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Venerated Venomous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 3051 - The Grand Finale (18)

Chapter 3051: The Grand Finale (18)

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Besides this, there were even some mysterious skills that entered into his body and improved his abilities drastically. The moment he got out of the Forbidden Land of God, he had become the new God of Creation!

Since these books looked old and he had never seen his master write in these fonts before, it never occurred to him that his master wrote these books.

As the skills of the God of Creation were obtained from these books, he thought that it was given to him by God. It was only now that he knew that it turned out to be his master’s work that he inherited. He was wrong!

In the end, it seemed that his master never did anything bad to him. She always regarded him as her apprentice and even left all her skills to him before she immortalized. She did not leave it to Di Fuyi as he originally thought. He misunderstood the entire situation for so many years!

His body was stiff, and his face turned really hot as he tried to digest everything that just happened. The man’s head went light as he could not believe that all his efforts for revenge turned out to be a mistake.

One thing was still unclear to him, however. What happened to Di Fuyi in the past? When Gu Xijiu died, why did his skills improve so significantly after he came out of the temple?

Back in the illusion, the woman was still writing onto the pages of the book but was a little tired. She rubbed her eyebrows and stood up for a moment. She looked at the book on the table and sighed. “The kid is still not good enough. He can’t come in at the moment. He has to wait for the candle dragon to hatch. With the help of the power from the candle dragon, he will not be hurt by the wizardry barrier in the Forbidden Land… I think he has to wait for a few more years before he can come in to inherit these things. Unfortunately, I can’t see him becoming the God of Creation. The worst part of it all is that this kid is too emotional. If he sees me die, he will definitely go crazy, so I had to assign him to hatch the egg while I immortalize. It would be better if he did not see me go. Sigh, I hope he won’t hate me because of this…”

The woman had no outlet to speak her mind, so she just spoke to in the starry array, as if venting her emotions to it. She talked to herself and expressed everything in her heart.

All the words felt like blows to Fan Qianshi! He stood there and repented his actions. At that point, it felt as if his cold heart was being splashed with boiling water; it was an indescribable feeling. It seemed to be extremely painful but also extremely warm - a mixed feeling of joy and despair.

Countless emotions were intertwined in his heart and made him involuntarily tremble. He stretched out his arm and wanted to hug the woman in the illusion. “Master!” His throat was dry, and his voice was rather hoarse.

Of course, he still hugged the air since it was just an illusion. The woman that he had always wanted had long ceased to exist. What he saw seemed to be a projection in the temple playing everything that the woman in white had done inside the temple.

Throughout the illusion, he saw that the woman in white had entered and exited the place several times. Every time she came, she tried to write more pages in the book. This process went back and forth until the day came.

She rushed in on that day in the same outfit that the demon wore. However, this time, she did not write any notes but went directly to a starry array on the southeast side of the temple. Then, she exercised a spell and gradually faded.

He also saw Di Fuyi rush in like a madman who tried to break a wizardry barrier that surrounded the place, but it was all in vain. The man could not get in and was only able to watch as the woman faded into fragments. The great feelings of sorrow made Di Fuyi awaken as the Master of the Heavenly Law.

Just like that, the death of the God of Creation was presented to the three of them for the very first time. The temple was very quiet to the point where even the sound of a needle falling could be heard.

Fan Qianshi was probably moved the most by the scene, but the impact on Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu was not irrelevant either. The three of them did not speak for a moment.

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