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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 818: A Narrow Escape

Chapter 818: A Narrow Escape

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth


Nan Rongni let out a scream. The pain from her lower leg spread throughout her body. She barely held onto the magic vine.

The White Sobbing Demon was extremely vicious. It extended its other tentacle and aimed it at Nan Rongni’s waist. If the stinger stabbed through her waist, she would be dead for sure!

The White Sobbing Demon did not show any mercy. The tentacle sprang forward with great force and shocking speed.

Nan Rongni clenched her teeth and tried to twist her body to dodge the attack. Since her leg was nailed to the wall, her movements immediately stressed the muscles and veins close to the stab wound. Her face turned pale white from the incredible pain!

However, her determination had saved her life. The stinger penetrated the wall right beside her waist and sent shards of concerete flying, but it did not hurt her.

The White Sobbing Demon was furious after missing its attack. Its cry was exactly the same infant’s cry that had tricked Nan Rongni a moment ago. It sounded so real that it was impossible to tell the difference.

Nan Rongni finally understood what was going on in the middle of her pain. The White Sobbing Demon was using the cry as a disguise to bait humans to come close and kill them!

The White Sobbing Demons were extremely cunning!

“Guan Yu, cut the tentacle!” Jiang Yu saw the pinch that Nan Rongni was in and immediately yelled at Guan Yu, who was diving down.

Guan Yu summoned a strong gust of wind and landed on a balcony extending out from a building. He propelled himself forward and waved his gauntlet, slashing at the White Sobbing Demon’s tentacle!

The brown blade was extremely sharp. It easily slashed through the tentacle and separated it from the White Sobbing Demon.

“Let’s see what you got!” Guan Yu hung onto the edge of a building after landing the attack. His eyes stared at the White Sobbing Demon sharply!

Guan Yu took the White Sobbing Demon’s attention, allowing Jiang Yu to slide down the vines to where Nan Rongni was at.

Jiang Yu felt his heart aching when he saw Nan Rongni’s lower leg stabbed through and blood splashed everywhere.

“I’m going to pull it out. Hang in there!” Jiang Yu grabbed the tentacle and pulled it with all his might.

“Mmm… Ahh!” Nan Rongni screamed out in pain and almost fell to the waters below.

Jiang Yu immediately grabbed her and helped her back to the roof.

After putting her on the ground, Nanyu immediately handed blood serums to Nan Rongni.

Nan Rongni was the Healer of the team. However, seeing how she was clenching her teeth in pain, it was unlikely that she could cast Healing Spells on herself…

“A bunch of rookies, anyone with a brain would have known that there’s no kid in the East Maritime Fortress!” another team of Magicians in the twentieth zone commented disdainfully from a few buildings away.

“Enough with your sneers!” yelled Jiang Shaoxu, pointing at the people that were gloating over their misfortune.

The twentieth zone had seven teams in total. Their team was the seventh team since they were just allocated to the zone. The other six teams were at different places, and most of them were already engaging the enemy.

“Considering your level of intelligence, it’s worth celebrating if you can survive half of the battle! You are nothing compared to our three stars team that still has zero death! Rookies, watch and learn, and respect your seniors! Maybe we might teach you some useful knowledge to avoid unnecessary casualties. The East Maritime Fortress isn’t the same as your school, don’t underestimate the cruelty of the fight here!” replied a tanned-face member of the sixth team arrogantly.

“That’s enough, focus on the water!” The captain of the sixth team had a sharp nose and a stern face.


“Rookies, look after your designated area. We’re heading south!” the captain yelled at Ai Jiangtu and the others as he discovered something.

Everyone could easily tell how arrogant and proud the other team was, like they would never waste their time on some rookies.

Nan Rongni finally calmed down after drinking the blood serums and taking some painkillers. However, Mu Ningxue’s eyes flickered when she saw the girl’s forehead covered in cold sweat from the pain she had experienced.

It was not because Nan Rongni was stupid, but she was just too kind, especially when the team was a lot more sensitive toward children after what had happened at Feiniao City.

“Rest up, leave the rest to us,” Nanyu took good care of their injured member. She placed her jacket over Nan Rongni.

Nanyu was wearing a leather singlet inside. Her thighs, waist, and arms were exposed. She looked extraordinarily fit without her jacket. Her temperament was different from most female Magicians, too. Her eyes were sharp like a leopard, wild and heroic from having lots of experiences in fights!

“How is Guan Yu doing?” asked Ai Jiangtu.

“The White Sobbing Demon isn’t a low-level creature, he might need our support!” replied Jiang Yu.


The White Sobbing Demon posed the same level of threat even after losing an arm. Its tentacle-like arms were not the only weapon it had. Its lower body was like a frog, and its legs were extremely muscular, granting it a shocking jumping ability.

The creature’s lower body allowed it to move freely underwater and jump between the buildings during a fight. Guan Yu had obviously underestimated the creature, placing him in a disadvantageous position. He was being chased around the buildings by the White Sobbing Demon!

The White Sobbing Demon opened its mouth and spat out poisonous liquid all over the wall.

The liquid was extremely corrosive. The walls made of concrete melted at a speed visible to the naked eye. Layers of material were gone within seconds.

Guan Yu’s face turned pale when he saw the wall disappear. No wonder the creature was able to inflict serious damage on Nan Rongni! It was obviously not an ordinary Warrior-level creature. It was a tough opponent for Intermediate Magicians like him!

The White Sobbing Demon was extremely fast with its attacks. Its arms were able to extend and contract as it wished. Its arms would turn hard as steel whenever it contracted. Its arms were basically huge spears, strong enough to slash through rocks. Guan Yu immediately saw the arm thrusting at him right after he dodged the poisonous liquid.

Guan Yu was still in the air. He summoned a gust of wind in a panic.

The wind burst out under his feet, sending him higher into the air. The long arm shattered the Wind Disc that had just appeared. It was obvious that the creature also possessed terrifying strength!

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