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Venerated Venomous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 3033 - Playing Off One Against The Other (4)

Chapter 3033: Playing Off One Against The Other (4)

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“It is not the right time yet. Let’s wait,” Di Fuyi suggested while observing the clouds of dust around them.

“Hmm?” Gu Xijiu was perplexed.

Di Fuyi sighed before explaining, “One of them is the Creation Deity, the other is the demon of the former Creation Deity. The fight is causing the place to undergo earth-shattering changes, which probably involves the entire desert. Nowhere else is safe. Look at the clouds of dust. Their fight will affect anyone with a thousand miles. Without the power of a Great Deity, one will perish as soon as he or she enters the radius of their battlefield.”

Clearly, he had a point. Gu Xijiu agreed with him.

“We are not capable of defeating them. You are injured, and I am exhausted. Running away right now will make us both easy targets. This does not sound like a good plan at all.”

“Shall we wait until both of them have worn each other out?”

“Smart,” Di Fuyi complimented, while gently caressing her hand.

Gu Xijiu threw him a quick look. She was actually quite impressed by her husband’s modest estimate of his power. He frankly admitted his weakness when he was not at his best.

Sometimes, he would go the extra mile to achieve his goal, even though the path he takes may be seen as somewhat wayward. Perhaps his Kung Fu was not what made him invincible but his insightful ideas.

“Baby, why are you looking at me with judgment in your eyes?”

“You are mistaken. I am idolizing you with a sense of admiration.”

They continued to chat for a while as Gu Xijiu was more relieved. Knowing that her son was safe and that they would eventually be safe, too, made their chat more relaxed. With a sigh of relief, she said, “They would not stand a chance if you recall your memory and Kung Fu as the Master of the Heavenly Law. Also, we would not have to waste our time here waiting for our chance of escape.”

Di Fuyi started thinking about what she said but soon broke into a smile. “Don’t worry. I will teach them a lesson even without the power of a deity. A well-thought plan is better than a moment of bravery. We should anticipate and outsmart the competition. In time, we shall defeat them all.”

Gu Xijiu stayed quiet, but her respect had been won over by Di Fuyi. “You are always full of wisdom.”

Meanwhile, the terrifying sight of the dark water sent chills down her spine.

The level of water in the prison continued to rise. The couple then looked around, only to realize that the surface of the water was already about the size of Taihu Lake. The vast blackness was a rather grim sight.

Just at that time, the rise in the water level came to a halt. Gu Xijiu told Di Fuyi about her keen observation of the water level.

“Seems like they made it,” Di Fuyi commented.


“We have a lot of people here to support us. I told them about an array formation that they needed to set up here. With enough manpower and energy, the array formation can be used to suppress the expansion of the desert. It looks like they made it here in time.”

A large crowd was gathered on the outskirts of the desert.

Amongst them were Kun Xueyi, the four messengers, the celestial emperor, the Devil King, and all eight ancient mythical beasts. Almost every important person from all six worlds was present to support.

They were equally aghast at the extreme oddity of the desert. However, there was no time for fear. As soon as they arrived, they followed Bai Ze’s instruction and started learning the key features of the array formation.

The formation was a very complex one, but they were able to learn everything fairly quickly. About two hours later, the entire array formation was aligned in the sky.

Many streaks of light filled the sky, brightening up the entire gloomy desert.

The array formation was a crucial weapon in this tactical situation. The results could be seen immediately as the crazy expansion of the desert finally came to a halt.

Bai Ze finally heaved a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, the entire territory here was already engulfed by the desert. Millions of lives were lost.

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