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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 817: White Sobbing Demon!

Chapter 817: White Sobbing Demon!

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Who’s there? Non-authorized personnel aren’t allowed to enter the fortress at the time of a battle, leave at once!” A few soldiers had intercepted Mo Fan and Mochizuki Chihaya on the taller dam.

Mo Fan looked at Mochizuki Chihaya, hoping that she could use her reputable identity to get them access and convince the soldiers to let them pass.

To his surprise, Mochizuki Chihaya did not do anything apart from whispering in his ears, “You will have to settle this yourself.”

Mo Fan was thoroughly unimpressed by the woman. An instructor of the national team who did not even have a pass?

Luckily, Mo Fan had brought his Hunter identity card with him. It was a valid form of identity in most countries. Mo Fan handed his identity card to the soldiers.

The soldiers shook their heads, telling him that he needed a higher clearance to enter the fortress.

“Hold on, I’ve got another one…” Mo Fan searched in his pockets for a higher-level identification.

Meanwhile, the giant tide had reached the East Maritime Fortress. The buildings close to the shorter dam immediately collapsed from the strong impact. Some structures over twenty meters tall were no match for the momentum of the wave.

The soldiers immediately glanced in the direction of the crashing noise, their faces full of surprise. They were relieved that they were stationed here at the taller dam. It was almost impossible for the sea monsters to reach their position, since they had to cross thirty-two zones before reaching it, and the tide would never reach the taller dam!

“It’s going to be a tough battle!” exclaimed one of the soldiers.

“You don’t say, look at the number of sea monsters… hey, you two, stop right there!”

“Damn it, stop it at once, entering the East Maritime Fortress without permission is a serious crime!”

When the soldiers were sidetracked, the Swift Star Wolf carrying Mo Fan and Mochizuki Chihaya had already jumped off the hundred-meter tall dam. The dam was like a mountain cliff. Anything would simply fall to their death without a way to slow their fall!

There was no way the Swift Star Wolf was stopping. His blue fur drifted wildly in the wind as he dove through the air. Mochizuki Chihaya was sitting behind Mo Fan, and did not expect him to so recklessly barge into the fortress. She quickly hugged Mo Fan as she started to lose her balance. Mo Fan felt a great sensation when the woman’s busty chest stuck closely to his back!

The Swift Star Wolf landed on a building around thirty meters tall, leaving cracks in the concrete roof…

Mo Fan and Mochizuki Chihaya felt a little dizzy. The Swift Star Wolf’s suspension was simply non-existent. The drop was only seventy meters, yet the impact was so powerful!

The Swift Star Wolf tried to catch his breath. Normally, he would be perfectly fine if he was falling on his own, but he was carrying two extra people on his back. His limbs felt numb after the landing.

“Where’s the twentieth zone?” asked Mo Fan.

“Straight ahead!” Mochizuki Chihaya pointed.


Their eardrums felt like exploding from the loud rumbling, added to the occasional shouting of some Japanese Magicians. Judging from their expressions, it seemed like the scale of the tidal wave had exceeded their estimations, forcing them to make changes to their setups.

Sea water began to pour into the city. The surging current brought with it the debris of the buildings that were destroyed by the tide. Most of the structures in the zones after the sixteenth were seriously damaged before the battle even took place. They either collapsed entirely, falling onto the buildings nearby, or were shattered into pieces by the strong tide…

The water pouring in was full of debris. It was fine if it was only water, but the debris posed a great threat to the Magicians when the strong waves launched the pieces of buildings at them!

The East Maritime Fortress had the shape of a crescent, and the distance between the two dams was rather close.

The last sixteen zones were scattered along the shorter dam, forming a line of defense consisting of buildings and Magicians. In the past, when a small, or medium tide hit, the water would not reach the first sixteen zones. However, this time, the tide had easily broken through the first line of defense. Half of the fortress was already flooded!

“I finally know why all the buildings look so new. They f**king get destroyed in every battle, and they just rebuild the buildings later!” cursed Zhao Manyan.

The tide also brought a mist, so thick that it simply felt like a huge rain. Everyone was already soaking wet in it.

The tide was split into different streams by the buildings after it reached the East Maritime Fortress. Every flow was like a surging flood on its own, devouring the streets and the lower half of the buildings.

“These buildings are already constructed specifically to resist the current, yet so many have fallen straight away. Our range of movement has shrunk significantly,” Jiang Yu stood at the edge of a building and watched the currents surging past the building. His heart began to pound heavily.

“Waaa!” came the cry of a baby from below the building. The cry was filled with fear of the surging flood.

“Damn, who the hell let their kid be caught by the current!” yelled Zhao Manyan when he heard the cry.

“Save the child!” Nan Rongni did not hesitate. She immediately jumped to the opposite building.

She ran to the edge and saw a sleeping bag floating on the rapid current. The cry was coming right from it.

Nan Rongni quickly summoned magic vines to form a ladder, allowing her to slide down to reach the sleeping bag that was being carried away by the current.

The strong current was only inches away from her feet. The mist was a lot thicker this close to the current, which limited Nan Rongni’s vision. She summoned another magic vine and wrapped it around the sleeping bag to pull it toward her.

She was being extremely cautious to avoid hurting the baby inside the sleeping bag…


The cry was a lot clearer. Nan Rongni could barely see the baby’s head in the mist.

Nan Rongni was relieved when she heard the baby was still crying. It was fortunate that they had heard the cry. Otherwise, the baby would have drowned soon.

“It’s ok, I’m bringing you up,” Nan Rongni reached out her hand, trying to carry the infant out of the sleeping bag.

“Nan Rongni, don’t go any closer!” However, Jiang Yu’s voice suddenly came from above.

Nan Rongni could not hear it clearly as the current was too loud.

Meanwhile, the infant’s head poked out from the sleeping bag, yet it was nothing like an infant. It was a flesh tumor on top of a ghastly looking creature!

“It’s a White Sobbing Demon, stay away!” yelled Jiang Yu.

Nan Rongni was pretty quick with her reactions. She immediately controlled the magic vine to pull her up.

However, the White Sobbing Demon was no ordinary creature. It dashed out from the sleeping bag and chased after Nan Rongni.

The White Sobbing Demon’s arms were like tentacles with extremely sharp ends, stingers emitting a purple glow.

One of the tentacles stabbed right at Nan Rongni’s lower leg at lightning speed!

Nan Rongni did not have a chance to summon her defensive equipment. The drill stabbed right through her lower leg and nailed her to the wall of the building nearby…

Fresh blood poured out from the wound. However, she was stuck on the wall. She had no chance of pulling herself up with the magic vine!

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