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Versatile Mage (Web Novel)


He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed.

His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician.

Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans.

His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk.

However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!
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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1046: Team Battle2020-02-19
Chapter 1045: The First Opponent from the Draw2020-02-19
Chapter 1044: The Heart Never Turns Cold2020-02-18
Chapter 1043: Earthquake, Lightning Storm2020-02-18
Chapter 1042: Crushed, One Versus Four!2020-02-17
Chapter 1041: They Are Done For!2020-02-17
Chapter 1040: Tears of Snow in the City of Canals2020-02-16
Chapter 1039: Nothing Left2020-02-16
Chapter 1038: The Bow of the Contract2020-02-15
Chapter 1037: Black Dragon Emperor2020-02-15
Chapter 1036: Mount Tyrant’s Top2020-02-14
Chapter 1035: Tyrant Call!2020-02-14
Chapter 1034: The Soul-Grade Lightning Seed in the Mountain Crack2020-02-13
Chapter 1033: Wind Flame Lightning Vultures2020-02-13
Chapter 1032: Salan’s Ironclad Proof2020-02-12
Chapter 1031: Mount Tyrant2020-02-12
Chapter 1030: Asha’ruiya2020-02-11
Chapter 1029: I Wouldn’t Want Her Even If She Volunteers!2020-02-11
Chapter 1028: The Zhao Brothers2020-02-10
Chapter 1027: Mo Fan’s Set-up2020-02-10
Chapter 1026: Victory2020-02-09
Chapter 1025: The Battle Between Rulers2020-02-09
Chapter 1024: Possess, Flame Belle Empress2020-02-08
Chapter 1023: The Dark Contract of a Duel, Part Two2020-02-08
Chapter 1022: The Dark Contract of a Duel, Part One2020-02-07
Chapter 1021: Dark Swordmaster!2020-02-07
Chapter 1020: The Last Five Kilometers2020-02-06
Chapter 1019: The Sphinx2020-02-06
Chapter 1018: Just a Single Person!2020-02-05
Chapter 1017: Dark Puppet Art2020-02-05
Chapter 1016: Brutal Sword Death Servants!2020-02-04
Chapter 1015: Immune To Poison!2020-02-04
Chapter 1014: Attack the Pyramid!2020-02-04
Chapter 1013: Pyramid, Mirage2020-02-04
Chapter 1012: Are There Female Knights?2020-02-02
Chapter 1011: The Woman of the Hall of the Goddess2020-02-02
Chapter 1010: The Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit, a Supremely Powerful Creature!2020-02-01
Chapter 1009: Exiting the Maze2020-02-01
Chapter 1008: Summon Silver Rhino Herd!2020-01-31
Chapter 1007: Sixth-tier Fleeing Shadow, Shadow Bird2020-01-31
Chapter 1006: The Tribes That Wage War Against One Another Because of the Slightest Conflict!2020-01-30
Chapter 1005: Sandfear Fox!2020-01-30
Chapter 1004: The Wild Sandstorm!2020-01-29
Chapter 1003: The Vanished Nanyu2020-01-29
Chapter 1002: The Illusion in the Desert2020-01-28
Chapter 1001: Rescue Operation in the Sahara2020-01-28
Chapter 1000: Domain Soul-grade Seed2020-01-27
Chapter 999: Ultimate Lightning Conduct, Explosion!2020-01-27
Chapter 998: The Maggot Turns Into a Drake2020-01-26
Chapter 997: The Drake Turns Into Bones!2020-01-26
Chapter 996: Claw of Raging Waves2020-01-25
Chapter 995: The Thrilling Fight Deep In the Ocean!2020-01-25
Chapter 994: Must Eliminate All Potential Threats!2020-01-24
Chapter 993: The Drake of the Black Sea2020-01-24
Chapter 992: Can’t Afford to Offend2020-01-23
Chapter 991: The Crappy Job!2020-01-23
Chapter 990: The Cause of the Drowning Curse2020-01-22
Chapter 989: The Jellyfish Evil Maggot2020-01-22
Chapter 988: Drowned in Blood2020-01-21
Chapter 987: The International Reward Pool2020-01-21
Chapter 986: The Return of the Drowning Curse2020-01-20
Chapter 985: The Giant Skeleton at the Beach2020-01-19
Chapter 984: Killing Two Birds with One Stone2020-01-19
Chapter 983: Thousand Feathers Fiery Phoenix2020-01-19
Chapter 982: New Calamity Fire, Possess!2020-01-18
Chapter 981: The Betrayer of the Sacred Hall of Liberty2020-01-18
Chapter 980:2020-01-18
Chapter 979: The Executioner!2020-01-17
Chapter 978: Purple Wind Sacred Hall Mage2020-01-17
Chapter 977: Strong Foe, The Culprit Behind the Hail!2020-01-17
Chapter 9762020-01-16
Chapter 975: One Against Many!2020-01-16
Chapter 974: Volcanic Eruption!2020-01-16
Chapter 973: Little Flame Belle Is Awake2020-01-15
Chapter 972: Not a Single Loss2020-01-15
Chapter 971: Blue Blood Bizarre Magic2020-01-15
Chapter 970: The Person that was Awakened in Tianshan Mountain2020-01-15
Chapter 969: More Monstrous Than A Monster2020-01-14
Chapter 968: I Want Half of It!2020-01-14
Chapter 967: Who’s Got the Most Equipment?2020-01-13
Chapter 966: Crazily Talented Student2020-01-13
Chapter 965: Meat Armor, Poison Flesh2020-01-13
Chapter 964: Battling Against Casso!2020-01-13
Chapter 963: Charge!2020-01-12
Chapter 962: I Just Want to Kill Them2020-01-12
Chapter 961: Unable to Distinguish Between Right and Wrong2020-01-12
Chapter 960: Out of Control2020-01-11
Chapter 959: Sadly, You’re a Bandit2020-01-11
Chapter 958: SOS Signal2020-01-09
Chapter 957: The Three Teams Gather2020-01-09
Chapter 956: Three National Teams Teaming Up2020-01-09
Chapter 955: Silent Deadly Ray: Lightning Arm2020-01-09
Chapter 954: A Shameless Liar!2020-01-09
Chapter 953: I’ve Changed My Mind2020-01-08
Chapter 952: Asking for Money From Both Sides!2020-01-08
Chapter 951: The Utterly Arrogant Leader2020-01-08
Chapter 950: The Amazon Jungle, Kingdom of Demon Creatures2020-01-07
Chapter 949: Li Fan’s Descendant2020-01-07
Chapter 948: A Huge Bet!2020-01-07
Chapter 947: Force Our Way In?2020-01-07