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Versatile Mage (Web Novel)


He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed.

His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician.

Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans.

His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk.

However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!
108 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 524: Hatchet Corpse General2019-06-18
Chapter 523: Ambushed by the Walking Dead!2019-06-18
Chapter 522: Red Across the Map!2019-06-17
Chapter 521: The Undead Burial Mount2019-06-17
Chapter 520: The Quiet, Handsome Man2019-06-16
Chapter 519: It was Meant for External Application2019-06-16
Chapter 518: Counterattacking with the Focus Necklace!2019-06-15
Chapter 517: Unrestrained Innate Talent2019-06-15
Chapter 516: Mo Fan versus Ding Yumian2019-06-14
Chapter 515: My Opponent is Ding Yumian?2019-06-14
Chapter 514: Innate Talent2019-06-14
Chapter 513: Huang Ranking2019-06-14
Chapter 512: Beheading the Darkwing Wolf!2019-06-14
Chapter 511: For the Sake of the Kid2019-06-14
Chapter 510: Not For Sale!2019-06-14
Chapter 509: Little Flame Belle2019-06-13
Chapter 508: Possess, Demon King! Part Two2019-06-13
Chapter 507: Possess, Demon King! Part One2019-06-12
Chapter 506: Mind Control2019-06-12
Chapter 505: Psychic Element VS Psychic Element2019-06-11
Chapter 504: Team Up Against the Enemy!2019-06-11
Chapter 503: The Unvarying Heart2019-06-10
Chapter 502: The Truth Behind the Fire2019-06-10
Chapter 501: White-Clothed Person, Psychic Element!2019-06-09
Chapter 500: The Constellation Made of Eight Star Patterns2019-06-09
Chapter 499: Calamity Fire, Dark Flame2019-06-08
Chapter 498: Sea of Fiery Leaves2019-06-08
Chapter 497: Demon-Sealing Ice Formation2019-06-07
Chapter 496: The Empress of the Burning Valley Arrives, Part Three2019-06-07
Chapter 495: The Empress of the Burning Valley Arrives, Part Two2019-06-06
Chapter 494: Fire Across Shanghai, Part One2019-06-06
Chapter 493: Fleeing with the Treasure!2019-06-05
Chapter 492: Wrath of the Sorceress2019-06-05
Chapter 491: Natural Beauty, Nanyu2019-06-04
Chapter 490: The Deadly Forest2019-06-04
Chapter 489: Soul-Grade Material!2019-06-03
Chapter 488: Human In White Cloth2019-06-03
Chapter 487: The Starry Tree2019-06-02
Chapter 486: Ruler of the Burning Valley!2019-06-02
Chapter 485: Fiery Sorceress2019-06-01
Chapter 484: Racing against Time!2019-06-01
Chapter 483: Fright in the Mountain Path, Part Two2019-05-31
Chapter 482: Fright in the Mountain Path, Part One2019-05-31
Chapter 481: Fire Calamity Fruit2019-05-30
Chapter 480: Chen Yi’s Secret2019-05-30
Chapter 479: Soul Seeds, a Small Entree2019-05-29
Chapter 478: Gold Everywhere2019-05-29
Chapter 477: The Feast in the Burning Valley2019-05-28
Chapter 476: Fire Calamity, Part Two2019-05-28
Chapter 475: Fire Calamity (Part One)2019-05-27
Chapter 474: Assaulting the Beauty at Night2019-05-27
Chapter 473: Clearing the Giants2019-05-26
Chapter 472: The Synergistic Trio2019-05-26
Chapter 471: Entrapping Teammates!2019-05-25
Chapter 470: Fourth-Tier Fleeing Shadow, Part II2019-05-25
Chapter 469: Fourth-Tier Fleeing Shadow, Part I2019-05-24
Chapter 468: The Wild Formation of the White Sand Giants2019-05-24
Chapter 467: The Inescapable Dangerous River2019-05-23
Chapter 466: Two Kilometers At Most2019-05-23
Chapter 465: Psychic Element: Pacify!2019-05-22
Chapter 464: Panic in the River2019-05-22
Chapter 463: Dreadful River2019-05-21
Chapter 462: Drifting Sand River2019-05-21
Chapter 461: The Fifth Tier?2019-05-20
Chapter 460: Hunting the Demon Tiger2019-05-20
Chapter 459: Sand Howl Tigers!2019-05-19
Chapter 458: Dunhuang2019-05-19
Chapter 457: Forming the Team2019-05-18
Chapter 456: Flame Belle2019-05-18
Chapter 455: Secret Tipping Scroll2019-05-17
Chapter 454: Lingling’s Secret2019-05-17
Chapter 453: The Soul with a Different Color2019-05-16
Chapter 452: Avenged2019-05-16
Chapter 451: Breaking the Fangs!2019-05-15
Chapter 450: Perfect Defense!2019-05-15
Chapter 449: Battle Against the Vampire in Rage!2019-05-14
Chapter 448: Try Touching Her Again!2019-05-14
Chapter 447: Whose Blood Did She Drink?!2019-05-13
Chapter 446: Bristle with Anger2019-05-13
Chapter 445: The Blood Ritual2019-05-12
Chapter 444: Solid Evidence!2019-05-12
Chapter 443: A Sly Trick2019-05-11
Chapter 442: Provocation!2019-05-11
Chapter 441: The Hunting Plan2019-05-10
Chapter 440: A Different Kind of Breathtaking2019-05-10
Chapter 439: No Prey Shall Escape!2019-05-09
Chapter 438: Goddammit, Strange Uncle2019-05-09
Chapter 437: There’s Hope In Getting the Armor!2019-05-08
Chapter 436: I’ll Give You My Heart2019-05-08
Chapter 435: A Special Fetish2019-05-07
Chapter 434: What Did She Bump Into?2019-05-07
Chapter 433: Isn’t She Alive?2019-05-06
Chapter 432: For Justice!2019-05-06
Chapter 431: Have You Heard of a Vampire Before?2019-05-05
Chapter 430: Your Snake Scales Are Trash2019-05-05
Chapter 429: Strange Body Composition2019-05-04
Chapter 428: Incompliant2019-05-04
Chapter 427: Scared of the Transfer Student2019-05-03
Chapter 426: Fight back!2019-05-03
Chapter 425: Almost Wiped Out2019-05-02