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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 816: The Approaching Tide

Chapter 816: The Approaching Tide

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Hang on, keep the orb, I’ll bring you to the East Maritime Fortress,” Mochizuki Chihaya waved her hand and wrapped a magic vine around the Swift Star Wolf’s leg to stop Mo Fan from running away.

“Miss, what is it now? I was asked to deliver the orb to here, and I’ve fulfilled my role. You haven’t given me the reward you promised, and now you’re asking me to do more manual labor!” protested Mo Fan.

“Aren’t you interested to learn more about the last Red Demon?” said Mochizuki Chihaya.

“Alright, fine, but we’ll go to the East Maritime Fortress first. We’ll deal with the orb later.”

“Are you sure you’re riding this creature across Tokyo city? You don’t have a permit,” said Mochizuki Chihaya pointing at the Swift Star Wolf.

“I never had a permit in my country… but I still ride him anyway!” Mo Fan waved his hand and patted the Swift Star Wolf’s furry head.

The Swift Star Wolf raised his head and howled into the blue sky. The Japanese families that were camping nearby immediately panicked…

“Hey, who asked you to howl, can’t you run without howling? And you, come up quick, stop wasting my time!”

There were lots of zigzagging paths down the mountain, but the Swift Star Wolf managed to maintain his speed. Whenever there was a sharp turn, he would simply jump down the slope, descending from the mountain as quickly as possible.

“Wolf, remember this woman’s face, she owes you a battle soul for your upgrade.”

“ARH…WOoo…” The Swift Star Wolf was just about to howl when he remembered that he was not allowed to let go as he wished. He quickly withdrew the howl halfway.


The journey from Qiyi Mountain to the East Maritime Fortress did not just involve crossing the city of Tokyo. The distance was greater than Mo Fan had imagined.

When they were finally close enough to feel the sea breeze, Mo Fan discovered that the color of the sky had changed. It was dark gray, as if there would be a great downpour in no time.

“Judging from the wind, the clouds, and the moisture of the air, the rise of the tide is going to be big. Let’s hope it’s not going to rain…” Mochizuki Chihaya frowned. Her eyes were fixed in the direction of the East Maritime Fortress.

“What’s wrong with a huge tide rise?” asked Mo Fan.

Mochizuki Chihaya went to a university in Tokyo. She had come to the East Maritime Fortress many times as an intern, but she was not a fan of the maritime battlefield. As a result, she ended up going back to the family business.

“The army of sea monsters invades every time the tide rises. The bigger the tide rise, the higher the number of sea creatures. The East Maritime Fortress is a town built as a part of a sea reclamation. It’s normal for the tide to overrun the streets. The prefixed zones in the fortress are part of the battlefield,” explained Mochizuki Chihaya.

“Oh, that sounds quite interesting!” Mo Fan was excited when he heard about the environment of the battles against the sea monsters.

Fighting inside a town, that was his specialty! He used to be a City Hunter, not to mention that most of the impressive fights he had against the Black Vatican took place in the city, too!

“Are you good at fighting underwater?” asked Mochizuki Chihaya sharply.

“Not really, since my main weapon is Fire,” replied Mo Fan.

“The structures in the East Maritime Fortress are carefully planned. When the tide rises, the streets will all be flooded. Those who are not capable of fighting underwater can stay above the buildings. The gaps between the buildings aren’t large, allowing Magicians to move freely between the roofs. If you’re in a pinch, you can escape to the zones that have not been invaded yet, and use the alleyways that are too narrow for the sea monsters…” Mochizuki Chihaya quickly gave Mo Fan a brief lesson on the battle environment of the East Maritime Fortress.

“I’m looking forward to the fighting after hearing what you said!” Mo Fan’s fists were itching. He had yet to experience an enjoyable fight after coming to Japan!

“You better ask which zone they are in first,” Mochizuki Chihaya reminded him.

“Oh, right!”


After arriving at the East Maritime Fortress, Mo Fan immediately saw two magnificent dams, one quite a bit taller than the other. The dams were spread across the shoreline in a crescent shape. As the tide slowly approached the dams, the East Maritime Fortress was soon covered in a strong magical aura. It felt like many magical formations had been activated. The fortress was quickly covered in colorful lights as the energies of the magic formations clashed…

The tide continued to rise, from being a hundred meters away from the shorter dam to reaching the bottom of the dam. The waves were stronger each time they splashed against the dam, with a loud impact and water pouring down like a great storm!

Unlike the Ancient Capital, where the Magicians would hold the undead off along the walls, the shorter dam served as a boundary that represented the battlefield!

The Japanese did not try to stop the tide from entering the fortress, nor did they stop the sea monsters from invading the fortress. There was not a single guard on the shorter dam, as they had all withdrawn to the taller dam, standing in a line!

The taller dam was the real line of defense for the shoreline of Tokyo. It was as tall as a mountain cliff, and as sturdy as steel.

Meanwhile, the East Maritime Fortress was divided into thirty-two zones, with Magicians standing on the roofs of the buildings in every zone. When glancing down from a great height, the number of Magicians was rather shocking, too…

The tide approaching the fortress was far from a natural phenomenon. Even the waves of the strongest natural tide would only reach around ten meters high, yet a wave of such height was enough to make a human feel minuscule standing before it.

The tide approaching the fortress was created by countless sea monsters channeling their magic simultaneously. Its height could easily exceed the shorter dam. It was like a giant tongue of the ocean, trying to suck the maritime fortress into its stomach!

A great rumble occurred. Mo Fan and Mochizuki Chihaya could hear it from far away. Even the ground was trembling.

The clouds had stacked up across the sky without a single gap between them. The enormous wave was obviously connected to the clouds. The stunning sight and the fear it brought had totally surpassed Mo Fan’s imagination…

On top of that, Mo Fan could already see black dots upon the giant wave that was approaching the fortress. The dots were densely scattered across the wave. He was unable to tell how far the black dots were away, but those in the East Maritime Fortress clearly knew that the black dots were the sea monsters poking their bodies out from the water!

The scene was horrifying, yet spectacular!

If the tide that devoured the shorter dam was a night sky, the sea monsters were like stars scattered across it. Even standing far away from the incoming wall of water, everyone could still feel the overwhelming fear, enough to shatter a strong heart to pieces!

“My God, it’s a huge tide!” Mochizuki Chihaya exclaimed.

“I can tell for sure, the wave almost razed the clouds to the ground!” agreed Mo Fan in astonishment.

“Which zone is your team at?”

“The twentieth…”

“Every zone after the tenth will surely be flooded considering the size of the tide. Half of the buildings in the twentieth zone will be underwater, the sea monsters will be able to move freely!” said Mochizuki Chihaya.

“Are they going to be alright?” Mo Fan was feeling a bit nervous.

Mo Fan thought the maritime battlefield was nothing for him, since he was a man who had already experienced the calamity of the Ancient Capital. However, he finally realized that the battles here were even crazier than the risen undead surrounding the Ancient Capital when the sun was setting!

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