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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 595: Poison Tumor Corpse General

Chapter 595: Poison Tumor Corpse General

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Soul Essence?”

“I was just wondering, the zombies should be dropping a natural Soul Essence after I’ve killed so many of them. The forty-fourth Star is done!”

Mo Fan was in a great mood. When he saw countless zombies lunging into the flames, turning into green light dots floating into his Pendant, he simply felt like countless gold coins were floating toward him!

He had now strengthened the forty-fourth Star, only five were left until the next breakthrough. He was both excited and anticipating that happening.

A fourth-tier Fiery Fist, when little Flame Belle’s was possessing him, would simply destroy everything. He remembered that when he encountered Commander Lu Nian, it was Mu Ningxue’s Ice Crystal Bow with an outstanding power that had saved everyone’s life. Otherwise, they would have died at the hands of that devilish murderer. If he completely strengthened all his Stars, it would grant him a chance when fighting against an Advanced Magician!

Horrifying cries came from the crackling flames. Mo Fan was still enjoying the process of watching the Little Loach Pendant collecting the souls when a monster whose entire body was unleashing a deadly blue poison rammed into the walls of fire like a jeep. Its momentum was incredibly shocking, and even the raging flames could not stop it!

“Poison Tumor Corpse General! Little Flame Belle, I’ll leave the zombies to you! Just keep on adding fire!” Mo Fan reminded her.

A bloody light appeared under Mo Fan’s feet, swiftly covering his lower legs like armor.

Mo Fan stomped his foot and leapt five meters into the air. The Poison Tumor Corpse General charged past and below him, knocking a few zombies that were caught on fire flying!

Mo Fan landed on the ground softly. To his surprise, the Poison Tumor Corpse General immediately came to a stop and turned to charge at him once again, a gust of wind sweeping behind it. This time, the corpse poison surrounding the creature was even more condensed. It was like a missile filled with poison gas being fired at him!

Mo Fan dodged sideways and at the same time, a black shadowy aura appeared between his fingers. When the Poison Tumor Corpse General was charging at him like an ox again, Mo Fan flung the power of shadows at the creature!

Two black Shadow Spikes, each of a different size, were thrown out. The bigger spike was thin like a sword, landing on the Poison Tumor Corpse General’s waist accurately, nailing it in place!

Following behind that was the smaller Shadow Spike. It pierced the Poison Tumor Corpse General’s body and swiftly turned into a few Shadow Chains, sealing the Poison Tumor Corpse General’s soul!

“Try ramming me again, time to use you as target practice!” Mo Fan uttered a hollow laugh when he saw the Poison Tumor Corpse General nailed in place.

Mo Fan was just about to kill the creature with Lightning when a horrifying shriek came from behind him.

Mo Fan turned around and saw a line of green poisonous liquid spraying toward him. Leaving aside how corrosive the poison was, the speed it was traveling at was enough to penetrate a wall of bricks!

“Departing Nether Shield!” Mo Fan half-panicked. He could sense how dangerous the poison was, and immediately summoned the Departing Nether Shield!

The polygon-shaped dark blue Departing Nether Shield appeared in front of him, and the corrosive poison splattered across it. Mo Fan could hear the sound of water dropping into a pot of boiling oil!

The Departing Nether Shield was made of some unique metal, allowing it to resist various kinds of attacks, including magic, yet when it came into contact with the corrosive poison, the polygon-shaped shield simply melted and turned into a shape beyond recognition!

Mo Fan was given a great scare. If the Poison Tumor Corpse General’s poison was corrosive enough to melt the Departing Nether Shield, didn’t that mean it could easily melt his bones once it hit him?

The Departing Nether Shield was no longer usable. Mo Fan did not even have the chance to trigger its Departing Nether Spike.

As soon as Mo Fan learned how deadly the Corpse General was, he did not dare to preserve his strength any further. He immediately summoned the Black Snake Armor!

Extending his hands sideways, he summoned the Equipment mark in his soul. Blue-black snake scales covered him, turning into wriggling objects that attached to his body.

The brilliance gradually dimmed after they turned into armor, fully covering him. The armor was dazzling in the firelight, containing a hint of evil in addition to the imperiousness it was displaying.

Apart from Wing Magical Equipment that could last a relatively long time, other Equipment could only last for a certain period of time. As a result, Magicians would not equip their Armor at the start of a battle, but Summon it when needed…

However, Mo Fan was well aware that he was fighting against three Corpse Generals at once. One of them was as muscular as a tank, with shocking strength. The creature kept on charging at him. If it hit him, the collision would surely shatter every bone in his body.

Another one was standing in the fire. Its poison was utterly deadly. Even the Departing Nether Shield, made of magical metal, was unable to last more than a few seconds; there was no way Mo Fan could allow himself to be touched by it.

The last Corpse General had yet to appear. It was most likely something cunning like the Cloth-wrapped Corpse General, waiting to give him a deadly blow when he lowered his guard. In such a situation, every minute not wearing the Black Snake Magic Armor would place his life at great risk!

Mo Fan had to admit that the Black Totem Snake had given him a godly gift. Not only did the armor made of his scales have a shocking defense, the soft snake scales would not influence his movements at all, giving Mo Fan the ability to protect himself even though he did not possess any defensive spells!

“I should get rid of the one with poison first, it is posing the greatest threat to me!” Mo Fan locked his gaze on the poison-spitting Corpse General.

The Poison-spitting Corpse General was a lot different than the muscular one, whose body was covered with Poison Tumors. Mo Fan believed it would be the easiest to kill among the three Corpse Generals.

A deafening roar came from behind him, extinguishing a part of the fire walls nearby. The Corpse General with Poison Tumors had broken free from Mo Fan’s Giant Shadow Spikes. The shadowy black aura around its body had totally dissipated.

The Giant Shadow Spikes were effective at sealing a target’s movement, yet the effect would only last a very limited time when used on a formidable creature like the Corpse General. Those with outstanding strength could even force the Giant Shadow Spikes out using their presence alone!

With enemies both in front and behind him, Mo Fan drew a Star Pattern as fast as possible!

Drawing Star Patterns was a great test of a Magician’s mental state. If the Magician was too desperate, they would simply break the links between the Stars, forcing the Magician to start over.

Mo Fan was well aware of his casting speed. The situation did not give him any time to spare, he had to be quick, he must be able to cast Intermediate Spells at the same speed as he cast Basic Spells…

He would never be able to achieve the speed he wanted by joining the Stars. Mo Fan had to learn to draw an entire Nebula with each thought!

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