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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 813: Taking Over the Supervision of a Zone, Part Two

Chapter 813: Taking Over the Supervision of a Zone, Part Two

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Most Magicians knew the rules of the Hunter Union, as no Magician would dare to think they were rich enough to be self-sufficient.

It was common for Magicians to take on quests when they were running short on money. These quests included hunting demon creatures, escorting, gathering, scouting, rescuing, patrolling; they could do anything as long as they were paid.

Obviously, the way the East Maritime Fortress operated was simple and straightforward. If this were agriculture, a reputable landlord would secure a land and hire farmers that could handle the rats, wild boars, and pests to manage the crops and protect them. Usually, the crops were ready to be harvested every tide. The landlord would take the profit, and pay the farmers their wages!

However, the income of the farmers in the East Maritime Fortress was quite spectacular. Otherwise, Lai Hengbao would not be so smug about it.


Lai Hengbao left after explaining the situation to the team. He even reminded everyone to prepare themselves for the upcoming battle, as the tide would rise in three days.

“Aren’t the Japanese smart? They built this East Maritime Fortress on the maritime battlefield, asserted control by splitting it up into zones, and handed the zones to reliable parties to manage. The government then takes all the ‘sea products’ as rent from the parties managing the zones. As such, the army and Magic Association are able to withdraw from the front line, while Magicians who are keen to earn some quick cash die in the battles against the sea creatures. In the end, the government takes both the money and the resources!” Zhao Manyan laughed hollowly. He was very sensitive toward authorities and merchants who abused their power to take advantage of others.

The others nodded in agreement after hearing Zhao Manyan’s explanation.

The groups of Magicians were responsible for eliminating the sea creatures and risking their lives to defend the fortress. In order to make more money, the parties would compete fiercely for job opportunities, while the government’s role was to maintain the order by setting the rules, and hide behind the line of defense and count their profits.

“It’s far from our concern. It seems like we have been allocated to the twentieth zone, which is very close to the nineteenth zone where we stumbled into the two Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts. Guess who the zone master is?” said Nanyu.

“Who is it?” asked Ai Jiangtu.

“Take a look yourself,” Nanyu turned the monitor around.

On the screen was a photo. The zone master was a plump middle-aged man with curly hair, small eyes and a big nose, the typical kind of Magician who once possessed great talents at his youth, but became a tyrant in middle age.

Normally, this kind of person would possess an impressive cultivation, but they no longer had the passion to pursue further levels of cultivation. The reputation and connections they established in the past granted them resources to either manage other Magicians or become a supplier of magic equipment.

It was the same for many Magicians, who worked as Hunters when they were young and would go on adventures fearlessly. However, once they reached thirty-five, they started focusing on doing business. Their skills would turn rusty. Their weight gain was the most convincing proof.

“Do we know this person?” asked Jiang Yu with a confused look.

“We don’t, but don’t you think the orange-hair beside him looks familiar?” Nanyu pointed out.

Jiang Shaoxu took a closer look and immediately blurted out, “Isn’t he the one who was particularly attentive to Mu Ningxue, and tried to save her? So he’s the son of the twentieth zone’s master?”

“Awesome, we’ll ask Mu Ningxue to have a little chat with him, and ask his dad to give us four stars. Mission accomplished!…” proposed Jiang Yu excitedly.

He immediately saw a few cold gazes directed at him, belonging to Guan Yu, Jiang Shaoxu, and Zhao Manyan.

Jiang Yu’s excitement withered instantly. He said with an awkward laugh, “I was just kidding… by the way, is Mu Ningxue alright? It feels like the arrow drained away all her energy. I wonder if she can recover in time for the tide rise the day after tomorrow.”

“What difference does it make? Even if she fought to her death, she still won’t get any resources. Perhaps she’s not willing to wake up because she doesn’t want to participate in the battle,” sniffed Mu Tingying.


Between the tall dam and the short dam were several gray-white buildings. When the orange light of the rising sun shone upon the East Maritime Fortress, it did not leave any color on the buildings. They were still the same dull gray…

The Japanese did not plan to beautify the town when they built it. Even though the town was half-built through sea reclamation, and was facing a beautiful ocean, it was constantly at war with the creatures of the sea. As such, the mood of the town was basically a mix of heavy gray and mourning white!

A slanted light ray squeezed its way past the black curtain through the glassless window and lit up the pitch-black room. The light landed on the side of a pale, yet attractive face. The disheveled silver hair over her face shimmered.

Mu Ningxue opened her eyes when she felt the warmth of the sunlight. The beam landed right on her eyes. She subconsciously raised her hand to cover her eyes.

After covering her eyes from the sunlight, she soon realized her hand was fully covered in frost. The chill spread to her face.

She immediately hid her hand under the blanket in a panic, not sure if she wanted to avoid seeing it, or if she was trying to warm it up under the blanket. As a result, the whole bed was cold.

“Is there going to be a day when I won’t wake up anymore?” Mu Ningxue slowly curled up under the blanket. Her slender figure suddenly felt rather tiny.

She had already forgot when it all started, but every time she fell asleep was like being trapped in a dark ice cellar. No matter how many layers of blankets she had, no matter how many fires she had around her, she could not feel any heat. Her skin was cold, her bones were icy, her blood was frosty…

Many people thought it was the perfect gift one could ever wish for, a magical talent from the Heavens, but only she knew what it truly was.

She proceeded to wash her face and rinse her mouth. It was only dawn, and no one was awake. Mu Ningxue left her room and headed toward the sea.


At the shorter dam, the waves were splashing endlessly on the shore, around thirty meters away from the ten-meter-tall dam.

There were patrols on the dam. They consisted of Japanese Magicians in green-yellow coats, the thick kind that were too heavy for the wind to blow around.

Mu Ningxue found herself an empty spot. She was thinking of spending some quiet time on her own.

However, it was difficult for her to be alone, as someone would always muster up their courage and approach her.

This time it was a rather shy boy. Mu Ningxue could tell he was nervous by his stammering, yet he was trying his very best to talk in a jovial mood.

The young man had never hit on a girl before. It was most likely his first time mustering up his courage to approach a girl, but it was nothing worth respecting.

No one enjoyed being alone, but it did not necessarily mean a lonely person would prefer chatting with a person who could not even express himself clearly.

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