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Versatile Mage (Web Novel)


He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed.

His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician.

Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans.

His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk.

However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!
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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 885: The Deadly Black Blood2019-12-15
Chapter 884: The Dark Ritual2019-12-15
Chapter 883: Golden Battle Hunters2019-12-14
Chapter 882: Things Are Not Looking Good2019-12-14
Chapter 881: The Kingdom of Death2019-12-13
Chapter 880: A Sacrifice2019-12-13
Chapter 879: A Fickle Person2019-12-12
Chapter 878: Worshiping A Person2019-12-12
Chapter 877: Making Dreams Come True2019-12-11
Chapter 876: Scum, I Was Talking About You!2019-12-11
Chapter 875: Traces of Broken Bones2019-12-10
Chapter 874: The Hunters Are Here2019-12-10
Chapter 873: A Secret Base2019-12-09
Chapter 872: The Order in the Dark2019-12-09
Chapter 871: Stories Exchange2019-12-08
Chapter 870: Master Mintian2019-12-08
Chapter 869: The Mansion at the Field2019-12-07
Chapter 868: The Seven Cardinals2019-12-07
Chapter 867: They Are All Sheep2019-12-06
Chapter 866: The Place That Salan Escaped To2019-12-06
Chapter 865: Advanced Level Lightning!2019-12-05
Chapter 864: A Nation of Savages2019-12-05
Chapter 863: Reaping What Was Sown2019-12-04
Chapter 862: The Unstoppable Ice Magician2019-12-04
Chapter 861: The Mummy’s Weakness2019-12-03
Chapter 860: Pacing in the Air2019-12-03
Chapter 859: Frozen Iron Mummy!2019-12-02
Chapter 858: Mu Ningxue’s Challenge2019-12-02
Chapter 857: Defender, Mu Ningxue2019-12-01
Chapter 856: Bone Saber Mummy, Part Two2019-12-01
Chapter 855: Bone Saber Mummy, Part One2019-11-30
Chapter 854: Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy2019-11-30
Chapter 853: Egypt’s Undead Element2019-11-29
Chapter 852: Infuriating the Entire Hall2019-11-29
Chapter 851: Challenging the Training Hall Solo2019-11-28
Chapter 850: Little Loach Is Fully Responsible2019-11-28
Chapter 849: The Legend of the Totem Beasts2019-11-27
Chapter 848: The Advancement of Little Loach2019-11-27
Chapter 847: Accepting A Big Job!2019-11-26
Chapter 846: I’m Afraid that I’ll Tear Him into Pieces2019-11-26
Chapter 845: I’m Leaving the Team, Too2019-11-25
Chapter 844: The Lingering Abomination2019-11-25
Chapter 843: Double Hit2019-11-24
Chapter 842: The Day of Disqualification2019-11-24
Chapter 841: The Authoritative Figure Behind Mo Fan2019-11-23
Chapter 840: The Factions Behind the Members2019-11-23
Chapter 839: The Factions on the Team2019-11-22
Chapter 838: Galaxy Vein2019-11-22
Chapter 837: I Don’t Know You2019-11-21
Chapter 836: As Energetic as an Ox2019-11-21
Chapter 835: The Tide Fall, Retreat of the Sea Monsters2019-11-20
Chapter 834: Adding Misfortunes to an Unfortunate Person2019-11-20
Chapter 833: Advanced Meteorite Fist2019-11-19
Chapter 832: Rocket Wings2019-11-19
Chapter 831: Working Together to Kill the Demon!2019-11-18
Chapter 830: Void Slash2019-11-18
Chapter 829: Attracting Lightning by Oneself2019-11-17
Chapter 828: The Bewitching Evil Voice2019-11-17
Chapter 827: Chased by the Ferocious Beast!2019-11-16
Chapter 826: Fierce Shark Demon2019-11-16
Chapter 825: A Monster with Disguise2019-11-15
Chapter 824: The Power of the Magic Cat!2019-11-15
Chapter 823: In a Pinch After Being Surrounded2019-11-14
Chapter 822: Relapse of the Deadly Poison2019-11-14
Chapter 821: Wind Disc Trap2019-11-13
Chapter 820: Killing Note, Bow!2019-11-13
Chapter 819: Rare Species, Night Rakshasa2019-11-12
Chapter 818: A Narrow Escape2019-11-12
Chapter 817: White Sobbing Demon!2019-11-11
Chapter 816: The Approaching Tide2019-11-11
Chapter 815: Without a Sign2019-11-10
Chapter 814: The Drowning Curse of the East Maritime Fortress2019-11-10
Chapter 813: Taking Over the Supervision of a Zone, Part Two2019-11-09
Chapter 812: Taking Over the Supervision of a Zone, Part One2019-11-09
Chapter 811: The Price of The Arrow2019-11-08
Chapter 810: On The Precipice of Death2019-11-08
Chapter 809: Fighting the Sea Monsters in the Maritime Fortress2019-11-07
Chapter 808: The Weakness of the Monsters2019-11-07
Chapter 807: Blue Valley Ferocious Beast2019-11-06
Chapter 806: The Flying Pillar!2019-11-06
Chapter 805: Resources Won’t Be Given to the Substitutes2019-11-05
Chapter 804: The Truth About the Island2019-11-05
Chapter 803: Escorting the Evil Orb2019-11-04
Chapter 802: The First Red Demon2019-11-04
Chapter 801: One Escaped2019-11-03
Chapter 800: A Parasitic Evil Demon2019-11-03
Chapter 799: Big Trouble!2019-11-02
Chapter 798: The Evil Essence Orb!2019-11-02
Chapter 797: The Nightmare Cell2019-11-01
Chapter 796: One Stem, Two Flowers2019-11-01
Chapter 795: Chapter 795 – Sneaking into the East Guardian Tower at Night2019-10-31
Chapter 794: Settle the Peep in Private!2019-10-31
Chapter 793: Scattered Ashes and Dispersed Smoke2019-10-30
Chapter 792: A Gigantic Creature in the Ocean2019-10-30
Chapter 791: There’s a Beast in the Sea2019-10-29
Chapter 790: Having an Intimate Talk with Knees Together2019-10-29
Chapter 789: Element Compatibility2019-10-28
Chapter 788: Fire Domain2019-10-28
Chapter 787: He Doesn’t Have a Brain2019-10-27
Chapter 786: Counterattack with Lightning2019-10-27