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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 596: Puncture, Imperious Meteorite Fist!

Chapter 596: Puncture, Imperious Meteorite Fist!

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Drawing a Nebula with a thought!

It was basically the fastest casting speed possible for Intermediate Level. People like Councilman Zhu Meng and Senior Hunters could easily draw a Star Pattern with a single thought. Otherwise, how could they possibly complete giant Star Palaces consisting of seven Star Constellations, each consisting of seven Star Patterns?

It was impossible for Mo Fan to draw a Star Pattern with a thought, yet it was time for him to master the skill of drawing a Nebula with a thought. It would let him to finish an Intermediate Spell within a single breath’s time, so that he could fight more than one Warrior-level creature at the same time, similar to the current situation he was in!

Drawing a Nebula with a single thought basically meant drawing seven Stars at the same time. Many people would rely on Magic Tools to help them practice, and the truth was, many Magicians from Pearl Institute already had a faster casting speed than he did…

In Mo Fan’s Spiritual World, the darting Stars swiftly drew a brilliant arc under Mo Fan’s control. When a Star was traveling at a certain speed, it would simply form a continuous shining track across space!

Following the same pattern, the six other tracks had to be completed simultaneously, too. Mo Fan closed his eyes. As he fully focused on drawing the Nebula, it was like time had slowed down gradually, and so did the speed of the Corpse Generals.

Third, fourth, fifth, sixth!

Each of the Nebulas was completed almost instantly, to an extent that there were no longer Stars in Mo Fan’s Spiritual World, but brilliant Nebulas crossing paths with one another!

The seventh Nebula was completed within a single thought, too. When the Star Pattern was fully drawn, its brilliance was several times stronger than that emitted during the building process. It was so strong that Mo Fan’s body was covered in a magical light!

In Mo Fan’s Spiritual World, the seven thoughts felt like a prolonged race against time, yet in reality, the two Corpse Generals had advanced less than a hundred meters. With their speed, they could easily move forward a hundred meters in the blink of an eye!

“Qianjun: Thunderbolt: Wild Strikes!”

Mo Fan’s eyes glittered. He pointed his index finger at the sky, directing the lightning bolts now descending from above.

There was a flicker of lightning across the fiery ground, and a purple-black lightning dragon descended and struck the Poison-spitting Corpse General in a spectacular explosion.

The Poison-spitting Corpse General was not as quick as the Cloth-wrapped Corpse General, and Mo Fan had cast the Intermediate Spell so rapidly that it was struck by the bolt of lightning while it was still thinking of spitting poison at him again. The creature fell flat to the ground at the impact, both its body and the soil nearby scorched black.

Another ray of lightning appeared with a sharp screech. The Lightning Strikes descended continuously, each landing on the Poison-spitting Corpse General’s back.

The Poison-spitting Corpse General was just about to rise to its feet when its limbs lost their strength from the paralyzing effect. It was slammed back into the ground again even deeper. Its back was totally scorched black!

The Poison Tumor Corpse General was charging at Mo Fan with a black gust of wind behind it, preventing Mo Fan from finishing the Spell. He quickly activated the Blood Tabi and leapt sideways to a nearby slope.

A two-meter-tall black boulder was standing on the slope. When he saw the fierce Corpse General charging at him again, he raised his leg, and kicked the boulder that was taller than a human…

The Blood Tabi granted Mo Fan’s kick great power. The boulder was sent flying at the Corpse General, knocking the creature to the ground.

However, the Corpse General had thick skin and sturdy flesh. Other demon creatures would have suffered a great injury after being hit by the boulder, yet the Corpse General simply rose to its feet as if it were perfectly unharmed. It shook off the broken pieces of the boulder from itself and roared with its big stinking mouth!

The roar produced a strong gust sweeping the dust and sand on the ground forward, which extinguishing the flames in its path, unleashing its poison into the rolling sandstorm heading toward Mo Fan!

Both the force of the black sandstorm and the poison it contained was too deadly for Mo Fan to take any risks. Unfortunately, he did not have the Light Element to nullify the poison spreading toward him…

Mo Fan immediately turned around and ran. The Blood Tabi could still last for some time. He had to escape from the area of the poisonous sandstorm as soon as possible!

The poisonous wind drew closer to Mo Fan. The Blood Tabi was not fast enough to outrun it. When Mo Fan was close to the edge of the fire walls, the poisonous mist finally swept past him from behind. The pitch-black gas completely extinguished the flames nearby.

Mo Fan held his breath and cursed in his heart.

Mo Fan had no idea how deadly the poison gas was. He had heard Shorty mention that once the undead’s poison entered one’s lungs, the person would be covered in poison spots across the body. Within half an hour, the victim’s skin would fester and peel off on its own. In an hour, the person would die, turning into a pool of black slime!

Mo Fan was completely surrounded by the poison. Holding his breath any further would not make any difference.

As he was trying to figure out a plan, the Black Snake Magic Armor suddenly emitted a dark blue light from its surface.

The black poison gas was able to penetrate through one’s pores, so it would still poison Mo Fan even if he didn’t breathe it in. However, Mo Fan quickly discovered that the glow emitted by the Black Snake Magic Armor was actually absorbing the poison gas…

The poison gas was initially going to enter Mo Fan’s body through the gaps on the armor, yet to his surprise, the glow on the armor’s surface was rapidly absorbing the poison gas instead!

“That’s right, the Black Totem Snake is like the primal source of all poison! Miss Tangyue mentioned that the Black Totem Snake could eat anything poisonous, hence why the armor is able to absorb the poison gas! In addition to that, in less than half an hour, the poisonous substance would turn into nutrients for the snake skin to absorb, making its scales smoother and brighter…”

Mo Fan was overjoyed when he discovered that his armor was absorbing and purifying the poison. Perhaps even Huo Tuo, who had forged the armor, was clueless about this extraordinary capability!

The poison was absorbed incredibly fast. When the black gas completely dissipated, Mo Fan’s Black Snake Magic Armor was in fact shinier. The blue-black flicker it reflected felt icier and deadlier!

“It’s your turn to suffer!” Mo Fan smiled widely. After mastering the ability to draw a Nebula with a single thought, he could now finish an Intermediate Spell within a single breath’s time.

“Little Flame Belle, possess!”

Mo Fan’s body was already engulfed in fierce flames. As the little Flame Belle rammed into his chest, flames from the combined Calamity Fire and Rose Flame surged upward and rolled in all directions, with Mo Fan at the center! The heat waves reignited the fire sprouts across the land, which burned fiercely.

“Meteorite Fist!” Mo Fan roared as he threw a punch out.

An astonishing force, like a meteorite lighting up the dim evening, shot out and instantly struck the Poison Tumor Corpse General!

The flash of light disappeared instantly, replaced by a trail of flames. The force of the Meteorite Fist exploded on the Corpse General’s body as it punctured its thick skin…

A hole!

The hole filled the Corpse General’s abdomen. Mo Fan could even see the flames burning behind the Corpse General through the hole!

The Corpse General fell to the ground slowly, and was devoured by the Rose Flame and the Calamity Fire greedily…

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