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Venerated Venomous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 3029 - You Only Planned To Bring Me Down

Chapter 3029: You Only Planned To Bring Me Down

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He opened up his foldable fan in a casual manner before continuing, “Don’t you look at me like that. They were great troubles to me back then. I needed to teach them a lesson.”

“When did you find Xijiu’s demon?”

“35,000 years ago,” Fan Qianshi answered honestly. “I came across this place by accident and saw the little desert in a small town. It seemed like uncharted territory that needed to be explored. I decided to go in there out of curiosity and found the demon that was hidden within. She did not even have a body or a face of her own. Also, she was disgusted by the sight of me.”

He threw Gu Xijiu a quick glance and added, “She reminded me of you, looking innocent and harmless, but harmful in the end. Also, she did not remember me at all.”

Gu Xijiu disapproved of his statement. “I have only one regret.” With her eyes fixed on Fan Qianshi, she then firmly said, “I must have been blind to have you as my disciple.”

Fan Qianshi’s face turned pale at her disappointment. “It is my destiny to become a Creation Deity. Having me as your disciple in only the course of our crossed destinies,” he smirked in triumph. “It is my greatest mistake to have feelings for you. I remained loyal to you and asked only for you to pay more attention to me.”

“But what did you do to me instead? You planned to bring me down. Furthermore, you forgot your mission completely, all in the name of love. You acted against destiny’s calling and trained Di Fuyi as your successor instead, so he could go on and become the ultimate ruler of all six worlds. You put me away in isolation, so I would not be in his way. It was my mistake to think that you actually cared for me, even though you did not love me. I thought you had everything planned for me until the dawn of your immortalization. I was thrilled for days when you got me a Candle Dragon’s egg. Wholeheartedly, I nurtured the egg to hatch it so that you could finally be proud of my achievement. I worked tirelessly for your approval, but what did you do to me instead?”

Gu Xijiu went into a rage. “What did I do?”

“The egg was only an excuse to keep me out of your way. You were on the brink of your immortalization, so you needed time to bring Di Fuyi up as the next Creation Deity. You brought him into the Forbidden Land of God and passed everything down to him so that I would end up becoming the laughing stock of the six worlds. However, it was a shame that destiny disposed of the plan that you proposed. I could sense that you were dying, so I made my way to you and entered the Forbidden Land of God by chance. All of a sudden, I awoke to become the next Creation Deity, with powers given by God. I was blind to have fallen for you, such a simple-minded and heartless woman.”

Gu Xijiu said nothing more.

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