. Come, let me show you the house. Let me know if it suits your taste!

Then, the two of them walked side by side toward the depths of the peach grove.

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